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About Maverik

In 2005, professional lacrosse players John Gagliardi and Jay Jalbert started Maverik—a lacrosse equipment company. Since then, Maverik has grown into one of the largest and most respected lacrosse companies in the game. They produce gear for players of all ages and skill levels, and their equipment is used by colleges and professionals across the nation.

In This Guide

Maverik Lacrosse Heads

Maverik offers a wide selection of lacrosse heads for everyone from beginners to pros & attackmen to goalies. Maverik's top-tier heads are consistently used by colleges across the nation thanks to their consistent performance.

Optik 2.0

Maverik Optik 2.0 front angle

Maverik's newest elite head for attackmen for 2021

Tactik 2.0

Maverik Tactik 2.0

One of the best overall midfield heads available

Kinetik 2.0

maverik lock head

Another elite head designed for outside shooters

Tank 2.0

Maverik Tank 2.0 Front

Maverik's newest heavy-duty defensive head for 2021


Maverik Havok 2

The perfect head for LSMs & D players that carry the ball a lot


maverik lock head

Maverik's faceoff-specific head designed to grab the ball at the X

Maverik Lacrosse Shafts

Maverik offers a TON of different high-quality lacrosse shafts for players to choose from—including both metal and carbon fiber options. They are constantly coming up with new technologies to produce some of the strongest and lightest shafts in the game.


Maverik Hyperlite white

This carbon fiber shaft is Maverik's lightest shaft ever



A unique, hollowed-out carbon fiber shaft


Maverik A1 Goalie Shaft

A lightweight & strong Scandium shaft



Maverik's lightest metal shaft is one of its best

Hypercore Defense

Maverik Hypercore Defense

A unique, hollowed-out carbon fiber shaft

Caliber Defense

Caliber Defense

A strong & durable defensive shaft

Wonderboy Defense


One of Maverik's longest-running shafts

A1 Goalie


A solid shaft for keepers everywhere

Maverik Complete Sticks

Complete lacrosse sticks are great for beginners and intermediate players because you can get a whole stick that is already put together with one purchase. Note that the most advanced heads & shafts usually aren't included in complete sticks.

Tactik Carbon

Tactik Carbon

The Tacktik head on a carbon shaft

Critik ST


A great youth stick for beginners to learn with



One of the most popular youth sticks

Charger Defense

maverik lacrosse mens charger defense stick

The popular youth stick in D form

Maverik Lacrosse Gloves

Maverik offers a variety of lacrosse gloves for all skill levels including the popular M, Rome, Max, and MX lines. The M4 was one of the most widely used gloves in 2020 and has been updated with the M5 for 2021.


maverik m5 glove white

Maverik's updated version of the M4 glove



One of Maverik's most popular gloves


MMaverik Rome Glove White

An elite glove with a cuffless design


Maverik Max Lacrosse Gloves

Designed for maximum protection


Maverik MX Glove

An entry-level glove great for beginners



Another solid option for youth players

M5 Goalie

Maverik lacrosse goalie gloves M5

Maverik's new goalie glove for the 2021 season

Max Goalie

Maverik Max Goalie Gloves Angle

Maximum protection to keep goalies' thumbs safe

Maverik Arm Pads

Maverik also offers a variety of arm guards and elbow pads including options for attackmen (typically arm guards), middies (typically arm pads), and defensemen (typically elbow pads).

M5 Arm Pad

Maverik M5 Arm Pad

Maverik's newest arm pad with medium protection

Max Arm Guard

Maverik Max Lacrosse Arm Guards

An arm guard designed for maximum protection

Max Arm Pad


The Max arm pad with medium protection

Max Elbow Pad

Maverik Max Lacrosse Elbow Pads

The elbow pad version of the Max line

Rome Arm Guard

Maverik Rome Arm Pad White

A flexible & protective option for attackmen

Rome Arm Pads

Maverik Rome Arm Pad White

A favorite of middies & LSMs offering medium protection

Rome Elbow Pads

Maverik Rome EP White

A low-profile option for defenders

Charger Arm Pads


A great youth arm pad for youth players

Maverik Shoulder Pads & Chest Protectors

If you are looking for shoulder pads, liners, or a chest protector (for goalies), Maverik has a variety of options that all meet the new NOCSAE standards that go into effect this year (2021: goalie chest protectors) or next year (2022: shoulder pads).

M5 EKG Shoulder Pad

M5 EKG Speed Pad

Maverik's newest shoulder pad that meets the NOCSAE ND200 standard

M5 EKG Speed Pad

M5 EKG Shoulder Pad

The slimmed down version of Maverik's newest shoulder protection

Max EKG Shoulder Pad

Max EKG Shoulder Pad

A shoulder pad with a bit more protection than the M5 line

Max EKG Speed Pad

Maverik Max EKG Speed Lacrosse Shoulder Pad - '25 Model Back

The liner version of the popular Max line of protection

MX EKG Shoulder Pad

Maverik Max EKG Shoulder Pad

A more affordable shoulder pad that still meets the ND200 standard

Maverik Charger EKG

Maverik Charger EKG Youth Shoulder Pad Front

A shoulder pad for youth players that meets NOCSAE standards

Maverik Women's Heads

Maverik manufactures women's lacrosse heads for players from the beginner to the elite skill levels. Their heads are trusted by many colleges across the nation.


Maverik Ascent Unstrung White

One of the most advanced women's heads

Axiom Vertex

Axiom Vertex White

An elite head designed for consistency

Axiom Vertex Mesh

Maverik Axiom Black Vertex Mesh

The Axiom head with a hybrid pocket


maverik erupt head

An intermediate head for girls with a hybrid pocket

Maverik Women's Shafts

It's not just women's heads that Maverik manufactures; they also offer quality shafts that are some of the most popular in the game.


Maverik Ascent Black Rosegold

A strong, lightweight carbon fiber shaft for the elite midfielder


Maverik Alta Shaft Gold

A carbon fiber shaft with Tactical Grip for better handling in all weather conditions


MAverik Axiom Shaft blue

A carbon fiber shaft with a molded butt end and matte finish