Best Women’s and Girls’ Lacrosse Goggles

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The game of lacrosse is an extremely fast-moving and fun sport to play and watch. However, with such a rapid pace to the game and rules allowing for such physical contact, there is a lot of potential for injury.

Unlike men that wear an assortment of pads and a full helmet, the only gear that women wear is a pair of goggles. Given that this is the only thing in between your eyes and the butt-end of someone’s stick or a hard ball whipped at your face, it’s crucial to find a protective pair.

The best women’s lacrosse goggles are not only protective but also are barely noticeable when playing. You should feel safe and comfortable in your goggles, as well as having a full field of vision when playing.

A Note About SEI-Compliant Women’s Lacrosse Goggles

One important note before you begin your search for the right pair of lacrosse goggles: as of January 1st 2020, every girls’ and women’s league in the U.S. requires eyewear that is certified by the SEI (Safety Equipment Institute) and meets the ASTM Standard F3077-2017. In 2025, a physical SEI mark on the goggles will be required for high schoolers, as well.

Goggles and headgear released prior to 2018 may not meet these new standards released in 2020.

Simply put, if you are buying a new pair of women’s lacrosse goggles, make sure they meet the SEI and ASTM standards.

Rest assured that all of the goggles featured on this page meet these standards and should be legal for the foreseeable future.

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Best Women’s & Girls’ Lacrosse Goggles

We dove into the top products from all of the major lacrosse equipment companies to find the best women’s and girls’ lacrosse goggles on the market today.

To find the best goggles and headgear, we looked at protection, comfort, durability, customer reviews, and cost.

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1) STX Focus-S Ti+ Goggle

#1 Best Overall

Drip Level: 5/5

Key Details

  • Colors: Black, Navy/Graphite, Red/Graphite, Graphite/Black
  • Features:
    • Lightweight
    • Minimal double bar design improves visibility
    • Titanium cage provides high strength-to-weight ratio

The STX Focus-S Ti+ Goggle comes in as the best overall goggle on our list thanks to its extreme durability, light weight, and comfort. This goggle is also the preferred option for countless Division 1 programs throughout the country.

The design of the cage itself is minimalistic, allowing for premium visibility and better viewing angles.

The durability of this model is not to be questioned, having been built with a strong titanium cage, which is both sturdy and surprisingly light.

Most other goggles are primarily made with steel, however since titanium is not only stronger than steel, but lighter as well, this makes the STX Focus-S Ti+ Goggle an absolute no-brainer for any elite women’s player.

The downside to these goggles is that they are expensive. With the highest quality materials usually comes the highest price—and these are no exception.

Overall, if you are not on a budget and you are simply looking for the absolute best product on the market, look no further than this amazing option.



2) STX Focus XV-S Goggle

#2 Best Overall

Drip Level: 4.9/5

Key Details

  • Colors: Black, Carolina, Graphite, Navy, Red, Royal Blue
  • Features:
    • Low profile double bar cage design for improved visibility
    • Comes with a form-fitting silicone padding that doesn’t absorb sweat
    • For ages 13+

The STX Focus XV-S Goggle is another exceptional option for competitive players, as well as young players looking to take their game to the next level. 

Elite players tend to gravitate to these and the Focus-S Ti+ because they provide amazing visibility thanks to their distinctive cage designs.

The Focus XV-S also comes with uniquely built silicone padding along the top of the frame, which does not absorb any sweat or moisture, making them easy to clean and durable.

The low-profile double bar cage design offers extra visibility, and the adjustable strap allows you to easily keep your goggles nice and snug, resting comfortably against your forehead and cheek.

While this option is very popular, and for good reason, it is typically not as durable as the STX Focus-S Ti+ Goggle since the cage is made of steel, rather than titanium. 

You can see why the two products are priced so differently, but if the above-mentioned product is just slightly out of your budget, then opting for the STX Focus XV-S Goggle is not much of a downgrade.



3) STX Focus-S Goggle

Best Budget Goggle

Drip Level: 4.6/5

Key Details

  • Colors: Black, Black/Lizard, Capri/Ice Blue, Carolina/White, Graphite/Citrus, Graphite/White, Purple/Plum, Royal/White
  • Features:
    • Steel cage for strength and protection
    • Minimal double bar design improves visibility
    • Many colors to choose from

As you can probably tell by now, STX dominates the women’s lacrosse goggle market. The Focus-S Goggle is the go-to for anyone not looking to break the bank on a purchase, but simply looking for a safe, reliable pair of goggles.

These goggles are not only SEI Certified and meet ASTM requirements, but also are affordable and come in a plethora of fun color options to create a more customized look.

Though they are less expensive than the previously mentioned products, there are a few drawbacks to consider.

Firstly, this goggle is only available for adults, so take into account the size you will need, and be aware of what you personally find comfortable. 

Also be aware that these cannot be worn overtop of glasses, so if you do have a prescription, I would recommend looking for another option with ample space between your face and the cage, or potentially look into getting contact lenses.

Other than that, the only other thing I would take note of is that although this model is made with a silicone padding, it is slightly different from the previously mentioned products, and according to reviews, it is slightly less comfortable.

Overall, if you are looking for a budget-friendly option, but one that is still safe, and reliable, then the STX Focus-S Goggles are for you.



4) Cascade LX Headgear

Best Headgear

Drip Level: 4.6/5

Key Details

  • Colors: Black, Carolina Blue, Navy, Red, Royal, White
  • Features:
    • Poron XRD offers maximum comfort and protection
    • An integrated goggle system relieves the facial pressure that come with traditional lacrosse goggles
    • Comes with a rear adjustable strap, dual hair slots, and interchangeable cheek pads

If you are looking for maximum protection on the lacrosse field, look no further than the Cascade LX Headgear. Unlike traditional goggles, this headgear from the most well-known helmet maker in the game today covers much more of your head, offering much more protection.

This model is uniquely designed to absorb contact and create minimal chance for serious head injuries, while allowing maximum comfort. With its special ergonomic shape, the steel mask is designed to provide premium protection, while allowing for optimal visibility.

Having the goggles built in, rather than simply strapped to your head, is a good way to relieve facial pressure experienced from having a tight strap around your head. 

With a rear adjustable strap, dual hair slots and interchangeable cheek pads, this product is designed to adjust to fit any player. It was also created with large air vents on the side of the helmet to allow for maximum breathability, keeping you cool and comfortable.

Some of the downsides for this model are the fact that it is certainly more expensive than if you were to simply buy a pair of goggles, and it is definitely less comfortable. Essentially, you are sacrificing mobility and comfort for protection.

If this helps you feel more comfortable on the field, though, you may find that you will be less hesitant to keep running full speed when catching a feed or not shy away from that aggressive defender.



5) STX 4Sight+ S Youth Goggle

#1 Best Overall Youth Goggle

Drip Level: 4.4/5

Key Details

  • Colors: Grey, Electric, Lizard, Punch
  • Features:
    • Oval wire design enables superior visibility
    • Form-fitting silicone padding is easy to clean and does not absorb sweat or moisture

The STX 4Sight+ S Youth Goggle is an amazing product, for an even better price, making it our best option for youth players. It offers great protection, decent comfort, and comes in a variety of colors.

Since this goggle is less expensive and designed for youth players, you won’t be getting the titanium cage or minimalistic design, but you do still get the uniquely made silicone padding, which is moisture and sweat resistant.

The 4Sight+ S Youth Goggle has an oval wire design to allow for more visibility and wider viewing angles to make sure you can see the whole field.

Overall we recommended this goggle for any youth player looking for good protection from one of the top lacrosse companies.



6) STX Rookie-S Goggle

#2 Best Overall Youth Goggle

Drip Level: 5/5

Key Details

  • Colors: Blue/Lime, Electric, Lime/Pink, Pink, Punch
  • Features:
    • Designed for youth players (ages 12 and under)
    • Smallest-fitting cage design of all STX goggles
    • Silicone padding does not absorb sweat or moisture

The STX Rookie-S Goggle should be your go-to option if you are looking for the most cost-efficient way to keep you or your child safe. This goggle is one of the least expensive products on the market yet still offers great protection and comfort.

It has an especially unique design on the front of the cage, with a flatter look compared to the traditional curved frames. It also comes with vented silicone technology which helps to prevent any moisture or sweat from getting in.

Though the design is unique, it is significantly smaller than other goggles. In fact, the Rookie-S is STX’s smallest-fitting goggle available today. If you or your child is approaching the age of 12 (or is older) it’s best to look elsewhere.

All in all, this is one of the best options for youth players as it is easily on of the least expensive options yet still provides great protection.



Women’s Lacrosse Goggles Buying Guide

Here are some things to consider when choosing a new pair of lacrosse goggles.


The #1 most important thing to consider when purchasing a pair of lacrosse goggles is by far and away the protection they offer.

Understanding what the differences are in terms of safety features is important when searching for the right pair of goggles.

First off, do you want a traditional pair of lacrosse goggles or more protective headgear? If the latter, then your search just got a lot easier as the Cascade LX Headgear is the only (but still a great) option on the market.

When looking at the goggles, specifically, make sure that the fit is tight so that they don’t slip or move around too much, creating more risk of injury. If you wear glasses, either look for a pair of goggles that say that they can support wearing glasses underneath (as many of them do not), or potentially look into getting contact lenses.

There are many things to consider when thinking about safety and protection, outside of personal preference, I would keep in mind things like quality of material, as well as the size, weight, and fit of the goggles.


Comfort is something that you have to think about in terms of what (if anything) specifically do you need to be at your best.

Does the type of material matter to you? Do they fit correctly? Are there any weird pressure points that would bother you over the course of a game?

For example, most goggles are made with silicone on the inside, but others may be made of something that might irritate your skin. Some girls’ head shapes may work well with one goggle but not another.

While most of the top tier goggles are very comfortable, it may be worth trying on a few of your teammates’ pairs to see what feels the best.


You also need to consider how well you can see out of the goggles. All goggles are designed differently, and one may provide better visibility for you than another pair.

Try out a few different pairs, including options with straight bars and curved bars, as well as minimalistic and full cages, to see what allows you to see the field the best.


Weight ties into comfort because if your goggles are too heavy, they will be less comfortable—especially over the course of a game. Heavy goggles will slow you down on the field, holding you back from playing your best.

On the other hand, with a pair of goggles that are noticeably light, be conscious of the quality of the material. There may be a reason why it is so much lighter than other options.

Look for high quality, yet light materials—such as Titanium—to find something that will hold up well but won’t weigh you down.


Most players typically go with a neutral color such as black or gray or their team’s colors when choosing their goggles.

Perhaps your goal is to try and match your team’s colors. Or maybe you want to add your own personal twist by choosing something that will stand out from the crowd.

Whatever your reasoning, opting for a unique color is a fun way to customize your look and make it completely your own!

Customer Reviews

We have gone through countless customer reviews to create this guide and to choose the products mentioned above. Here are some of the most common complaints to look out for.

The first thing I noticed upon reading reviews is that a lot of people were complaining about certain designs not fitting the best or having limited sizing options.

Understanding what you find comfortable and uncomfortable is essential. Do you prefer a snugger fit? Or a much looser fit? Some customers have reported issues such as straps being either too tight or too loose, both of which can become problems.

Also, as mentioned briefly above, if you wear glasses, and need them for competition, consider looking into contact lenses. I have found through reading customer reviews that many people expect to be able to fit their day-to-day glasses underneath their goggles or helmet, only to find out that this is not possible.

You should also consider the materials being used. Generally speaking, there aren’t too many complaints about the materials in goggles, but you may notice that some are made with a special type of silicone which may be more (or less) comfortable than others.

Other than these main points, the reviews are fairly standard. We chose the 6 best lacrosse goggles mentioned not only because WE believe they are the best, but also because the players that have worn them for numerous games think so as well.


At the end of the day, I understand that most people are simply trying to find the safest option for the lowest price. And honestly, I can’t blame them, as the whole point of lacrosse goggles are simply to help protect you from getting hurt.

You don’t always have to opt for having all of the bells and whistles, but also understand that oftentimes when you spend less money, you are generally getting cheaper material. This may put you in a predicament down the road where you end up spending more money buying brand new equipment every year, rather than spending more money on a quality set that lasts.

When choosing a pair of girls’ lacrosse goggles, be sure to find a pair that will last you a few years based on their durability and size instead of just what is the cheapest option for right now. One pair of expensive goggles that lasts 5 years is better than 5 less expensive pairs of goggles that only last a year.

How We Rate Girls’ Lacrosse Goggles

We take our ratings seriously and only recommend products that we would use ourselves.

To come up with our ratings for each product, we test the product ourselves whenever possible, review product specifications (weight, materials used, etc.), and read customer reviews/talk to lacrosse players we know that use the product.

When testing women’s lacrosse goggles, specifically, our resident women’s player, Emily, puts them on and does lacrosse movements with them—including running, passing, catching, and shooting—to see how the goggles feel.

When it’s not possible to extensively test a product ourselves, we spend extra time talking to real customers who have used the product for a while themselves.

If you ever have any feedback for any of the products listed on this page or have a recommended addition, please contact us and let us know!

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