Nike Vapor Pro Lacrosse Head Review

Intrigued by the speed scoop design mentioned in the product description of the Nike Vapor Pro head, I thought of trying it on the field. And believe me, it’s one of my best-performing lacrosse heads for short-distance passes and high-speed shots on the run. 

It’s a stiff head with minimal flexibility. Will this stiffness affect your game? Let me answer this for you in my review of the Nike Vapor Pro lacrosse head.

Nike Vapor Pro Lacrosse head
Nike Vapor Pro Lacrosse Head (

Key Features and Specifications

Position Offensive Mid-Fielders (LSM/Pole)
Weight 5.2 oz
Pocket Location Mid | Mid-Low
Stiffness Very Stiff
String Holes Top: 6 Large Frontal and 2 on the Edge | Side: 17 per side
Face Shape Narrow
Ground pick-up Average
Ball Release On-time
Ease of Use Advanced
Spread on Shot Minimal
Level of Play All
Legality Conforming with NCAA and NFHS Rules
Colors While | Black (Special Color)
Release Year 2020
  • Amazing design suitable for different midfield positions
  • Durable construction
  • Multiple stringing holes for customized pocket
  • Short throat for high-speed shooting
  • Nike offers a 60-day return policy
  • Front stringing hole distribution could be improved
  • Not good for face-off players
  • Weight might be an issue for some

Nike Vapor Pro Head Ranking

I rate the Nike Vapor Pro head an 8.1/10 on the Drip Meter.

Accuracy of Shot and Pass 8.5 Passing accuracy is impressive for short ranges. For long ranges, it can be somewhat low speed.
Checking 7.5 Performs fine for snatching up loose balls and checks. Its stiffer build plastic profile makes it durable.
Ball Security 8 The rigid and sharp angles along all sidewalls help deflect checks on the head andallow for increased ball security.
Catching 9 It is perfect for catching high-speed passes.
Ground Pickup Performance 9 The Nike Vapor Pro is great at picking up ground balls with a round speed scoop that funnelsground balls into its secure mid pocket.
Faceoff Performance 5 The head’s face profile is not ideal for faceoffs.
Stringing 8 This head has an average amount of stringing holes allowing for multiple versatile pocket setups.
Durability (Material andThickness) 9 Durable design with the right amount of stiffness and thickness.
Drippiness/Aesthetics/BrandIntegrity 8 Nike has kept the Vapor Pro simple and modern
Cost  9 Great value for the quality.
Total 8.1/10

Who’s This Head Made For?

The Nike Vapor Pro head is one of the versatile lacrosse heads for midfield positions. I bought it soon after its launch in 2020. Nike marketed it for offensive mid-fielders, but I found it more suitable for LSM and pole position. 

It’s a stiff head that needs extreme force to bend it. However, durability is not the only thing that forced me to keep this head in my collection. The speed scoop design and angular side walls improved the ball release accuracy and speed in attacking positions.

Designed with high-quality plastic, it weighs 5.2 ounces. However, it isn’t easy to scoop ground balls in tight spaces with less flexible heads. 

Is it a good trade-off if the high-speed shooting comes for the cost of easier ground ball pick-up? Let’s find out.

Accuracy of Shot and Passing

I always used the Nike Vapor Pro lacrosse head for offensive positions. The narrow throat cuts up rather high, providing a comfortably close hand placement. I liked the delivery of amazing shooting speed and quick and accurate passes on the run. 

The face width is slightly wider on the side of the scoop, with an angular pinch towards the throat. It’s somewhat of a narrow profile. It helped me in directing passes and shots with good accuracy. 

Nike Vapor Pro Scoop
Nike Vapor Pro Scoop (

I feel the angular side rails are twice as stiff as the Nike CEO original and Vapor Elite. It features 17 sidewall holes to create a customized pocket. However, I wasn’t sure about the idea of top-hole spacing.

For me, it took some adjustments in shooting to avoid mishits. Unable to find accuracy with the mid pocket, I strung the head to a mid-low pocket, it turned out perfect for accurate short passes and feeding teammates from long distances. The shooting speed was also relatively higher than the Nike CEO 2

Catching and Cradling

Although speed scoop makes it easier to scoop in the ground balls after draws, I had trouble catching loose balls in trickier situations. The narrow profile provided somewhat limited surface area, making it difficult to scoop up ground balls in tight spots. 

Nike Vapor Pro Strung
Nike Vapor Pro Strung (

However, once secured, the narrow throat and pinched face shape of the Nike Vapor Pro lacrosse head kept the ball snugly secured while cradling. 

Well, all of it sounds good until I have to cradle the ball with one hand for a long distance. The mid-low pocket sometimes gave off the ball after powerful checks. Thus, I had to string my pocket from the inside to create a deeper pocket. 

If you are an LSM or an offensive mid-fielder who needs more control while cradling, I would recommend trying STX’s Surgeon 900. Stringking Mark2A, STX Stallion 900, or Maverik Optik 3.0.


The Nike Vapor Pro head is slightly heavier than some other offensive heads, but it didn’t significantly affect my game. The added weight contributed to a more solid feel during checks and ground ball battles, improving the overall control and responsiveness of the head. 

I liked the side rail stiffness and slight vertical angle that directs the ground balls in the pocket. Although I am not a muscular player, It allowed me to deliver occasional vigorous checks and snatch the balls.

The scoop top sits relatively flat against the ground, providing a good surface area for scooping up loose balls and initiating fast breaks. It has good efficiency in ground ball pick-up. 

Despite its impressive performance, I sometimes lost my ground balls to my opponent’s Nike Vapor Pro lacrosse head because it tended to warp after check and pop the ball out. Even though I improved after the break-in period, it will be a turn-off for new players.

So, if you are new to lacrosse, I won’t recommend this unless you are willing to put in effort in the training sessions. Consider flexible options from this list of heads.

Ground Ball Pick-ups

Honestly, I have had better heads for ground balls. Its rigidity is perfect for midfielders and LSMs to withstand checks and maintain their shape during ground ball battles. In my opinion, its profile is not as flexible as it should be.

Nike Vapor Pro Speed Scoop
Nike Vapor Pro Speed Scoop (

The scoop angle of the Nike Vapor Pro head is good for quick and easy ball rescue. Thanks to Its moderate angle. I didn’t have to get excessively low to scoop up ground balls. If you are an aggressive attack player who quickly switches between attack and defensive middie, it’s for you. 

However, if you prefer a flexible head and don’t care much about durability, I suggest Stringking Mark2V, STX Stallion 900, and Maverik Optik 3.0

People Also Ask

Is the Nike Vapor Pro Lacrosse Head Suitable for Offensive Players?

Yes, the Nike Vapor Pro is designed for offensive players, offering excellent shooting speed, accuracy, and a narrow profile for precise passes.

What Makes the Nike Vapor Pro Lacrosse Head Unique?

The Nike Vapor Pro features a stiff design, a speed scoop for efficient ground ball pick-ups, and multiple stringing holes for a customizable pocket.

Is the Nike Vapor Pro Lacrosse Head Legal for High School and College Play?

Yes, the Nike Vapor Pro conforms to both NCAA and NFHS rules, making it legal for high school and college lacrosse play.

What Positions Is the Nike Vapor Pro Lacrosse Head Best Suited For?

The Nike Vapor Pro is ideal for offensive midfielders, particularly LSM (Long Stick Midfielder) and pole positions, due to its stiff structure and accurate ball control.

Does the Nike Vapor Pro Lacrosse Head Improve Shooting Accuracy?

Yes, the narrow face shape and angular sidewalls of the Nike Vapor Pro enhance shooting accuracy and speed, making it a top choice for offensive players.

The Nike Vapor Pro head is a good offensive head for advanced intermediates and professional players. It’s durable and withstands aggressive games with minimal wear and tear. 

The pointed scoop and pinched throat make it a suitable lacrosse head for dodging defenders. I loved the shooting speed and accurate feeding without wobble. Being an offensive player, I think it has a good performance for catching and cradling. If you want alternatives, my best recommendation would be Stringking Mark2V, STX Stallion 900, and Maverik Optik 3.0.

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