Nike CEO 3 Lacrosse Head Review

The Nike CEO 3 lacrosse head was marketed as the most durable face-off specialist head in 2023. Stiffer and more durable than CEO 2, Nike CEO 3 follows the same CEO series design with an even shorter throat and a zero-friction scoop. I couldn’t resist trying it out.

In my review, I have talked about whether the Nike CEO 3 has improved the shooting speed and ground ball pick-ups while maintaining quality or if is it only a cosmetic upgrade.

Nike CEO 3 Lacrosse Head
Nike CEO 3 Lacrosse Head (

Key Features and Specifications

Position Face-off | Midfield
Weight 4.9 ounces
Pocket Location Mid
Stiffness Average 
String Holes Top Holes: 4 | Side Holes: 16 on each side
Face Shape Slightly Wide
Ground Pickup Good
Ball Release On-time
Ease of Use Intermediate | Advanced
Spread on Shot Minimal
Level of Play All
Legality Conforming with NCAA and NFHS Rules
Colors While | Black (Special Color)
Release Year 2023
  • High Durability 
  • Good value for money
  • Sharp shooting accuracy and speed
  • Strong side rails with multiple holes for pocket customization
  • Versatile for midfielders and face-off
  • Long break-in period
  • Uncomfortable throat edges
  • Less flexible for beginners

Nike CEO 3 Lacrosse Head Ranking

I rate the Nike CEO 3 a 8.3/10 on the Drip Meter.

Accuracy of Shot and Pass 9 Passing accuracy is impressive for short ranges. For long ranges, it is somewhat compromised.
Checking 8 Performs exceptionally well for snatching up loose balls and checks. Its stiffer build profile makes it durable.
Ball Security 8 The rigid and sharp angles along all sidewalls help deflect checks on the head andallow for increased ball security.
Catching 8 It is perfect for catching high-speed passes, especially the tricky ones that spin.
Ground Pickup Performance 9 The Nike CEO 3 is great at picking up ground balls with a zero-friction scoop that funnelsground balls into its secure mid pocket.
Faceoff Performance 9 The head has the right amount of rigidity for faceoffs. 
Stringing 8 This head has an average amount of stringing holes allowing for multiple versatile pocket setups.
Durability (Material andThickness) 8 Durable design with the right amount of flexibility and thickness.
Drippiness/Aesthetics/BrandIntegrity 8 Nike has kept the CEO 3 simple and more modern than its predecessor.
Cost  8 Great value for the quality.
Total 8.3/10

Who’s This Head Made For?

Having used the  Nike CEO and CEO 2 for over a couple of years, I was excited when Nike released CEO 3 in the 2023 lacrosse season. When I took it to the field, I realized Nike had improved the quality by adding more stiffness and utility. 

Nike CEO 3 lacrosse head is specifically designed for male midfielders and face-off specialists who demand high performance and durability. It has a shorter throat, zero-friction scoop, and mid pocket with stock stringing for easy ground ball pick-ups and passing. 

To test it, I took it on the field and made a detailed Nike CEO 3 lacrosse head review.The face width resembles the CEO 2. Further, it has improved ball control and shooting accuracy even for long-range shots.

Nike CEO Series
Nike CEO Series (

Accuracy of Shot and Pass 

Adjusting the Nike CEO 3 face-off lacrosse head with the shaft due to its four-screw design troubled me initially, but it didn’t disappoint me on the field.

I liked the face profile of this head. During practice and games, the ball stayed centered, supported by the sturdy side walls. The feedback was good on shots and passes. It gave me a consistent release every time I passed the ball. The face width reduced side-to-side ball movement, improving my shooting ability under pressure.

The sidewalls of the Nike CEO 3 face-off head are stiff, with an added plastic wedge between the rails for more support. Although the top holes are lowered to 4 from 8, 16 side holes allowed me to customize the pocket depth easily. 

The traditional mid-pocket design held a good balance between power, control, and accuracy. It made my shots faster and more accurate compared to CEO 2. Although I thought the stiffness would result in off-center hits, it didn’t. The shooting accuracy was on point. 

Well, this head will surely require a longer break-in for beginners (a couple of weeks). If you’re new to lacrosse and midfield in particular, consider a slightly more flexible head like the CEO 2 or StringKing Mark 2F.

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Catching and Cradling

I found the narrow throat of Nike CEO 3 lacrosse head difficult to adjust for cradling balls. It took me some time to get used to it, especially after playing with a wider head.

However, the ball felt snug, reducing the chance of losing it during checks. The mid pocket provided a secure cradling experience even when I was dodging swiftly through defenders. 

The strong sidewall didn’t even waiver after powerful checks from the opponents. I think this is beneficial for maintaining control and keeping the ball safe through tight spaces. 

Although I bobbled the catch early on, however, that went away after I adjusted to the head’s face profile. Besides, the throat design was also a bit uncomfortable because, at times, the edge kept feeling like piercing through my fingers. 

I wouldn’t recommend it for offensive midfielders who prefer a wider catching channel. The STX Stallion 700 will fit better with a larger surface area to secure the ball.


Nike CEO 3 lacrosse head performed very well in checking opponents. I used it for the whole season, and there were minimal signs of wear and tear whatsoever. Besides, it allowed vigorous & powerful checks with minimal strength. 

The head is also lightweight, weighing 4.9 ounces, yet incredibly durable. It’s also impressive at snapping back into shape after an impactful check. 

Although Nike’s CEO 3 lacrosse head gave good feedback and response to the physical demands of high-level competition, I needed help with loose ball clamping. The face profile provided less room for error. 

Otherwise, its durability is balanced with enough flexibility, making my checks more impactful without compromising control. 

Ground Pick-Up And Face-Off

Nike CEO 3 Scoop
Nike CEO 3 Scoop (

During face-offs, CEO 3’s flexibility and short throat design provided better control and warp resistance, giving me an edge over my opponents. For me, this head is the best of the series.

Ground ball pick-ups and face-offs have always been crucial parts of my game. And with Nike CEO 3 lacrosse head, I managed to snag a few ground balls from midfield that I would have missed with my old head.

The Nike CEO 3 has a zero-friction scoop, which has a smooth design that reduces drag when scooping ground balls. It makes it decent for stand-up scooping with smooth entry and even better for knee-down scooping with quick pick-ups irrespective of the angles.

However, sometimes, the steeper angle of the scoop caused the ball to bounce off the head during pick-ups, particularly on uneven wet turf. My advice would be to be more careful on wet surfaces.

People Also Ask

What Are the Key Features of the Nike CEO 3 Lacrosse Head?

The Nike CEO 3 Lacrosse Head features a stiff design, short throat, zero-friction scoop, and mid pocket. It weighs 4.9 ounces and is suitable for face-off and midfield positions.

How Does the Nike CEO 3 Lacrosse Head Improve Shooting Speed and Accuracy?

The Nike CEO 3’s stiff sidewalls and mid-pocket design enhance ball control and reduce side-to-side movement, resulting in improved shooting speed and accuracy.

Is the Nike CEO 3 Lacrosse Head Suitable for Beginners?

The Nike CEO 3 Lacrosse Head is less flexible and requires a longer break-in period, making it more suitable for intermediate and advanced players rather than beginners.

How Does the Nike CEO 3 Lacrosse Head Perform in Ground Ball Pick-Ups?

The zero-friction scoop on the Nike CEO 3 Lacrosse Head reduces drag, making ground ball pick-ups smoother and more efficient, especially during face-offs.

What is the Nike CEO 3 Release Date?

Nike CEO 3 was released in 2023. Its predecessor CEO 2 was released in 2019.

Overall, Nike CEO 3 is a stiff and stable face-off lacrosse head that doesn’t show any sign of damage even after offensive games. 

My on-field experience with the Nike CEO 3 lacrosse head review suggests that it’s a good trade-off for mid-fielders. Its face profile increased the shooting speed and accuracy with easier ground ball pick-ups. 

However, if you want a flexible head to play within your comfort zone, choose CEO 2, StringKing Mark 2F, or STX Stallion 700. Nike also offers a 60-day return policy to its members.

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