Nike Lacrosse Heads

Nike has been a household name in sports since 1964 and has an amazing brand image. Leveraging its dominance in running shoes, it broadened its product range with football cleats, apparel, and hockey accessories. They also entered the lacrosse industry partnering with STX in late 2009. Soon, the sports market was filled with Nike lacrosse heads, shafts, and cleats. 

Let’s shift the focus to the heart of lacrosse: the head. Manufactured for different positions and playing styles, a good head significantly impacts a player’s control, accuracy, and power. It makes all the difference between a fumbled pass and a laser-sharp shot.

Nike Lacrosse Heads
Nike Lacrosse Heads (

However, choosing a lacrosse head depends on several factors. Where midfielders prefer a balanced head, attackers always choose a stiffer head for better shooting and catching. Today, I will be sharing my experience with the 5 best Nike lacrosse heads for midfielders and attackers. 

Overview of the Best Nike Lacrosse Heads for Middies and Attackers

The following is a brief overview of the Nike lacrosse heads that I tried on the field for this review.

Head Position Weight (oz) Stringing Holes Pocket Stiffness Release Year
Nike CEO 2 Midfield | Faceoff 5 Average High Average 2019
Nike CEO 3 Midfield | Faceoff 4.90 Average Mid Stiff 2023
Nike Lakota 3 LSM | Attack 4.63 Above Average Mid-Low | Mid-High Stiff 2021
Nike Vapor Pro LSM | Attack 5.2 Above Average Mid Stiff 2020
Nike Vapor Elite Midfield | Attack 4.76 Above Average Mid | Mid-Low Stiff 2018

Nike CEO 2 Lacrosse Head

Nike CEO 2 Lacrosse Head
Nike CEO 2 Lacrosse Head (
Gender Male
Position Midfielder
Weight (ounces)
Level All
Pocket Location High
Colors Black and White
Stiffness Average
Legality Legal
Release Year 2019

I picked up the Nike lacrosse head CEO 2 last spring after years of relying on the original. Released in the year 2019, CEO 2 is specifically built for face-offs. The first difference I noticed was the shorter throat. It gives me a closer grip on the pocket with better hand placement, more power, and control during face-offs. 

Its lightweight design allows quick dodges and cuts. The durable strings also provide tension and control in the pocket for accurate passing during face-off play. Although I prefer a mid pocket, its high pocket also gave me a good balance between ball control, cradling, and passing. 

The CEO 2 is also marginally stiffer, aiding in powerful clamps and giving an edge to mid-fielders. I also enjoyed the easier ground ball pick-ups with wider scoops after loose draws. However, it’s not ideal for shooting because of the stiffer pocket. 

Additionally, the CEO 2 has plenty of stringing holes for customization. Even though the stock stringing is decent, I replaced it with a stiffer setup for even more control. It also has minimal break-in time, making it a good choice for high school players.  

  • Stiff
  • Customizable strings
  • Easy break-in
  • The end cap is fundamental.
  • Expensive
  • The head may fold in due to stiffer construction.

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Nike CEO 3 Lacrosse Head

Nike CEO 3 Lacrosse Head
Nike CEO 3 Lacrosse Head (
Gender Male
Position Face-Off Specialist
Weight (ounces) 4.90
Level All
Pocket Location Mid (Stock Stringing)
Colors Black and White
Stiffness Stiff
Legality Legal
Release Year 2023

Last season, ground balls turned many of my Nike lacrosse heads into dust. Therefore, durability became my top priority. So, I grabbed a new Nike CEO 3, known for its classic feel and sturdiness. 

Initially, I was skeptical that the increased durability would negatively impact performance, but this was not the case. CEO 3 is built to last compared to CEO 2 and other options with consistent performance. It locks into my hand perfectly. 

Moreover, the short throat design lets me get my top hand super close for maximum control. Zero-friction scoop is also a prominent advantage. It helped me with balanced ground ball control during the face-off. The flex is also on point, allowing me to form a nice deep pocket to trap the ball during the clamp.

CEO 3 is one of the best Nike lacrosse heads with better plastic construction and modified structure. However, the head was stiffer than my comfort zone and took longer to break in than other heads I’ve used. So, if you are a beginner, choose the CEO 2 head or string it with a softer mesh to create a deeper pocket.

  • Sturdy
  • Hold its shape in aggressive games
  • Better plastic structure
  • Difficult to break in.
  • Not suitable for high-school players

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Nike Lakota 3 Lacrosse Head

Nike Lakota 3 Lacrosse Head
Nike Lakota 3 Lacrosse Head (
Gender Male
Position Long Stick Midfielders
Weight (ounces) 4.63
Level All
Pocket Location Mid 
Colors White
Stiffness Stiff
Legality Legal
Release Year 2021

Inspired by the round scoop design, I tried the Nike Lakota 3. Well, it was the perfect fit for my game. It boosted ground ball pick-ups, tightened face control, and slashed drag for a smoother, faster performance.

It just came out in 2021, and it’s a fantastic option for all midfielders. Firstly, it’s incredibly light at only 4.63 ounces, even lighter than the CEO 2 and 3. It gave me faster cradling and quicker dodges on offense. 

This Nike lacrosse head has a new PowerForm material structure that doesn’t bend easily. It also cuts up in the back for a slimmer look and easier high-hand placement. So, there is no compromise on control over passes and shots on the run. 

Besides, the face shape is nice and simple, with 17 well-spaced holes for easy pocket creation. It’s perfect for a mid-pocket setup, ideal for midfielders who need balanced ground pick-ups with passing and shooting.  

The body is stiff and sturdy but lacks a string protection lip for higher durability. Therefore, being an offensive midfielder, I faced a little more wear and tear on the mesh. Overall, It’s one of the best Nike lacrosse heads, perfect for offensive and defensive elite players. 

  • Best for medium/high pocket
  • Simple face shape
  • High durability with power foam material.
  • Super lightweight.
  • Limited string holes
  • Expensive
  • Lacks protection lip

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Nike Vapor Pro Lacrosse Head

Nike Vapor Pro Lacrosse Head
Nike Vapor Pro Lacrosse Head (
Gender Male
Position LSM | Attackers 
Weight (ounces) 5.2
Level All
Pocket Location Mid 
Colors White
Stiffness Stiff
Legality Legal
Release Year 2020

The next best Nike lacrosse head on the list is the Nike Vapor Pro. Although it’s not a new launch, I keep it in my collection to ace an attacking position. I like the design, feel, and stiff construction of the Nike Vapor Pro. I even tested it for the offensive midfielder, LSM, and pole position, and it hasn’t disappointed me yet. 

Although it’s not the lightest head, the weight should not bother you. It’s just 5.2 oz, optimal for quick, long shots, feeding teammates with accuracy, and cradling. The rounded scoop with angular side walls further complements this balance. It simplifies ground ball pick-up by offering a wider channel and a more controlled grip. 

Besides, it’s speed scoop is my favorite. It gave me the freedom of quick release and powerful throws to win the game. The Vapor Pro features multiple sidewall holes with 7 and 9-diamond options. So, you can get the customizable pocket option to string according to your playing style. 

Moreover, its esthetic design is long-lasting, although it lacks the latest bells and whistles. So, if you are an all-rounder lacrosse player looking for a budget-friendly head, It’s for you. 

  • Budget-friendly 
  • Durable 
  • Customizable pocket
  • Lacks the latest bells and whistles
  • Slightly Heavy

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Nike Vapor Elite Lacrosse Head

Nike Vapor Elite Lacrosse Head
Nike Vapor Elite Lacrosse Head (
Gender Male
Position Offensive Midfielders | Attack
Weight (ounces) 4.7
Level All
Pocket Location Mid to mid-low
Colors White and Black
Stiffness Stiff
Legality Legal
Release Year 2018

The Nike Vapor Elite lacrosse head was one of my favorite heads when I was a high school player. It features a Nike ball stock scoop. This pointed design digs deep and snatches up ground balls effortlessly. 

Moreover, a sleek silver accent adorns the throat, and strategically placed cutouts reduce weight without sacrificing strength. So, It’s stiff but only weighs 4.7 ounces. 

Durability is another strong point. Even after a season and a half of use, this Nike lacrosse head retained its stiffness, showing no wear and tear. It’s one of the best Nike lacrosse heads for attackers, offensive midfielders, dodgers, and outside shooters who prioritize a strong pocket. 

Stringing the sidewall is also hassle-free, thanks to the plentiful sidewall holes. The four top and four bottom string holes are large enough to accommodate leather. It performs well with both traditional pocket and Epic Otter mesh.

Thanks to the stiffness, it provides a strong foundation for powerful cradling and shooting. However, this stiffness makes the Vapor Elite less ideal for face-offs. If facing off is your primary role, check out the Nike CEO 2 or 3 instead.

  • Stiff and durable
  • Lightweight
  • Good for dodgers and shooters
  • Not flexible enough to suit a face-off position

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Special Editions for Nike Lacrosse Heads

Special Editions for Nike Lacrosse Heads
Special Editions for Nike Lacrosse Heads (

Nike has always offered special colors and special editions for their lacrosse heads. For these heads, Nike has also introduced them in black color. These are ‘Special Colors’.

People Also Ask

What Factors Should I Consider When Choosing a Nike Lacrosse Head?

When choosing a Nike lacrosse head, consider your position (midfielder, attacker, LSM), desired pocket location, stiffness, weight, and stringing options. Each head is designed for specific skills such as shooting accuracy, ball control, and durability during face-offs.

What Makes the Nike CEO 2 Lacrosse Head Ideal for Midfielders and Face-Off Specialists?

The Nike CEO 2 features a shorter throat for a closer grip, providing better control and power during face-offs. Its lightweight design and high pocket location offer a balance between ball control and passing accuracy. It also has customizable stringing holes and minimal break-in time, making it suitable for high school players.

How Does the Nike CEO 3 Differ from the CEO 2, and What Are Its Benefits?

The Nike CEO 3 is more durable and has a stiffer construction than the CEO 2. It features a zero-friction scoop for better ground ball control and a short throat design for maximum control during face-offs. However, it may take longer to break in and is better suited for college-level players.

Which Nike Lacrosse Head Is the Best for Long Stick Midfielders (LSM)?

The Nike Lakota 3 is highly recommended for LSM players. It is lightweight at 4.63 ounces, has a stiff PowerForm material structure for durability, and offers a simple face shape with 17 stringing holes for a customizable mid-pocket. It enhances ground ball pick-ups and control over passes and shots on the run.

What Are the Advantages of the Nike Vapor Pro Lacrosse Head for Attackers?

The Nike Vapor Pro is designed for attackers and LSM players, featuring a rounded scoop and angular side walls for easy ground ball pick-up and controlled grip. It has a speed scoop for quick releases, and powerful throws, and multiple sidewall holes for customizable pocket options. Although slightly heavier, it is durable and budget-friendly.

Is the Nike Vapor Elite Lacrosse Head Suitable for Face-Offs?

The Nike Vapor Elite is not ideal for face-offs due to its stiffness. However, it is excellent for attackers and offensive midfielders who prioritize a strong pocket, powerful cradling, and shooting. It is lightweight, durable, and has ample sidewall holes for easy stringing. For face-offs, consider the Nike CEO 2 or 3 instead.

Nike has a lacrosse head lineup with impressive variety and undeniably good quality for all positions. The Nike CEO 2 lacrosse head with control and the durable CEO 3 with zero-friction scoops are the best face-off heads. However, If you are an LSM looking for the most lightweight head and customizable pocket, go for L3. 

Moreover, the Vapor Pro and Elite are more suitable for shooters, dodgers, and defensive middies. Besides, if you want a budget-friendly all-rounder, Lakota 3 is the best Nike lacrosse head for you. 

Well, personally, being a multi-skilled lacrosse player, I keep a collection of lacrosse heads. It helps me adjust my game according to the requirements. 

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