STX Stallion 900 Lacrosse Head Review


The STX Stallion 900 lacrosse head sets a new standard for elite midfield play. Building on the success of its predecessor, this head is a formidable combination of strength, flexibility, and innovative design. With STX's proprietary EnduraForm material and advanced features like the redesigned Speed Scoop™ and Innerlock™ divests, the Stallion 900 proves to be a versatile two-way head that caters to both offensive aggression and defensive prowess.

New sidewall struts enable rigidity for draw controls and defensive play and are durable with Therma-loc+. Interior sidewall notches help you release precisely, and the scoop's diffuser technology makes ground ball pickups very swift.

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Drip Score: 8.8/10

STX Stallion 900 Lacrosse Head Review

Key Features

STX Stallion 900 Lacrosse Head
Cost$74.99 – $99.99
Scoop ShapeRounded
Rail ConfigurationMid/High
Sidewall Holes16
Top Stringing Holes6
OffsetDeepest Legal Offset
ColorBlack, White, Gunmetal, Blue Steel, Copper


The Stallion 900 introduces STX's EnduraForm™ material, an exclusive blend that enhances toughness without compromising on flexibility. This innovative material choice provides the lacrosse head with a unique combination of strength and adaptability, setting it apart from other heads on the market.


In addition to the advanced material, the Stallion 900 boasts innovative construction techniques. This ensures elite strength and durability in varying temperatures, making it a reliable choice for players in diverse playing conditions. The redesigned Speed Scoop™ further contributes to the overall construction, enhancing the head's appeal by facilitating seamless ground ball pickups from any angle of attack.


A standout feature of the Stallion 900 is its Innerlock™ divests in the bottom rail, simplifying stringing to the inside. This not only facilitates easier customization but also narrows the channel for enhanced hold and consistent throws. The strategic placement of 16 sidewall holes and 6 top stringing holes offers flexibility for accommodating any style of pocket, catering to the preferences of midfield players.

Deepest Legal Offset

The deepest legal offset of the Stallion 900 is a standout performance factor. This feature significantly contributes to increased ball feel and retention, making it a game-changer for midfielders aiming for optimal control during their plays.

Rail Geometry

The rail geometry is another crucial aspect influencing performance. It provides exceptional strength and stability to the Stallion 900, ensuring that the lacrosse head can withstand the rigors of both offensive and defensive plays. Whether you're dodging through opponents or making crucial defensive stops, the rail geometry enhances the head's durability and overall performance.



Which Shape Shaft Should You Buy?

The ideal shape for your lacrosse head depends on your playing style and priorities. Here's a brief overview of each shape:

  • X (Extreme concave shape): Offers a broader face for better ground ball scoops and a larger catching area, ideal for players focusing on ground ball proficiency.
  • X+ (Extreme concave grip with extra thickness): Provides an extreme concave grip with added thickness, catering to players who prefer a more substantial feel in their hands.
  • O (Concave octagonal – traditional feel): Features a concave octagonal shape, providing a traditional feel. This shape is versatile and suits players who appreciate a classic design.
  • R (Ridge profile for extra feel and grip): Introduces a ridge profile for additional feel and grip, making it great for shooting and passing precision. Ideal for players prioritizing control and accuracy.
  • S (Asymmetrical design – octagonal on one side, concave on the other): Combines an octagonal shape on one side and a concave shape on the other, offering a unique and versatile design suitable for players seeking adaptability.


Consider your playing preferences—whether you prioritize ground ball control, shooting accuracy, or a balance of both. Experimenting with different shapes, such as X for ground balls or R for precision, can help you find the lacrosse shaft that aligns best with your playing style.


The STX Stallion 900 Unstrung Lacrosse Head lives up to the legacy of its predecessors, setting a new benchmark for elite midfield heads. With a perfect blend of toughness, flexibility, and advanced features, this head is a standout choice for midfielders looking to dominate both ends of the field. Whether you're a seasoned player or an aspiring star, the Stallion 900 is a worthy investment that can elevate your game to new heights.


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