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About Epoch

Epoch Lacrosse is a U.S. design and technology company committed to exclusively creating the highest-performing lacrosse equipment made and manufactured in the U.S. Through its innovation lab in Minneapolis, Epoch Lacrosse incorporates high-tech practices into its production including 3D printing and utilizing carbon fiber. In addition to Epoch Lacrosse’s use of technology, the design of their shafts is leading the lacrosse industry and are growing in popularity among players.

In This Guide

Best Epoch Heads

Epoch offers a wide selection of lacrosse heads for everyone from beginners to pros & attackmen to goalies. Epoch's top-tier heads are consistently used by colleges across the nation thanks to their consistent performance.



Showcases Speed and Control, Built for elite offense



A Balance of Speed and Power, best all around middle head

ID Vision Head


Sophisticated design for Elite U14+



Engineering for speed, power, and control

Best Epoch Shafts

Like most other lacrosse equipment, Epoch has long been one of the most respected shaft manufacturers in the game. They have both metal and carbon fiber shafts for attackmen & middies, defensemen, and goalies.

Dragonfly Elite III X30


Carbon Fiber shaft built for elite players

Dragonfly Elite III E30


Combination of Feel and Control, carbon fiber shaft

Dragonfly Elite III C30


Trusted by players at every level, the ultimate choice

Dragonfly Pro III Defense


Built for the strongest defensive players on the field

Best Epoch Complete Sticks

Complete lacrosse sticks are great for beginners and intermediate players because you can get a whole stick that is already put together with one purchase. Note that the most advanced heads & shafts usually aren't included in complete sticks.

Z-One Pro Men's Complete


Smooth release with Speed and Control

iD Complete


Perfect for advancing your game to the next level

Best Epoch Gloves

Epoch offers some of the most advanced lacrosse gloves in the game as well as options for youth and beginner players including the Surgeon, Cell, and Stallion lines.

Integra Select Glove


Dual Density Foam and an Extended Cuff, One-piece palm for better feel

Integra Pro Goalie Gloves


All the benefits of the Integra and more for Goalies

iD Player Gloves


Lightweight and Comfortable, Flexibility keeps hands nimble

Best Epoch Protectors

If you are looking for shoulder pads, liners, or a chest protector (for goalies), Epoch has got you covered. They offer a variety of options for varying ages and coverage preferences. Shoulder pads are a bit bulkier than liners but offer more protection.

Integra X Arm Guards


For the elite box player looking to up their game

Cell 5 Liner


Thermoplastic shells and foam for maximum protection

Integra X Elite Bicep Pads


increased protection with a hard shell exterior.

Integra Elite Shoulder Pads


Streamlined fit, high-level protection, and pure comfort.

Integra Elite D-Caps


Hard-shell cap and composite material for unrivaled protection

Integra Elite Arm Pads


Gives elite players the protection and comfort they need

Women's Sticks

Epoch is also one of the best women's lacrosse equipment manufacturers and colleges across the nation use their products to compete. Below you can see our top picks for their best women's sticks.

Purpose 10 Alloy


 Epoch’s patent pending 10-degree bottom rail

Purpose 15 Complete


Epoch’s Purpose™ 15-degree head