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The importance of lacrosse gloves cannot be understated.

Aside from adding to your style and flare on the field, gloves connect you to your stick and protect the part of your body that is checked the most.

This guide will break down the best lacrosse gloves available today, and give you some major tips on how to find the perfect pair for you.

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Best Lacrosse Gloves

As stated in the intro, there are multiple things to look out for when deciding how good a glove it, such as protection, mobility, and feel.

Like all lacrosse equipment, we researched the lacrosse glove market to find the options that best balance these factors by weighing consumer reviews, manufacturing specs, cost, brand precedent, and more.

Note: If you are looking specifically for goalie gloves, check out our guide to the best goalie lacrosse gloves.

6 Best Lacrosse Gloves:

  1. STX Surgeon RZR Glove
  2. Warrior QX Glove
  3. Maverik M5 Glove
  4. Epoch Integra Elite Glove
  5. Maverik Max Glove
  6. Epoch Integra Select Glove

1) STX Surgeon RZR Glove

Key Details

  • Best for: Flexibility, Slash protection
  • Colors: Black, White, White/Navy, White/Red, White/Royal
  • Features:
    • 2nd SKIN for hold responsiveness
    • Super Flex design for mobility and protection
    • DFLKT tech for thumb and back hand protection
    • Taper Fit for a snug fit

STX comes in hot at #1 with the Surgeon RZR glove—the newest addition to the glove repertoire of one of the leading lacrosse companies.

The Surgeon quite literally breaks the mould by cutting out the traditional bulk of lacrosse gloves in a single, continuous piece design that promotes a lightweight (possibly the lightest glove on the market) and flexible feel.

When it comes to connection with your stick, the Taper Fit implemented through the fingers provides a snug feel to match the minimalist stitching through the palm that promotes responsiveness. Basically, the Surgeon blurs the membrane between palm and handle.

With all this in mind, the Surgeon does not skimp on protectiveness. Reinforcement through the thumb and back hand gives you superior protection from those dreaded slash checks.

The overall glowing nature of feedback on the Surgeon RZR is pretty crazy with the only knock being the price point across the board—this complete package and cutting edge tech comes at a serious cost, but it is very worth it if you can afford it.



2) Warrior QX Glove

Drip Level: 5/5

Warrior QX Lacrosse Glove

Key Details

  • Best for: Stick feel, Back hand protection
  • Colors: White
  • Features:
    • AXYFLEX tech for wrist mobility
    • Authentic Pro Palm+ for comfort and feel
    • Impax high density foam for protection
    • Wartech Liner for ventilation

The newest glove from one of the most respected lacrosse brands, Warrior, comes in at #2 on our list of the best lacrosse gloves. The stripped down, no frills EVO QX gloves provide amazing feel and great protection.

The EVO QX boasts one of the best palms on the market and AXYFLEX mobility tech in the wrist to keep you in ultimate control of your spoon no matter if you’re checking, dodging, or shooting.

The use of high-density foam pinpointed to key impact areas keeps the glove lightweight without sacrificing protection. If you tend to get sweaty palms when you play, the Wartech Liner will wick away that moisture buildup to keep you nice and dry.

The only real knocks on the EVO QX are anything but impactful to the gloves’ functionality—there is a notable lack of consumer feedback since these gloves were just recently released. Additionally, if you like to take the field in a certain color scheme or aesthetic, there is a definite lack of customization to these bad boys.

Overall, if you’re a player that values a glove that performs well, protects you, and doesn’t have a super flashy exterior, the EVO QX is a perfect glove for you.



3) Maverik M5 Glove

Drip Level: 4.8/5

Maverik M5 Glove

Key Details

  • Best for: Comfort, Ventilation
  • Colors: White, Gray, Black
  • Key Features:
    • Quickdry liner evaporates sweat
    • FLOWCOOL venting tech for comfort
    • AxSuede provides soft yet durable feel
    • Adjustable cuff for custom fit

The Maverik M5 was released in 2021 to replace one of the most popular lacrosse gloves in recent memory—the M4. The M5 builds on many of the great things that so many players loved about the M4. 

FLOWCOOL venting and the quickdry liner throughout promote moisture wicking and comfort—both being invaluable on the field especially if you find yourself playing into the dog days of summer.

The AxSuede palm provides a soft, comfortable feel that won't deteriorate over time. The mesh palm also allows air in, helping your hands stay dry.

Unlike some other options, the M5 comes with an adjustable cuff that let's you control the fit.

On the downside, the M5 is a new glove for 2021, meaning that there are limited customer reviews, especially when it comes to the longterm durability of the glove.



4) Epoch Integra Elite Glove

Key Details

  • Best for: Natural fit and feel, Flexibility
  • Colors: White, Gray, Black
  • Key Features:
    • Ariaprene material for a “second skin” feel
    • Player Core Control for protection and odor reduction
    • Composite Material and Dual Density Foam for flexibility
    • One-piece palm for improved handling

You may think of Epoch as sort of an indie outfit when it comes to equipment but they are definitely punching up in weight class when it comes to the Integra Elite gloves.

The Integra Elites were highly rated across the board when considering direct consumer feedback with bonus points for comfort and flexibility. The use of Ariaprene gives a very naturalistic, toned-down feel to the glove that couples with the composite and foam construction providing great mobility.

The Player Core Control inherent to Epoch’s padding makes an appearance here as well to promote moisture and odor protection—the latter cannot be overlooked cause if there was a mortal enemy to gloves, it’s the smell.

This was another glove that required some stretching to find a con—the muted color options are the most apparent knock. The glove employs a suede palm as well so there’s some room for growth in terms of stick feel, but they have eliminated any stitching/seams to improve connectivity.

Ultimately, the Integra Elite is a great glove if you’re looking for value—it boasts top of the line protection and feel on a more affordable end of the pricing spectrum.



5) Maverik Max Glove

Key Details

  • Best for: Overall protection
  • Colors: Black, White, Gray
  • Key Features:
    • DuraStretch panels for flexibility
    • Flowcool venting for comfort
    • Triple density foam for back hand protection
    • SharkGel inserts for thumb protection
    • Magnetic cuff for snag prevention

The Max in Maverik’s latest glove stands for maximum protection, and that’s exactly what you get.

Triple density foam coupled with SharkGel inserts at high-impact areas provide unmatched protection to your thumb and back hand. Even with the added padding, the DuraStretch design gives the glove flexibility through the fingers.

The Magnetic cuff is a highlight as it allows customization to your focus as a player; namely, you can adjust the fit between protectiveness and mobility depending upon your preference.

But the Max has its issues, durability being at the forefront as the life expectancy of these gloves has been noted in months rather than years. Additionally, the feel/connectivity to stick has been noted as lacking even after some time spent breaking these gloves in.

Still, the Max is a solid option for those players who do not prioritize feel as much as they do protection.



6) Epoch Integra Select Gloves

Key Details

  • Best: Affordability
  • Colors: Black, Gray, White
  • Key Features:
    • Dual Density Foam Stack for protection
    • Ax Suede one-piece palm for feel
    • Adjustable wrist for customization
    • Extended cuff for protection

Epoch makes the list for a second time with another quality pair of gloves but at an even more affordable price with the Integra Select.

The Integra Select employs much of the same tech as the Elites but tones down some material and design specs to cut costs. Like the Elite, it uses Dual Density Foam to provide top of the line protection without sacrificing flexibility or bulking up the weight.

Consumer feedback on the durability of the glove is mixed, but the pendulum seems to swing more towards it being good.

Like the Elites, you do have to stretch for the negatives with the same muted color options being one. Some reviews note that the gloves do run small so you may want to keep this mind before you checkout.

As the most affordable option on this list, the Integra Select appears cheap only in price and not quality. This is a great glove to consider for those players on a tight budget or just entering the game.



Best Beginner & Youth Lacrosse Gloves

With the start of adult standard sizing being around 12” for gloves, youth sizing is critical to a proper fit for any young laxer entering the sport.

Beyond size, youth gloves tend to strip down some of the protective qualities that are not needed at the lower levels of the game to promote flexibility and mobility instead. This is important when it comes to simply familiarizing yourself with the movements of lacrosse such as cradling and throwing.

For reference, the normal transition age from youth to adult-sized gloves is around 11 years old or at a hand length of 7” from the bottom of your palm to the top of your middle finger. DO NOT buy gloves a size bigger than you or your player needs under the guise that they will grow into them—this will severely hamper performance and development.

Best Youth Lacrosse Gloves:

  1. Maverik MX Glove
  2. Epoch iD JR Glove
  3. Warrior Burn Next Jr Glove

1) Maverik MX Glove

Drip Level: 4.2/5

Maverik MX Glove

The Maverik MX has a traditional design that will help familiarize your young player with the proper feel of a glove. In terms of protection, the MX uses some of the tech found in its adult counterpart to provide extra security around critical impact zones. The MX so closely mirrors the larger Max and M4 that the transition from youth to adult sizing will not be as abrupt.

2) Epoch iD JR Glove

Drip Level: 4.2/5

Epoch iD JR Glove

For as stripped down as Epoch’s adult gloves are, the iD JR sports a clunkier, more traditional design that lacks the paneling of its higher end products. This makes the glove functional without pushing the boundaries of innovation. Still, the iD JR is durable and protective at an extremely affordable price point to make it a great first glove for your young player.

3) Warrior Burn Next Jr Glove

Drip Level: 4/5

Warrior Burn Next Jr Glove

The Burn Next Glove Jr. is a throwback to Warrior’s older line of gloves that more closely fit the youth market. This is the bare bones of design and elements, providing ample protection without the frills of more high-end gloves on the market. There is no cuff or string element to adjust the wrist fit as noted in some reviews so this is worth keeping in mind before purchasing. This is an ultra affordable entry level glove, though.

Lacrosse Glove Buying Guide

Before venturing out on your own to find the gloves that fit you (figuratively and literally), here are some elements to consider before clicking BUY:

1) Protection

Protection is easily the most important thing to consider when buying a glove. If it wasn’t, everyone would be running around with their bare hands, right?

A great glove provides protection without you even noticing it. The number of beatings your gloves will take over the course of a given game can be immeasurable depending upon where you are on the field.

You want a glove that provides extra protection along the thumb, especially at the base of your hand, as this is a high impact spot during ground balls and for those desperation swings from defenders when you’re mid-cradle.

The back of your hand is another point of focus. You want layers of protection to guard against the inevitable checks, purposeful pokes, and those wayward slashes that could ruin your day…or month with a broken bone.

Extra cuff length is another valuable bonus, especially for those players that find themselves in faceoffs regularly. The slash to the wrist is as inherent to the sport as anything else so the added protection will be appreciated.

2) Comfort & Flexibility

This comes at a close second to protection. As stated earlier, the connection between palm and stick is hugely important to your success on the field.

Let’s start with the palm: you want something that is less of a noticeable layer and more of a membrane between your palm and stick. Normally, this will be suede but we are beginning to see companies make advancements in material. You want something with minimal stitching and a thin construction that gives you the ultimate feel on your stick.

On the flip side of your hand, you want a glove that promotes dexterity of your fingers. Higher-end gloves on the market will employ design quirks such as paneling to allow the ultimate range of motion to your fingers.

And finally the wrist: look for an adjustable cuff element that will prove valuable to customize the fit of your glove to your preference; namely, protectiveness versus flexibility.

3) Breathability

Moisture wicking technology. Advanced ventilation. Breathable material. These are some of the buzzwords/elements to keep an eye out for when looking for gloves.

In play, breathability is majorly important to keeping your hands dry and avoid any further weighing down of your movements thanks to a build up of sweat. This helps promote that all important connection of palm to stick as well.

Beyond play (and what some would say is most important), breathability is a major tool in fighting against the dreaded smell that comes with an aging pair of gloves. Companies like Epoch have begun experimenting with added elements such as embedded coffee grounds to help promote odor prevention as well.

Keeping sweat off your hands and out of your gloves will not just be appreciated by you on the field but everyone else off it.

4) Durability

Gloves are an expensive investment so it would be best to get multiple seasons out of a pair and not continue to have to dip into your pocket year after year.

When on the hunt for a pair of lacrosse gloves, material is key to durability. Look for gloves that do not skimp on the highest level of palm and outer material to prevent any wear inherent to usage.

Another important element is stitching. The less “pieces” to a glove, the longer it will likely last as it will not have the usual points of vulnerability. STX made a major leap with this generation of gloves by breaking the mould quite literally with a single continuous exterior piece. It’s elements such as this that will ensure years of use.

Lastly, you want to look for the least external elements that could wear down. You’ll find this in the wrist cuffing, for instance, that may depend upon velcro for security. Something like velcro can wear down quickly and ultimately diminish the quality of your glove.

5) Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are worth major consideration before you splurge on gloves.

Do your due diligence and seek out every website and resource you can for some first hand input on how any of the above four elements are for a given product. Other users can provide actual feedback to the wear and performance of a glove.

Additionally, reviews can be helpful in finding out any quirks to a glove’s fit or the buying process. Such feedback can be helpful in avoiding the pitfalls that may have ensnared other customers.

And don’t forget to leave your own review for whatever gloves you choose. It’s always good practice to pay it forward.

6) Budget

Find something that fits your budget…this is easier said than done when it comes to gloves but still worthy of consideration.

Always keep in mind that if you’re cutting costs now, you’re likely giving up something in the future, whether it be the durability or extra protection of a more expensive glove. Pinpoint where exactly a product is saving you money and consider the implications of that cost-cutting to your safety and wallet in the long run.

Lacrosse Gloves Size Chart

If you are unsure which size goalie glove to buy, the following table may be able to help you out. This general information comes from I suggest you read the manufacturer’s site to see if their size suggestions differ.



















You can also print out a glove sizing page that you can place your hand on to see your ideal size here.

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