Nathan Branson

Nathan, Nate, or Branson (as he was known to his teammates) played Division 3 lacrosse at Messiah University as a starting midfielder for all three years where he played in both offensive and defensive capacities. He will be heading to Drexel in the fall of 2023 as a graduate student in physics with the potential to play one more year there. In his youth career, he played every position for at least a season (other than goalie) so he has a great understanding of every position and the game as a whole. He has suffered some injuries throughout his career, from broken collarbone to torn ACL. He has a large interest in sports analytics and is excited for more analytics to be introduced to lacrosse.
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Chrome Celebrating a goal. - Frisco '23 - Chrome vs Atlas. Photo: Liam Murphy, PLL

Best Lacrosse Shafts

Most advanced lacrosse players buy separate heads and shafts so they can fully customize their sticks to their liking. There are way more individual head and shaft combinations than there are…

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