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Why You Need To Be Wearing Eye Black To Every Game

Most professional sports teams leverage the psychological advantage of eyeblack. The generations before us used face paint to strike fear into their adversaries during tribal conflicts by mimicking natural predators such as eagles, leopards, and cheetahs. Sharp lines enhance an athlete’s appearance, allowing them to embody the aggression, focus, and strength of the predator they imitate.

Research indicates teams who make a ritual out of eye black exhibit better communication and thus execute complex plays more effectively. Teammates are more easily recognized, and a sense of camaraderie is shared. 

Eye Black Designs

Eye Black Designs Can Get Your Team Disqualified

The most prominent American high school league, the NFHS, states in Rule 2, Section 17: “Eye Black Must be one solid stroke with no logos / numbers / letters and shall not extend further than the width of the eye socket or below the cheekbone.” The debate surrounding this rule has prompted players like the “Drip King” to post designs to test the limitations of the rules. Luckily, college lacrosse leagues give their players more creative freedom as long as their eye black designs are not offensive or harmful.

The women’s high school leagues have to adhere to the same NFHS eye black rules. Since the players don’t wear a helmet, their eye black designs have a more profound effect on the psyche of players on the field. While uncommon, referees can make a judgment call on whether the design is unsportsmanlike. Typically a warning is given, but in extreme cases, your team can be disqualified. 

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1) Waterproof: iSplack Eye Black




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iSplack Eye Black is a long lasting product that can stay on your face all day during games and can prevent irritated skin due to the natural ingredients, like beeswax. It is more expensive than other products due to its high quality. The durable formula ensures that your design stays impeccable for a full game day, also guaranteeing the product will have longevity, decreasing the need for repurchasing.

A unique quality of this eye black is the variety of colors it comes in. There’s the classic black, but also fun colors like pink, green, red, and blue. This can make your game day design tailored to your team or for special events.

2) Stickers: Franklin Sports Eye Black Stickers with Pencil




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Franklin Sports eye black stickers are perfect if you want a quick and easy solution to applying and removing eye black. They stick on your cheeks and last all game day sweat. They are the perfect size for all ages. This pack also comes with a white pencil so you can draw a design or phrase on each sticker.

3) Fine Tip: Franklin Eye Black Thin




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Franklin Sports eye black stick comes in handy for game day when you want to have a detailed design. Using the thin point you can make creative designs as seen here. The quality of the eye black isn’t as durable as other products, but can get the job done.

4) Glow In The Dark: CCBeauty Neon Face Paint

DRIP METER: 8.5/10



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If you want a unique look while still retaining a durable sweatproof formula, this CCBeauty Neon Eye Black is the perfect choice. It has amazing longevity with five glow in the dark colors and 19 bright shades ranging from green to blue to pink, making matching your team colors a breeze.

5) Best MultiColor: Franklin Tri-Color




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Franklin Sports product creates a three line color block that comes in red, white, and blue design and three shades of blue and red. It’s an easy to use and remove product that can add a unique feel to your game day. On some skin tones, the colors do not appear as vibrant which should be taken into consideration. Additionally, it comes with a carabiner so you can snap it to your bag and never lose it. 

6) Best Eye Black Removal: iSplack Clean Sweep Face Wipes



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The iSplack eye black removal wipes are perfect to use after practice or a game day to remove eye black quickly and easily. Design mistakes can be erased with a clean sweep. This product can prevent skin irritation by avoiding scrubbing stubborn eye black.


 Top 30 Eye Black Designs

1. The Drip king

The Drip king

2. Harry potter

Harry potter

3. Classic Tom Brady

Classic Tom Brady

4. Triangles


5. Stickers


6. Pirate


7. Double Decker

Double Decker

8. Joker


9. Tebow


10. Adidas


11. Claw


12. Mustach


13. Paul Rabil

Paul Rabil

14. Racoon / Grad Student

Racoon / Grad Student

15. Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday

16. Tear Drop

Tear Drop

17. Beard


18. Mutant Turtle

Mutant Turtle

19. 21 Savage (Issa Knife)

21 Savage (Issa Knife)

20. Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo

21. Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson

22. Eyeliner


23. Purge


24. Prince Zuko

Prince Zuko

25. Two Faced

Two Faced

26. Good Boy

Good Boy

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