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Hi there, my name is Dave. Thanks for stopping by!

I've played lacrosse for 17 years (and counting) and have always loved the game and everything about it—especially all of the options for sticks and equipment.

The problem was, I could never find a reliable source of information and reviews of gear. Most sites today are written by people who never played lacrosse and don't know what to look for when choosing equipment.

To help players like myself, I decided to create this site. I hope I can help you out and if you ever have any questions, feel free to contact me!

Lacrosse Shaft Buying Guides

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best girls lacrosse heads

Best Women's Lacrosse Heads

Your lacrosse head is the one piece of equipment you can’t skimp on before taking the field. Year after year, lacrosse companies implement the newest

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best womens lacrosse cleats

Best Women's Lacrosse Cleats

Like all field sports, cleats are an integral part to success on the lacrosse field. They give you traction to maneuver, leverage to accelerate, and

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best lacrosse bags

Best Lacrosse Bags

Lacrosse is a fantastic sport, with so many amazing benefits. However, unlike many other sports, it does require a good amount of gear to get

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best lacrosse mesh

Best Lacrosse Mesh

The evolution of the gear used in lacrosse has been amazing to watch. Lacrosse shafts, alone, changed from simple wood to advanced metals and carbon

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lacrosse goalie gloves banner

Best Lacrosse Goalie Gloves

You have a solid chest protector and the perfect helmet that balances vision and protection, but what about your hands? Proper lacrosse goalie hand positioning

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lacrose goalie gear

Lacrosse Goalie Gear Guide

Finding the right gear is important for every position in lacrosse.  For goalies that stand between the pipes and face shots pushing 100 mph game

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