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About STX

STX is one of the oldest and most popular lacrosse equipment manufacturers in the United States. It was started by Richard Tucker Sr. in 1970 as STX Inc. STX created the first double-wall, synthetic lacrosse head that laid the foundation for lacrosse heads on the market today. STX produces all types of lacrosse equipment including heads and shafts for both men and women, as well as protective equipment such as gloves, arm pads, and shoulder pads.

In This Guide

STX Lacrosse Heads

STX offers a wide selection of lacrosse heads for everyone from beginners to pros & attackmen to goalies. STX's top-tier heads are consistently used by colleges across the nation thanks to their consistent performance.

Surgeon 900

STX Surgeon 900

An elite attack head designed for advanced players.

Hammer Omega

STX Hammer Omega

The most durable & stiff defensive head available today. 

Stallion Omega

STX Stallion Omega

One of the best heads for middies currently available.

Eclipse 2

STX Eclipse 2 Front

Our #1 overall rated lacrosse goalie head.



The newest head in the most popular defensive line ever.

Duel Reflex

STX Duel Reflex

STX'x newest & best faceoff-specific head.

Ultra Power

STX Ultra Power

An advanced offensive head designed to give more power.

Stallion 700 Enduraform

STX Stallion 700 Enduraform

A slightly cheaper head with great durability.

Stallion 700 Enduraform

STX Stallion 700 Enduraform

A slightly cheaper head with great durability.

STX Lacrosse Shafts

Like most other lacrosse equipment, STX has long been one of the most respected shaft manufacturers in the game. They have both metal and carbon fiber shafts for attackmen & middies, defensemen, and goalies.

Sc-Ti Series (Attack)


STX's most popular metal offensive shaft.

Sc-Ti Series (Defense)

STX Sc-Ti Defense Series

The elite Sc-Ti series in defensive length.

Sc-Ti Series (Goalie)

STX Sc-Ti O Goalie

Goalies can get their hands on the Sc-Ti shaft too!

Fiber X (Attack)

STX Fiber X Shaft

STX's premier carbon fiber shaft with an extreme concave grip.

Fiber 2D (Attack)

STX Fiber 2D

STX's premier carbon fiber shaft with a rigid shape & slight offset.

Hammer 700 (Defense)

Hammer 700

Another elite defensive handle that's built to last.

Hammer 7000 (Defense)

STX Hammer 7000 shaft

A more affordable defense shaft option for players.

Outlet (Goalie)

STX Outlet

One of the most popular goalie shafts of all time.

STX Complete Sticks

Complete lacrosse sticks are great for beginners and intermediate players because you can get a whole stick that is already put together with one purchase. Note that the most advanced heads & shafts usually aren't included in complete sticks.

Stallion 550 Jr (Offense)

STX Stallion 550 Junior Attack Complete Lacrosse Stick

A great, affordable option for intermediate players.

X10 + Hammer 7000 (Def)


The popular X10 head on the Hammer 7000 shaft.

Eclipse 2 Complete (Goalie)

STX Eclipse 2 Complete Goalie Stick

STX's most popular goalie head & shaft in one complete stick.

Stallion 50 Youth (Offense)

STX Stallion 50 Youth Lacrosse Complete Stick Complete Stick

A complete stick with younger & beginner players in mind.

STX Lacrosse Gloves

STX offers some of the most advanced lacrosse gloves in the game as well as options for youth and beginner players including the Surgeon, Cell, and Stallion lines.

Surgeon RZR Gloves


STX's most advanced lacrosse glove ever made.

Cell 5 Gloves

STX Cell 5 Gloves

The newest STX glove extends the popular Cell line.

Surgeon 700 Gloves


A slightly cheaper, high quality glove with a sleek design.

Stallion 200 Gloves


An affordable glove designed for beginners & youth players.

STX Lacrosse Arm Pads

Like other protective equipment, STX offers high-quality arm pads including options for attackmen (typically arm guards), middies (typically arm pads), and defensemen (typically elbow pads). 

Cell 5 Arm Guards

Cell 5 Arm Guard

The newest arm guards from STX designed for max protection.

Cell 5 Elbow Pads

STX Cell 5 Elbow Pad

The newest elbow pads from STX designed for max mobility.

Surgeon 700 Arm Guards

STX Surgeon 700 Arm Guards

An elite arm guard preferred by attackmen across the country.

Stallion 500 Arm Pads

STX Stallion 500 Arm Pads White

A great mix of protection & mobility that is great for middies.

Stallion 500 Elbow Pads

STX Stallion 500 Elbow Pad

STX's smallest elbow pads designed for defenders.

Stallion 500 Arm Guards

STX Stallion 500 Arm Guards Black

Another great arm guard that provides amazing protection.

Surgeon 400 Arm Pads


A cheaper arm pad option that is great for young players.

Cell 4 Arm Pads


Another great mix of protection & mobility for middies.

STX Shoulder Pads & Chest Protectors

If you are looking for shoulder pads, liners, or a chest protector (for goalies), STX has got you covered. They offer a variety of options for varying ages and coverage preferences. Shoulder pads are a bit bulkier than liners but offer more protection.

Cell 5 Shoulder Pad

Cell 5 Shoulder Pads

The newest shoulder pads providing max protection.

Cell 5 Liner

STX Cell 5 Liner

A more streamlined version of STX's newest shoulder pads.

Stallion 200+ Shoulder Pads

STX Stallion 200+

A great option for younger players & beginners.

Shield 600 Chest Protector

STX Shield 600 Chest Protector Front

STX's elite goalie chest protector designed to protect in the cage.

STX Women's Sticks

STX is also one of the best women's lacrosse equipment manufacturers and colleges across the nation use their products to compete. Below you can see our top picks for their best women's sticks.

Crux Pro Elite

STX Crux Pro Elite

STX's premier women's lacrosse stick designed for performance.

Crux Pro Elite ProForm

STX Crux Pro ProForm

The Crux Pro with the popular ProForm traditional pocket.

Axxis Draw

STX Axxis Draw

The Crux Pro with the popular ProForm traditional pocket.

Crux 400

STX Crux 400 Women's Complete Stick Navy Blue

A more affordable version of the popular Crux stick.

STX Women's Goggles

When it comes to women's lacrosse goggles, STX is by far the best manufacturer. They offer a variety of options for varying skill levels and ages.

Focus-S Ti

STX Focus-S Ti+ Goggle Red

A lightweight, durable goggle made with titanium.

Focus XV-S

STX Focus XV-S

Another elite goggle with amazing visibility.


STX Focus-S Goggle Carolina

A full-cage goggle designed for max protection.

4Sight+ Youth

STX 4Sight+ S Youth Goggle

An affordable goggle for beginners & younger players.