When is the Lacrosse Season

Being a lacrosse fan or an aspirant, one wonders when is the lacrosse season so you don’t miss out on the action. Well, your search ends here. In this article, we will talk about the official lacrosse season start and end dates. We will also discuss the variations of the youth, high school, college, and professional lacrosse seasons.

However, the good news is that you can enjoy lacrosse matches around the year. 

Being the fastest game played on two feet, lacrosse is a year-round sport that people enjoy indoors and outdoors. Be it a college match or a professional league, you can catch lacrosse games any time of the year but mostly in the Spring season.

When is the Lacrosse Season in North America

Lacrosse season dominates the Springtime in North America from late February or early March to the end of May. Lasting for three months, this time frame caters to all sorts of lacrosse games unless they may be affected by unforeseen factors or sudden weather changes.

Variations in the Lacrosse Season Based on Leagues and Levels

Lacrosse season brings a myriad of leagues and tournaments played throughout the world. 

The size of such leagues and the number of participating teams in the tournament contribute to forming the season span. Meaning, shortening or lengthening the lacrosse season depends on the team numbers and league size.

There are four tiers of lacrosse,

Lacrosse season variations
Lacrosse season variations (https://laxdrip.com/)

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Youth Lacrosse

Youth lacrosse includes local leagues with basic rules played by youngsters under 8-14 years from early spring to early summer for skill development about teamwork, and sportsmanship.

Rules Simplified rules to accommodate younger players, focusing on skill development and safety.
Gameplay Emphasis on learning fundamental skills, teamwork, and sportsmanship rather than intense competition.

High School Lacrosse

High school lacrosse includes high school leagues that follow the standard lacrosse rules. It is played by teenagers of age 14-18 for skill refinement, and strategy learning for potential college play.

Rules Follows standard lacrosse rules with some adaptations for high school-level play.
Gameplay More competitive than youth leagues, with a focus on skill refinement, team strategies, and player development for potential college play.

If you're a high school lacrosse fanatic wondering how long is lacrosse season, you’d be happy to know that High School Lacrosse Season goes all year round. No matter if it’s summer, spring, or fall season, high school lacrosse teams keep playing various regular matches randomly.

College Lacrosse

Includes NCAA-level lacrosse leagues and club games following hard and fast NCAA rules, played by regular lacrosse teams for learning advanced tactics, and rigorous training.

Rules Follows NCAA rules, which may have some differences from high school or youth league rules.
Gameplay Highly competitive with skilled players, advanced tactics, and rigorous training. Division I is the most competitive level.

For 100% accurate information about when is lacrosse season or how long is lacrosse season, keep on checking the updated club schedules and attend individual conferences.

Professional Lacrosse

Includes professional lacrosse leagues following firm lacrosse rules and regulations, played by professional top-level lacrosse players known internationally for fast-paced action and high-level strategies.

Rules Follows standard lacrosse rules with some league-specific variations.
Gameplay Features top-level players from around the world, with fast-paced action and high-level strategies.

There are often questions that ‘Is lacrosse a fall sport?’ Not primarily but the answer is ‘Yes'. You don't have to sit and wait till Spring to watch and play your favorite game. 

You can easily find various off-season lacrosse programs going at full force in the fall season.

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Professional Lacrosse League Season

We have curated a list of the best lacrosse professional league dates of the previous years. 

Premier Lacrosse League Duration

Premier Lacrosse League (PLL) showcases outdoor lacrosse where teams travel to play a tour-based tournament commencing in the fall, from June to September. 

Season Start Date End Date
2023 June 3 September 24
2022 June 4 September 18
2021 June 4 September 19
2020 July 25 August 9
2019 June 1 September 21

National Lacrosse League Duration

The National Lacrosse League (NLL) hosts box lacrosse games, meaning an intense series of indoor lacrosse games mostly in the winter season, primarily from December to June or early August.

Season Start Date End Date
2023-24 December 1 June (TBD)
2022-23 December 2 June 3
2021-22 December 3 June 18
2020-21 Postponed Postponed
2019-20 November 29 March 12

United Women's Lacrosse League Duration

United Women's Lacrosse League (UWLX) showcases top female athletes in sports and empowers them to participate in lacrosse competitions from June to July.

Season Start Date End Date
2023 June 3 July 29
2022 June 4 July 30
2021 June 5 July 31
2020 Canceled Canceled
2019 June 1 July 28

Athletic Unlimited Pro Lacrosse Duration

Athletic Unlimited Pro Lacrosse promotes female athletes to showcase their lacrosse skills advancing women's sports from July to August. The league started in 2021.

Season Start Date End Date
2023 July 20 August 13
2022 July 18 August 14
2021 July 23 August 27

Women's Professional Lacrosse League Duration

The Women's Professional Lacrosse League (WPLL) was another famous league, however, the league ceased in 2020 and shut down in 2021.

Key Events During Lacrosse Season

The following are the most important events and matches in a lacrosse season.

  • NCAA Men's and Women's Lacrosse Championship
  • Premier Lacrosse League (PLL) Playoffs
  • National Lacrosse League (NLL) Finals
  • High School State Championships
  • Major League Lacrosse (MLL) Championship
  • Athletic Unlimited Pro Lacrosse (AUPL) Championship
  • College Rivalry Games like Duke vs. North Carolina or Maryland vs. Johns Hopkins

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Most Successful Lacrosse Teams

The following are some of the most successful teams of different levels. These teams have consistently performed at a high level within their respective levels of competition.

Most Successful Lacrosse Teams
Most Successful Lacrosse Teams (https://laxdrip.com/)

Impact of Weather and Other Factors on Lacrosse Season

Although your diehard love and fan support are all that's needed to carry on the Lacrosse season, weather poses an equally opposite counterattack. 

Severe weather conditions like storms, heavy rains, snowfall, or extreme heat strokes can lead to game cancellations or rescheduling. It further affects player performance by making fields slippery or hard to play.

Additionally, global crises, such as pandemics or natural disasters, can also disrupt the usual lacrosse season schedules, leading to cancellations or travel restrictions.

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Tips for Players, Coaches, and Fans During the Lacrosse Season

Players need to maintain healthy nutrition, hydration, and proper physical and mental well-being. They should engage themselves in consistent training to polish skills like stick handling, shooting, and defensive techniques.

However, the coaches should keep the players motivated throughout the season. They should offer constructive feedback and build core values of trust, respect, and teamwork

It’s all about the fans, isn’t it? The fans should keep on supporting their teams irrespective of the results and appreciate the game of lacrosse. Celebrate the wins and hold your ground during losses. 

A victory dance brings no harm.

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Excitement Around the Lacrosse Season

Lacrosse season brings excitement and opportunities for fans, players, and coaches alike. 

Sarah, who has been supporting the Philadelphia Waterdogs for years says,

“What makes lacrosse season special is the sense of community and excitement that fills the air. There's a shared passion and energy that brings everyone together.”

Sarah, Philadelphia Waterdogs Supporter

Whereas the players also feel the buzz around the lacrosse season irrespective of the level. Emily, a high school lacrosse player says, 

“Lacrosse season is special because it's a time when we come together as a team, pushing each other to be the best we can be. The bond we share both on and off the field is something truly unique and irreplaceable.”

Emily- High School Lacrosse Player

Coach Smith from the College Lacrosse level says that the lacrosse season has a life of its own. He thinks, 

“The lacrosse season is a journey of growth, resilience, and mutual support. It's about instilling a love for the game in my players and watching them develop not only as athletes but as individuals.”

Coach Smith

People Also Ask

When Is the Lacrosse Season?

The lacrosse season typically runs from late February or early March to the end of May in America, dominating the Springtime. However, lacrosse matches can be enjoyed year-round, with indoor and outdoor games available throughout the year.

When Is the Lacrosse Season in America?

The lacrosse season in America spans from late February or early March to the end of May, lasting for approximately three months. This timeframe accommodates various lacrosse games, although some matches may be affected by unforeseen factors or sudden weather changes.

What Are the Variations in the Lacrosse Season Based on Leagues and Levels?

The lacrosse season varies based on different leagues and levels, including youth, high school, college, and professional tiers. Season lengths depend on factors such as the number of participating teams, league size, and regional variations.

Is Lacrosse Season All Year Round?

While the peak of the lacrosse season is in the spring, with matches typically played from late February to May, lacrosse activities can be enjoyed throughout the year. High school lacrosse teams, for example, may continue playing matches during the summer, spring, or fall seasons.

How Long Does Each Tier of Lacrosse Season Last?

The duration of lacrosse seasons varies across different tiers:

Youth: Typically from early spring to early summer.
High School: Varies by region but often runs from late winter/early spring to late spring or early summer.
College: Spans from late winter to late spring, culminating in championship tournaments.
Professional: Runs from spring to late summer, featuring regular season games followed by playoffs.

Now that you know when is the lacrosse season and its duration for multiple levels and leagues, it’s time to pick up your gear to play or support your favorite teams. 

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