ECD Launches Carbon MTX Shaft

Drip Level

An advanced carbon fiber shaft with a high strength-to-weight ratio built for aggressive players.

Key Details
  • Position: Attack & Midfield
  • Level: Advanced
  • Legality: All levels of play
  • Weight: 5.64 oz
  • Colors: Black
  • Cost Range: $$$
  • Year Released: 2021

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ECD Lacrosse just launched their new Carbon MTX Shaft today (March 25, 2021). 

It is a relatively lightweight, carbon fiber shaft designed to take a beating. If you are an aggressive player who needs a shaft that can hold up to your style of play, the ECD Carbon MTX is a great option. I expect this to be a top choice for middies (especially D middies).


The key technology in the shaft is the TeXtreme carbon fiber technology that weighs 20% less than typical carbon fiber, helping to decrease the weight without giving up strength.

Unlike most carbon fiber shafts, the Carbon MTX uses a flatter carbon-fiber structure, reducing the amount of material needed while increasing strength.

Unlike many other carbon fiber shafts, the ECD Carbon MTX has very little flex. On ECD's flex scale, it is rated as a Flex1, the stiffest of all their shafts.

The shaft weighs 160 grams or 5.64 ounces. While this isn't the lightest shaft currently available, it definitely isn't heavy by any means and you should have no trouble adjusting to it if you're used to a lighter shaft.


The ECD Carbon MTX only comes in black. Like the Carbon LTX, ECD is only offering the MTX in black—possibly because of the carbon fiber used in it.

Aside from the advanced performance it provides, another really cool thing about the TeXtreme tech is that you can see it throughout the entire shaft which has a subtle diamond pattern throughout.

The ECD logo and “Carbon” in the name of the shaft are a very light gray, helping the copper “MTX” shaft to really pop out, creating an undeniably high-quality appearance.

Price & Warranty

With such a high-quality shaft comes a steep price tag—especially for an attack shaft. Currently it is listed at $154.99 at all major lacrosse retailers. While this makes it one of the most expensive shafts around, it seems like it will last for years to come, potentially saving you money over time if you don't need to replace it.

The shaft does come with a 6-month warranty that provides a replacement if your shaft breaks under normal playing conditions. Note that chips and scratches don't count towards the warranty.

ECD Carbon MTX Video

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