Best Women’s Lacrosse Sticks: Advanced, Budget, & Beginner Options

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The stick is the most important piece of equipment in the women’s lacrosse game. You use it to carry the ball, pass, shoot, check, and more.

With so many options out there for women’s lacrosse sticks, as well as new developments in stick tech such as mesh pockets, it can be difficult to decide which is best for you.

To help you decide which women’s lacrosse stick is best for you, I researched the market to find the best options for elite players, intermediate players, and beginners.

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Best Women’s Lacrosse Sticks (Advanced Options)

We’ll first take a look at the best women’s lacrosse sticks currently available for advanced players, such as those playing in high school and college. All of these push the boundaries when it comes to technology and maximizing the advantage your stick gives you on the field.

Though they are a bit more expensive than other options, these women’s lacrosse sticks will help you excel on the field by giving you more accurate passes and shots, more control over the ball when carrying it, and the strength and durability you need.

Best Women’s Lacrosse Sticks:

  1. Best Overall: STX Crux Pro Elite Complete Stick
  2. Best for Midfielders (Tied): Maverik Ascent Plus Women’s Complete Stick
  3. Best for Midfielders (Tied): STX Exult Pro Complete Stick
  4. Best for Offensive Players: ECD Infinity Pro Stick
  5. Best for Deeper Pockets: Epoch Purpose Complete Stick
  6. Best for High Whip: Gait Whip
  7. Best for Defense: STX Fortress 700 Complete Stick
  8. Best for Versatility: Nike Lunar Fly Stick
  9. Best for Draws: STX Axxis Draw Complete Stick

1) STX Crux Pro Elite Complete Stick

  • #1 Best Overall
  • Head: STX Crux Pro
  • Pockets: Full mesh, traditional
  • Shaft: STX Crux Pro (7/8″ with 10° offset)
  • Key features:
    • EnduraForm plastic to increase stiffness & durability
    • DropRail technology creates shorter sidewall giving more control
    • Has STX’s amazing Speed Scoop
    • Offset technology pushes ball to sweet spot of stick

The STX Crux Pro Elite comes in #1 on our list of the best women’s lacrosse sticks thanks to its great face shape, light weight, offset, and durability.

This stick is truly an elite option that is used by pros and college players throughout the nation. It can be used for any position and comes in either full mesh or traditional.

With the Crux Pro Elite, STX also implemented its patented Speed Scoop that has come to be one of the most popular scoops in the men’s game. It makes picking up ground balls a breeze at any angle.

This complete stick comes with a lightweight, ⅞” Crux Pro handle that has Shaft Lock technology to keep your head from rattling and a built-in end cap.

Overall, the STX Crux Pro Elite Complete Stick is an amazing option for women’s lacrosse players. It is lightweight, will hold up for multiple seasons, and gives you as much control—if not more—than any other stick currently available.

2) Maverik Ascent Plus Women’s Complete Stick

  • Best for Midfielders
  • Head: Maverik Ascent+
  • Pockets: Mesh runner, Full mesh
  • Shaft: Maverik Ascent (7/8″ carbon fiber)
  • Key features:
    • 22° release angle gives you more power & control
    • Ground Control scoop makes ground balls easy
    • Lightweight yet durable stick
    • ⅞” carbon fiber shaft w/ built-in end cap

The upgraded version of the older Maverik Ascent, the Ascent Plus, comes in next on our list of the best women’s lacrosse sticks thanks to its aggressive release angle, tight face shape, light weight, and great shaft. 

The 22° release angle makes this an especially attractive option for midfielders as it has unmatched hold and is great for outside shots. The tight face shape and stiffness also make it a good option for draws.

The included Maverik Ascent+ carbon fiber shaft is ⅞” and has a concave shape that gives you a great feel of the shaft as well as a clean design and molded butt end that look great on the field. The Ascent+ shaft also features Maverik’s new soft-touch grip finish that feels amazing when playing.

Overall, the Maverik Ascent Plus Women’s Complete Stick is a great option for all players, but especially for midfielders. The aggressive offset allows for more power on shots and premier ball control.

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3) STX Exult Pro Elite Complete Stick

  • Best for Midfielders
  • Head: STX Exult Pro
  • Pockets: Traditional
  • Shaft: STX Exult Pro (7/8″ carbon fiber)
  • Key features:
    • Extremely lightweight (head & shaft)
    • Shoulders designed for extra leverage on draws
    • Many stringing holes for limitless pocket options
    • ⅞” carbon fiber shaft w/ built-in end cap

The new STX Exult Pro Elite Complete Stick is the best stick STX has put out from the Exult line by far. It is the lightest of any Exult stick and has many new features that make it arguably the best women’s midfield stick currently available.

As mentioned, the Exult Pro Elite Complete Stick is very, very light. Unlike some other elite women’s sticks that use bulkier materials, the Exult Pro Elite is designed for minimal weight without sacrificing durability.

The Exult Pro head has a few new features that set it apart from the older Exult heads as well as most other options on the market.

First off, it uses DropRail technology to drive the ball to the sweet spot and maximize control. In our testing, we felt like the ball was constantly sitting right where we wanted it and it had a smooth, consistent release. 

The Exult Pro head also includes STX’s beloved Speed Scoop that makes ground balls a breeze and a ton of stringing holes that make it easy to string a variety of pockets.

Lastly, the Exult Pro head has “shoulders” towards the scoop of the head that are supposed to help grab the ball. While we haven’t been able to test it out on a draw ourselves yet, they seem like they would work well. The head might not, however, be stiff enough to hold up for girls that take most of the draws for their teams since it’s so lightweight.

When it comes to the Exult Pro handle, there’s not much to complain about. STX’s 3D GRIP technology provides a great feel no matter the weather. It also has Shaft Lock tech that eliminates head rattle and a molded end cap that creates a smooth transition from shaft to butt end.

4) ECD Infinity Pro Stick

  • Best for Offensive Players
  • Head: ECD Infinity Pro
  • Pockets: Mesh runner
  • Shaft: ECD Infinity Pro (7/8″ carbon fiber)
  • Key features:
    • Dramatic offset drives ball to sweet spot
    • ECD’s Diamond plastic is super light but stays stiff no matter the weather
    • Tight face shape w/ narrow pinch that flares out towards scoop
    • ⅞” carbon fiber shaft with soft-touch matte finish

The ECD Infinity Pro Stick is another great option for advanced women’s players of any position, replacing the older Infinity Elite Stick for 2023. 

The biggest difference between the Infinity Pro and the Infinity Elite is the new head that uses ECD’s patent-pending Diamond plastic that is 10% lighter than ECD’s standard plastic. Despite it being so light, it’s still one of the stiffest heads we’ve tested and is designed to maintain that stiffness even on those hot summer days.

Like other heads on this list, the ECD Infinity Pro has a dramatic offset that drives the ball into the sweet spot of your head, giving you more control and accuracy.

One of my favorite things about this head is the amazing string job that ECD includes. Customers find that the pocket gives them more forgiveness when catching the ball and more hold compared to other options.

The ECD Infinity Pro Stick also comes with the Infinity Pro carbon fiber shaft that features a soft-touch matte finish and extra grip towards the bottom that feels great in your hands. It is ⅞” for most of the shaft but flares out to 1” at the top where the head plugs in.

Overall, the ECD Infinity Pro Complete Stick is an amazing option for advanced women’s players. It is lightweight, dependable, and has an elite head and shaft that make it one of the best in the game.

5) Epoch Purpose Complete Stick

  • Best for Deeper Pockets
  • Head: Epoch Purpose
  • Pockets: Traditional, full mesh
  • Shaft: Aluminum (1″ diameter)
  • Key features:
    • 15° bottom rail allows for deeper pocket & drives ball to sweet spot
    • Strung by Stylin Strings 
    • Great face shape
    • Trusted by UNC Women’s Lacrosse

Epoch changed the women’s lacrosse head game when it released the Purpose. The patented 15° bottom rail allows for a deeper pocket and drives the ball to the sweet spot of the head—giving you more control and a more consistent release. The 15° offset is much more dramatic than the typical 10° bottom rail of most heads.

In 2019, UNC Women’s Lacrosse signed a deal with Epoch for them to be the exclusive supplier of equipment to the renowned team—a huge vote of confidence to Epoch’s products.

Along with the Purpose head, the complete stick comes with a 1″ aluminum shaft that is lightweight yet strong. 

The Epoch Purpose Complete Stick is a great option for advanced players who want to push the boundaries when it comes to stick technology. The 15° bottom rail may take time to get used to, but when you do, I think you’ll find it to be a big benefit to your game.

6) Gait Whip Women’s Complete Lacrosse Stick

  • Best for High Whip
  • Head: Gait Whip
  • Pockets: Flex mesh, Traditional
  • Shaft: Soft-touch composite
  • Key features:
    • Dramatic offset drives ball to sweet spot
    • Scoop is great for low-angle ground balls
    • Double sidewall technology creates a narrower face shape

If you prefer a lot of whip in your sticks, the Gait Whip (as the name implies), is a great option.

The main feature of the Whip head is the Curved Offset that helps create a deep pocket/sweet spot with a whippier release that allows for more power (as well as more hold when carrying the ball).

Another thing we really like about the Gait Whip is how easy it is to pick up ground balls, even when you’re not able to get the butt end of your shaft really close to the ground. 

The biggest downside of the head is the lack of stringing holes. Each sidewall only has 8 holes, making it difficult to string certain kinds of pockets.

When it comes to the shaft, the Gait Whip Complete Stick comes with a standard soft-touch composite shaft that feels good in the hands, is lightweight, and seems durable.

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7) STX Fortress 700 Complete Stick

  • Best for Defense
  • Head: STX Fortress 700
  • Pockets: Full mesh
  • Shaft: STX Fortress 700 (1″ with 10° angle)
  • Key features:
    • Designed specifically for defenders
    • Narrow pinch towards throat of head & very wide towards scoop
    • Features STX’s beloved Speed Scoop
    • Shaft features extra grip for control on checks

If you are a defender, look no further than the STX Fortress 700 Complete Stick. This stick features a stiff head and lightweight shaft both designed specifically for defense.

The head is fairly wide towards the scoop, making it easier to intercept passes and lay checks. It does have a pretty narrow pinch towards the throat, however, allowing for better control when carrying the ball. It also features STX’s Speed Scoop that has come to be known as one of the best in the game.

The strong 1” composite shaft features a 10° offset and extra grip towards the bottom of the shaft to give you more control on checks.

Overall, the STX Fortress 700 is one of the best—if not the best—option for defenders in women’s lacrosse. It is stiff, lightweight, and has the ideal face shape for playing defense.

8) Nike Lunar Fly Women’s Stick

  • Best for Versatility
  • Head: Nike Lunar Fly
  • Pockets: Mesh runner
  • Shaft: Nike Lunar Fly (10° composite)
  • Key features:
    • Slightly lower offset in head giving it a mid pocket
    • Aggresive pinch in head gives good control & accuracy
    • Channel tabs help drive ball to sweet spot more
    • ⅞” composite shaft with 10° offset

The Nike Lunar Fly Complete Stick is another great option for intermediate-to-advanced girls players and can be used for any position.

Compared to other elite women’s heads on this list, the Lunar Fly from Nike has a slightly lower offset, giving it more of a mid-pocket than a high pocket for those that prefer that.

One of the other things you’ll notice is the aggressive face shape which stays pretty pinched throughout most of the head then opens up towards the scoop. There are also channel tabs near the scoop that shoot out towards the front of the head, helping push the ball towards the center sweet spot of the head.

This stick comes with the Nike Lunar shaft which is made of a composite material, providing great strength at a light weight. It also features a 10° offset that many elite players have come to love.

9) STX Axxis Draw Complete Stick

  • Best for Draws
  • Head: STX Axxis
  • Pockets: Full mesh
  • Shaft: STX Axxis (Composite 7/8″)
  • Key features:
    • First stick designed specifically for draws
    • Aggressive pinch allows your head to get inside of opponent’s head
    • Draw Claw technology hooks onto ball giving more control
    • 10° shaft features extra grip where you need it most & two shapes

In 2019, STX released the first draw-specific women’s lacrosse stick—the Axxis. Since then, it has become the top choice for players that take draws—and for good reason.

The narrow pinch throughout most of the head allows it to fit inside opponents’ heads, giving you more control. In addition, the Draw Claw tabs towards the outside of the head can hook onto the ball, giving you even more control.

The head is also very stiff, meaning it won’t bend during draws. It also has STX’s popular Speed Scoop that makes groundballs a breeze.

The Axxis also shaft features innovations to give you that extra advantage on the draw. Aside from the 10° offset that many STX shafts have, it also has extra grip towards the top and bottom of the shaft where you need it most during draws. It also has two unique shapes. Up top, it has a teardrop shape for ideal hand placement. Towards the bottom, it has a rigid shape that provides great control.

Overall, if you are a player that specializes in draws, the STX Axxis Draw is a no-brainer. It is the best head for draws currently on the market by far. If you play a lot of offense, you may want to have a separate stick you can use for that since this head doesn’t feature a lot of the same design features that offensive heads do.

Best Intermediate & Budget Women’s Lacrosse Sticks

If you are looking to save on a complete girls lacrosse stick or are looking for an option designed specifically for intermediate players, the two following sticks are great sticks to consider.

Budget & Intermediate Women’s Lacrosse Sticks:

1) Maverik Erupt Complete Stick

  • Head: Maverik Erupt
  • Pockets: Mesh runner
  • Shaft: Maverik Erupt Composite
  • Key features:
    • Wider face shape to make catching easier
    • Good scoop to make groundballs easy
    • Medium offset level helps players transition to advanced sticks
    • Mesh runner pocket provides consistent release & good hold

The Maverik Erupt Complete Stick is designed for intermediate players who are transitioning between beginner sticks and advanced sticks.

It features a relatively wide face shape to make catching easier and has a great scoop. It’s mesh runner pocket provides good hold and a consistent and accurate release.

The included composite shaft is pretty light, stiff, and durable, and should hold up well for multiple seasons.

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2) STX Crux 400 Women’s Complete Stick

  • Head: STX Crux 400
  • Pockets: Runway Pocket
  • Shaft: 7075 alloy
  • Key features:
    • Built specifically for attackers
    • Tight pinch towards throat provides better control with wide scoop for easier catching
    • Minimum sidewall height allows for deepest legal pocket allowed

Next on our list of the best intermediate girls lacrosse sticks is the younger sibling of our #1 overall best women’s lacrosse stick—the STX Crux 400. 

This complete stick is built specifically for attackers. It has a similar face shape as the Crux Pro—especially with its narrow throat that provides great control—but has a wider scoop that makes for easier catching.

Despite it having a less-aggressive offset than most of the elite options listed above, the Crux 400’s sidewall height just meets the minimum requirements, allowing for the deepest legal pocket if strung correctly.

Overall, the STX Crux 400 Complete Stick is an awesome option for attackers making the transition from the youth game/from just starting out to higher levels of play. It has many of the same features as elite women’s sticks but still prioritizes development.

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3) STX Exult 400 Women’s Complete Stick

  • Head: STX Exult 400
  • Pockets: Full mesh
  • Shaft: 7075 alloy
  • Key features:
    • Built specifically for midfielders
    • Reinforced corner ledges improve draw control
    • Moderate offset helps with control & accuracy

The STX Exult 400 is another great complete stick for intermediate players and those looking to save. Designed after the Exult 600 stick, the Exult 400 is designed especially for midfielders. It is pretty stiff and has reinforced corner ledges that help grab onto the ball during draws.

The head features a medium-level offset that helps girls get used to the shape of more advanced heads. The all mesh pocket gives a consistent, accurate release that is easy to adjust should anything go wrong.

The 7075 alloy shaft is pretty basic but should be strong and lightweight enough for most players.

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Best Beginner Girls Lacrosse Sticks

We’ll first take a look at the best women’s lacrosse sticks currently available for advanced players. All of these push the boundaries when it comes to technology and maximizing the advantage your stick gives you on the field.

Though they are a bit more expensive than other options, these women’s lacrosse sticks will help you excel on the field by giving you more accurate passes and shots, more control over the ball when carrying it, and the strength and durability you need.

Best Beginner Girls Lacrosse Sticks:

1) Maverik Erupt ST Girls Beginner Stick

  • Head: Maverik Erupt ST
  • Pockets: Mesh runner
  • Shaft: 28″ Erupt aluminum
  • Key features:
    • Thinner shaft makes it easier to control
    • Wide face shape helps with catching
    • Mesh runner pocket provides consistent release

The Maverik Erupt ST is one of the most popular beginner girls lacrosse sticks on the market today. It features a wide face shape to help with catching, a mesh runner pocket that provides good control and an accurate release, and a thinner metal shaft that is easier to control than full-width shafts.

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2) STX Lilly Beginner Lacrosse Stick

  • Head: STX Lilly
  • Pockets: Mesh runner
  • Shaft: Shortened with 7/8″ diameter
  • Key features:
    • One of the most popular beginner sticks
    • Wide face shape makes catching easier
    • Shortened shaft is easier to control

The STX Lilly Beginner Girls Lacrosse Stick is often one of the first sticks many girls use thanks to its beginner-friendly design. Its wide head makes it easier to catch the ball and, unlike many other beginner sticks, actually comes with a decent pocket. The shortened ⅞” diameter shaft is easier to control than full-sized shafts, making it great for younger girls with smaller hands.

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3) Brine Dynasty Warp Jr Girls Complete Lacrosse Stick

  • Head: Brine Dynasty Warp Jr
  • Pockets: Warp Pocket
  • Shaft: Brine Dynasty
  • Key features:
    • Features Warrior’s unique Warp Pocket
    • Decent amount of offset giving good control
    • Wide face shape makes catching easier

The Brine Dynasty Warp Junior Girls Complete Lacrosse Stick is another great option for beginners thanks to its wide face shape, lightweight, and unique Warp pocket. The Warp pocket is built into the head and requires no adjustments over time. In addition, unlike some beginner sticks, this one has a decent offset which can help beginners more easily transition to intermediate and advanced shafts later on.

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How to Decide Which Girls Lacrosse Stick to Buy

If you’re still not sure what girls lacrosse stick to buy, we’ve put together some things you should consider when choosing one to help out:

1) Complete Stick vs. Individual Heads & Shafts

All of the sticks in this guide include both a head and a shaft. You do have the option, however, to buy an individual head and shaft.

Unlike men’s complete sticks, women’s complete sticks often include a top tier head and shaft in one stick. Men’s complete sticks, on the other hand, are often targeted at beginner players, with more advanced players having to purchase separate heads and shafts.

For this reason, there is no right answer when it comes to whether a complete stick or individual parts is better.

Beginner and intermediate players, especially, may want to just purchase a complete stick to save on costs and the time of buying individual parts. More advanced players and those who already have a few sticks, may decide that buying individual parts makes more sense for them if they want to mix brands (such as an STX head and Maverik shaft) or if they only need a head or shaft upgrade, but not both.

If you decide to go with individual parts, just be sure the head and shaft are compatible. Most often, you will need to see if the head is specifically designed for a 10° shaft (see the STX Crux Pro Elite above) or a straight shaft.

You can see our picks for the best women’s lacrosse heads here and the best women’s lacrosse shafts here.

2) Head Face Shape & Offset

The face shape of your head is exactly what it sounds like: how the front of your head is shaped. Beginner heads are typically wider to allow for easier catching, while advanced heads are more pinched to allow for more control.

Similarly, defense heads are typically wider to allow for more surface area when checking and for intercepting passes while offensive sticks are more pinched to allow for more control and accuracy.

Another aspect to consider is the offset of your head. Most advanced offensive heads have a gradual downward offset for most of the head then cant back forward sharply towards the scoop. This allows for a deeper pocket and drives the ball into the sweet spot of the pocket, maximizing your hold on the ball and giving a quick, more accurate release.

On the flip side, this sharp offset may take some getting used to and is the reason why many beginner sticks are flatter with a more subtle offset.

3) Head Stiffness & Durability

When it comes to women’s lacrosse heads, the stiffer the better in most cases.

Having a stiff head helps keep your head from bending on groundballs and checks, and increases the longterm durability of your head. Defenders and players who take draws, especially, should look for ultra stiff heads.

While the stiffness of the head is usually a good indicator of the durability, it’s also important to read customer reviews (as we’ve done to create this guide) to see how they hold up over time. You may find that some heads start off stiff but start to “noodle out” in hot weather or after extended use.

4) Mesh vs. Traditional Pocket

Starting in 2018, women’s lacrosse heads were allowed to have mesh pockets instead of just traditional pockets (leather + strings).

This was a big move for the game of women’s lacrosse as many players, parents, and coaches found it difficult (and expensive) to maintain the complex traditional pockets that were solely used for so long.

Now, girls have the option to choose from traditional pockets, mesh runner pockets (a strip of mesh in the middle with strings on the outside), fully mesh pockets, and more.

While no one option is necessarily the “best”, mesh pockets are much easier to maintain and less expensive to replace than traditional pockets. Beginners and younger players may want to consider a mesh pocket unless they are really committed to learning how to string their sticks and make modifications here and there when needed.

You can learn more about women’s lacrosse pocket rules here.

5) Shaft

In my opinion, the head is the most important part of the women’s lacrosse stick. They come in various shapes, are made of different materials, and differ a lot between skill levels.

Shafts, on the other hand, are generally all the same shape and size, and have less of an impact on your performance.

This doesn’t mean, however, that you should just find the cheapest shaft possible and go with that. As with a lot of lacrosse equipment, shafts can ding, bend, and break. Also, very cheap shafts may be considerably heavier than advanced options, slowing you down, even if just a little bit.

When looking for a girls lacrosse stick, you should make sure that the shaft feels good in your hands in terms of the grip and shape of the shaft, isn’t too heavy, and has a good weight distribution with the head.

You will also have to decide what diameter shaft you want. Most often, shafts come in 7/8″ or 1″ diameters. Which is best for you will depend on what you feel more comfortable with. Before buying a stick, it may make sense to test out a few of your teammates shafts with different diameters to see what feels the best.

6) Weight

As briefly mentioned earlier, the weight of your stick is another important thing to consider. Heavy sticks can make it harder to shoot, dodge, throw checks, and move around the field.

While most sticks aren’t so heavy that they’ll significantly slow you down, a few ounces here and there can really give you that competitive edge or just feel more natural in your hands.

Look for complete sticks that use advanced materials in their heads (such as STX’s Enduraform plastic) and shafts (such as carbon fiber and other composite materials).

How We Choose the Best Women’s Lacrosse Sticks

We take our ratings seriously and only recommend products that we would use ourselves.

To come up with our ratings for each product, we test the product ourselves whenever possible, review product specifications (weight, materials used, etc.), and read customer reviews/talk to lacrosse players we know that use the product.

When testing women’s lacrosse sticks, specifically, our resident women’s player, Emily, brings them to a field and tests for passing, catching, shooting, scooping ground balls, and checking. When it’s not possible to extensively test a product ourselves, we spend extra time talking to real customers who have used the product for a while themselves.

If you ever have any feedback for any of the products listed on this page or have a recommended addition, please contact us and let us know!

Products to Consider Alongside Your Lacrosse Stick

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned vet, there are many lacrosse products that can help take your game to the next level. 

Here are some you may want to consider:

  • Goggles: Unlike men’s lacrosse, girls players are only required to wear goggles and have a stick. If you need a new pair of goggles to go with your stick, you can see our favorite women’s lacrosse goggles here
  • Cleats: We’ve analyzed and reviewed the women’s lacrosse cleat market to find the best options for both youth and adult players. Check our the best girls lacrosse cleats here.
  • Balls: A lacrosse stick isn’t very useful unless you have lacrosse balls. While they are all fairly similar, we do have our favorites. Check out the best lacrosse balls here.
  • Lacrosse bag: You’ll need something to carry around your stick and other gear. Most even have stick holders and separate compartments for wet gear. See the best lacrosse bags here.
  • Lacrosse backpack: There are many backpacks designed with straps to hold your lacrosse stick as well as your other equipment. Check out our favorite lacrosse backpacks here.
  • Rebounder: Playing wall ball is the best way to quickly develop stick skills. If you don’t have a brick or concrete wall that you can throw off regularly, buying a rebounder is just as good, if not better.
  • Goal: Once you have passing and catching down, learning to shoot is the next step in development for offensive players. What do you need to shoot besides a stick? A goal of course! Check out my favorite lacrosse goals here.
  • Backstop: If you end up getting that goal, you may also want to consider a backstop to stop any misses from hitting a window or flying 50 yards away.


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