Nike CEO 2 Lacrosse Head Review

Face-off specialists have been raving about the Nike CEO 2 lacrosse head, praising its design for improved face-offs and ground ball control. With a shorter throat, wider face, and a steeper scoop, it certainly looks the part. But does its design perform on the field? 

To answer that question, I took the CEO 2 to the field for an extensive assessment. My review will explore its strengths and weaknesses, covering everything from ground ball pickups to clamps and overall effectiveness.

Nike CEO 2 Lacrosse Head
Nike CEO 2 Lacrosse Head (

Key Features and Specifications

Position Face-off
Weight 5 ounces
Pocket Location Mid-high
Stiffness Average 
String Holes Top holes: 8 Side Holes: 17 on each side
Ground Pickup Good
Ball Release On-time
Ease of Use Intermediate | Advanced
Position Face-off
Spread on Shot It is a sharpshooter for close-range shots
Level of Play All
Legality Conforming with NCAA and NFHS Rules
Colors While | Black (Special Color)
Release Year 2019
  • Good for face-off and midfielders 
  • Accurate mid to short-range shooting
  • Multiple side holes for pocket customization
  • Angled scoop for easy ground ball pick-ups
  • Strong durable plastic 
  • Good value for money
  • Need skills to use
  • It is not suitable for long-range shooting.
  • Less flexible

Nike CEO 2 Lacrosse Head Ranking

I rate the 7.8/10 on the Drip Meter.

Accuracy of Shot and Pass 7.5 Passing accuracy is impressive for short ranges. For long ranges, it is somewhat compromised.
Checking 8 Performs exceptionally well for snatching up loose balls and checks. Its stiffer build profile makes it durable.
Ball Security 7.5 The rigid and sharp angles along all sidewalls help deflect checks on the head andallow for increased ball security.
Catching 7.5 It is perfect for catching high-speed passes, especially the tricky ones that spin.
Ground Pickup Performance 8 The Nike CEO 2 is great at picking up ground balls with an angled scoop that funnelsground balls into its secure pocket.
Faceoff Performance 8.5 The head has the right amount of rigidity for faceoffs. 
Stringing 8 This head has an average amount of stringing holes allowing for multiple versatile pocket setups.
Durability (Material andThickness) 8 Extremely durable design with the right amount of flexibility and thickness.
Drippiness/Aesthetics/BrandIntegrity 7.5 Nike has kept the CEO 2 simple and modern.
Cost  8 Great value for the quality, especially after the OG CEO.
Total 7.8/10

Who’s This Head Made For?

I’ve had the Nike CEO 2 lacrosse head for over a year and have been thoroughly testing its performance. And it’s time that I review it. Since its 2019 release, the CEO 2 has become a dominant choice in the face-off market for men’s lacrosse. 

As an OG CEO user, I have noticed a slight shift in the design. Nike has considered players’ concerns and made the head more durable and stiffer. It has harder plastic and a shorter throat to dominate the face-off position. However, It has lost the flexibility and you know it can affect the game. 

Nike CEO Series
Nike CEO Series (

Therefore, to address the trade-off between stiffness and flexibility, my Nike CEO 2 lacrosse head review is focused on how this stiffness will impact the performance of face-off specialists.

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Accuracy of Shot and Pass 

It has a shorter throat with around 17 stringing holes on each sidewall and 8 on the top. Thus, it creates a mid to high pocket with traditional stringing which is tight enough for controlled shots. It gave me a good balance between shooting and ground ball pickups. 

You know our fingers should align straight back during a face-off, not angled. However, the angled throat of Nike CEO 2 lacrosse head forced my elbow into an awkward position when driving the ball. As a result, it gradually impacted my throwing accuracy. Nonetheless, I fixed it easily.

Also, it was harder to use the backdoor exits because I had to rotate too much, which made it difficult for me to get away from the defenders. I couldn’t really understand the engineering behind it. 

Well, my mechanics improved after the break-in period, which was not too long. So, if you are familiar with Nike CEO’s design it won’t bother you much. 

Nike CEO 2 Strung
Nike CEO 2 Strung (

Moreover, the face profile is wide enough to not cause any trouble while making quick passes. With its shorter throat, I could keep my hands close, boosting accurate ground ball pickups. Although it gave me an edge on close-range shots, it was not the fastest for long shots.

If you’re a midfielder who prefers quick passes and long-distance shots, Nike Vapor Pro, Maverik Optik 2.0, and STX Stallion 75 lacrosse heads could be good trade-offs. 

Catching and Cradling

Combined with the shorter throat, I liked the wider scoop design of the Nike CEO 2 faceoff lacrosse head. It is perfect for catching high-speed passes, especially the tricky ones that spin. Winning draws also became much easier. 

Besides, the wider face profile I discussed earlier gave me a bigger catching area to snug loose balls in traffic. However, the profile was a bit frustrating for me occasionally, because my ball bounced or slipped out of control with minor errors. 

Therefore, I had to be more focused on my techniques while cradling. Well, that was not just me. Some other players had the same reviews about Nike CEO 2 lacrosse head. However, some experienced players didn’t face any issues. 

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Although Nike CEO 2 is one of the best faceoff lacrosse heads with its strong clamp and flex, there are some trade-offs. If you prefer flexibility with vertical cradling, try StringKing MARK 2A


The scoop design is angled, and I found it performing exceptionally well for checking loose balls. It also has a slightly steeper angle, so I didn’t have to bend low to scoop.

Nike CEO 2 Throat & Siderail
Nike CEO 2 Throat & Siderail (

Moreover, the wider face provided more surface area for strong contact with the opponent’s head during the clamp. For me, a tight channel was somewhat challenging due to the mid-level pocket. 

To overcome it, I  strung the mesh on the inner side of the pocket and looped the sidewalls to create extra grip. As a result, it provided improved ball control while maintaining a legal pocket depth.

The newer plastic makes CEO 2’s sidewalls stiffer than the original. I found them best for delivering strong checks and knocking the ball loose. Despite the stiffness, the Nike CEO 2 face-off lacrosse head maintains an optimal weight of 5 ounces.

Although the strong plastic makes it less flexible, I liked the increased durability and minimal check impact. Besides, I also noticed, that it bends slightly on off-axis contacts. It resulted in a lack of complete face flex even after a break-in. 

Ground Pick-Up And Face-Off 

The Nike CEO 2 lacrosse head’s scoop isn’t as pointed at the top as the CEO’s, making it slightly rounded on the back. It helped me get under the ball quickly and win clean ground ball pickups. However, it does tend to warp more easily, requiring occasional adjustments to maintain its original position.

Nike CEO 2 Scoop
Nike CEO 2 Scoop (

The Nike CEO 2 lacrosse head is designed specifically for face-offs. It helps clamp the ball tight during face-offs but makes the pocket wider than ideal for pure ground ball pickups. I strung it up tighter to create a deeper pocket with more grip.

Altogether, it’s a durable face-off head. The side rails were strong and there was very minimal wear and tear after the whole season. Although stiff, the flexibility improved after the break-in period.

People Also Ask

Is Nike CEO 2 a Face-off Head?

Yes, Nike CEO 2 is a faceoff head from the CEO series. It was released in 2019 after the huge success of the OG CEO faceoff head. The latest Nike faceoff head CEO 3 was released in 2023.

What Makes the Nike CEO 2 Lacrosse Head Ideal for Face-Off Specialists?

The Nike CEO 2 features a shorter throat, wider face, and steeper scoop, providing enhanced control during face-offs and superior ground ball pickups.

How Does the Nike CEO 2 Perform in Terms of Ground Ball Pickups?

The Nike CEO 2 excels in ground ball pickups due to its angled scoop, which allows for a quick and secure collection of ground balls.

What Are the Pros and Cons of the Nike CEO 2 Lacrosse Head?

Pros: Excellent for face-offs, accurate mid-range shots, multiple string holes, and durable plastic. Cons: Requires skill, not suitable for long-range shots, less flexible.

Is the Nike CEO 2 Suitable for All Levels of Play?

Yes, the Nike CEO 2 is suitable for all levels of play and conforms to NCAA and NFHS rules, making it a versatile choice for various players.

How Durable Is the Nike CEO 2 Lacrosse Head?

The Nike CEO 2 is highly durable with its strong plastic construction, showing minimal wear and tear even after a full season of use.

Overall, I liked the Nike CEO 2 lacrosse head for the face-off position. The shorter, narrower throat allows close hand placement during face-offs, enhancing control but potentially limiting shooting power. The sturdy and angled design makes it perfect for powerful checks and easier ground ball pick-ups during face-off. Well, if you still want an alternative, Check out Nike Vapor Pro, Maverik Optik 2.0, STX Stallion 900, or StringKing MARK 2A.

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