Gifts for Lacrosse Players

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There are countless awesome gifts you can give to lacrosse players. Between opting to purchase something for safety, style, or performance, your options are limitless.

When first starting out, many people struggle to think of what to get their lacrosse-loving friend or family member. It’s important to ask yourself simple questions like: “What equipment do they already have?”, “How old is their current equipment?”, “Have they mentioned anything recently that they’re interested in?”.

These are just a few examples of some questions you should be asking yourself when thinking of what to buy a lacrosse player as a gift. If you know that they have been complaining about their cleats for the past month, then focus on that. If you know that their bag is old and all of their equipment is new, then maybe focus more so on that.

Aside from simple observations like these, you can always ask them too. Obviously, you may not always want to do this so you can keep it a surprise, but it’s never a bad idea to find out if there’s anything specific that they want or need to help them enhance their skills or even to have more fun with the game.

To help you figure out what to get that special someone, we have compiled a list of the best gifts for lacrosse players.

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Getting a Lacrosse Player New Gear as a Gift

Here at Lax Drip, we have a number of gear guides to help you choose the perfect gift for your player. Click on any of the pages linked below to see our top picks for that category.

A New Lacrosse Stick

  • Complete Lacrosse Stick: A great option for beginner players to learn the game with and play in lower levels of competition.
  • Lacrosse Head: The head of a lacrosse stick can be used to carry, shoot, pass, and catch the ball. They can come in a variety of colors, designs, shapes, and sizes.
  • Lacrosse Shaft: The shaft of the lacrosse stick is the main part of the stick, and therefore finding a great fit is essential. Shafts come in varying weights, materials, shapes, and colors.
  • Fiddlestick or Mini Stick: A miniature lacrosse stick is a safe and fun way to introduce the game to younger players and a great option for messing around with friends in the backyard.

New Lacrosse Gear

  • Lacrosse Gloves: There's no worse feeling than getting a hard slash on your hands when running down the field. With a good pair of gloves, players don't have to worry about that.
  • Lacrosse Arm Pads: Arm guards provide players with protection anywhere from the upper bicep area, down to the upper part of the wrist depending on the type. They typically are made with a hard-shell plastic on the exterior surface, giving them resistance from hard checks.
  • Lacrosse Cleats: Lacrosse cleats help players get better traction for moving around the field. They come in high-cut, mid-cut, and low-cut options, as well as a variety of sizes and colors.
  • Youth Starter Set: Starter kits are a great way for beginners to get all of the lacrosse gear they need to step on the field. They can save time and money as compared to buying all the gear individually.
  • Lacrosse Visor: Lacrosse visors are made to keep your eyes safe during competition, helping to avoid any finger poking or dust going into your eyes. They generally come with tinted options as well, so you can find a color that best suits your style. Be sure to read about the legality of helmet visors before purchasing one for your player.
  • Lacrosse Helmet: With lacrosse being such a physical game with fast-moving balls and sticks, keeping your head safe should be the #1 priority for any athlete.

Lacrosse Field Equipment

  • Lacrosse Balls: Getting your player new balls is always a safe bet. Over time, old balls lose their grip, making it harder to get used to how your stick will throw in games.
  • Lacrosse Rebounder: These are a great way to practice your game when away from the field or if you don’t have a wall for wall ball. You can practice throwing and catching, receiving feeds, and more with these useful tools.
  • Lacrosse Goal: A lacrosse goal is a great way for players to get more shooting reps in than they do at practice alone.
  • Portable Lacrosse Goal: A portable goal allows you to move it anywhere that you want to practice. If your player won’t be just leaving the goal in the backyard, go with a portable option.
  • Lacrosse Backstop: Lacrosse backstops are primarily used so that lacrosse balls don’t fly past the net as you are practicing your shots. Finding and collecting balls is a good way to tire yourself out, and it takes away the time and energy you could be using to enhance your game in other ways.
  • New Lacrosse Goal Net: Over time, lacrosse nets get holes in them. There’s nothing more frustrating than shooting accurately on goal only to have the ball go through the net and fly away.

Other Gifts for Lacrosse Players

Lacrosse Clothes

Dog-Themed Lacrosse T-Shirt

A uniquely designed lacrosse shirt with a man’s best friend as its focal point.

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Lacrosse Shorts with Neon Stick Pattern

A fun, knee-length design, with colorful neon sticks filling the canvas.

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Lacrosse Necktie

A high-quality necktie, made with 100% silk and lacrosse partners throughout

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Colorful Lacrosse Hair Ties

Lacrosse hair ribbons designed to withstand the heat of competition.

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Kid's Astronaut Lacrosse T-Shirt

A simplistic, yet artistic design to add to your child’s wardrobe. They’re sure to be over the moon with this purchase!

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U.S. Flag & Lacrosse Designed Neck Gaiter

A patriotic way to stay safe out there on the field or on the sideline. Made with breathable material so you can wear it anytime.

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Lacrosse Decorations

Vintage Lacrosse Wall Art

A great option for lacrosse décor that is perfect for a home office, studio, garage, bedroom, or man cave. The options are limitless with this timeless design.

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Lacrosse-Themed Christmas Ornament

Designed to be used as either a Christmas ornament or a nice desk piece, this is an appealing option for any lover of lacrosse.

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Lacrosse Stick Wall Mount

A great way to display a lacrosse stick for decoration or simply to have a convenient spot to hold it.

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Lacrosse Training Gifts

Lacrosse Shooting Target

A target net that attaches to a goal to enhance accuracy. Durable in design and easy-to-assemble, this is a tremendous option for any player looking to better their game.

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Agility Ladder

A durable agility later, designed to improve athletic performance in any sport, coming in a plethora of color options.

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Agility Training Set

If the ladder is not enough for you, you can opt for this kit which will include cones, resistance bands, parachutes, and jump ropes, as well as the agility ladder.

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Miscellaneous Lacrosse Gifts

Lacrosse Phone Case

A fun way for your gift receiver to rep their favorite sport while on the go. You can see other lacrosse phone cases here.

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Equipment Odor Eliminator

A deodorizer built to help eliminate odor for shoes, gloves, and other athletic equipment. Throw one or two of these in your bag or gloves to keep that gear smelling fresh!

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Lacrosse Pasta

Lacrosse helmets, lacrosse players, lacrosse sticks, and everything lacrosse—but in the form of pasta!

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Lacrosse Photo Bobblehead

A lacrosse bobblehead that allows your player to slip his or her own picture in to make their own person bobblehead.

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Engraveable Lacrosse Keychain

A simple way to show off your love for the game while keeping all of your keys together in one handy spot!

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Lacrosse Pop Socket

Another amazing way to show off your love of lacrosse on your phone. It helps with gripping it too!

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Lacrosse Ball Resurfacing Tool

A unique way to resurface old, slippery lacrosse balls, making them feel brand new!

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Have a suggestion for another great lacrosse gift? Comment below!

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