Best Lacrosse Fiddlesticks & Mini Sticks

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“Grow the game”—the battle cry can be heard throughout the lacrosse community, echoing for more than a decade from the sport heading to its proper place amongst the most popular American sports. What better way to “grow the game” than to expose lacrosse to the youngest of the young?

Basketball has Fisher-Price plastic hoops. Baseball has Wiffle balls. Football has Nerf Vortexes. The most popular sports in the country get to kids as early as possible with as accessible and child-safe of equipment as possible.

Lacrosse’s entry point into the childhood market already exists in the form of fiddlesticks, but it has yet to spread through the toy market like its competitors. It’s about time this changes for the sake of the game’s reputation and growth.

These sticks are lighter and smaller than normal sticks, making them a safer, easier option for a child or even a late entrant to the game to use. A fiddlestick can be a tool to develop comfort with a stick at an early age, helping the transition to a full-sized stick as smooth as possible.

This guide goes over the best mini and fiddlesticks available today to help you find your fit.

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Best Mini Lacrosse Sticks & Fiddlesticks

There are a lot of fiddlesticks on the market of varying quality, so we did the legwork in researching the best of the best out there to help make your decision easy.

Below you will find our top choices for the best mini lacrosse sticks and fiddlesticks including single sticks, multi-stick packs, and complete sets including a goal and goalie stick.

Best lacrosse fiddlesticks and mini sticks:

  1. Brine RP3 Mini Stick: Single stick
  2. Warrior Evo Warp Mini Stick: Single stick
  3. STX Mini Power Stick: Single stick
  4. STX Mini Eclipse Goalie Stick: Single stick
  5. Warrior Lacrosse Dynasty Warp Mini Stick: Single girls stick
  6. STX FiddleSTX Game Set w/ Two Sticks: 2 mini sticks
  7. STX FiddleSTX 3 Player Game: 2 normal mini sticks, 1 goalie mini stick, 1 mini goal
  8. STX FiddleSTX 7 Player Game: 6 normal mini sticks, 1 goalie mini stick, 1 mini goal

1) Brine RP3 Mini Stick

Drip Level: 5/5

Brine RP3 Mini Stick

Key Details

  • A miniaturized version of the RP3
  • 1 complete stick and 1 mini-ball
  • 33.5 inches in length
  • Typically available in 5 colors

Of all the sticks on this list, this Brine RP3 Mini Stick looks and feels the most like a full-sized stick. It handles like a shrunk-down version of the Brine RP3 designed by Rob Pannell, making it a great stick to learn with before transitioning to a normal stick.

The thin alloy body keeps the stick light so even very young players can use it. There are also usually 5 colors to choose from (depending on inventory), so you can find a stick in one of your child’s favorite colors.

Note that a regulation ball won’t fit into the head, but the stick does come with a mini ball to use.

2) Warrior Evo Warp Mini Stick

Drip Level: 5/5

Warrior Evo Warp Mini Stick

Key Details

  • Mini version of the Evo Warp stick plus a Warrior tennis ball
  • 40 inches in length
  • Weighs 10.41 ounces
  • The Warp Pocket comes broken-in and is better for throwing and catching than regular factory-strung sticks

The Warrior Warp Mini Stick prides itself on durability no matter the climate or setting you decide to pick it up in. It mimics the popular Warrior Evo Warp full-sized stick, making this the perfect entry point to the Warrior brand.

Unlike most other heads, Warrior’s Warp pockets are permanently connected to the head and come broken in and ready to use. This is a significant advantage over the other heads on this list that may require adjustments to the string job, especially for young players and parents who don’t know how to string sticks.

3) STX Mini Power Stick

Key Details

  • 36 inches in length
  • 1 complete stick includes a soft foam mini ball
  • Aluminum body for a lighter feel without sacrificing durability
  • Typically available in 5 colors

The STX Mini Power is a shrunken version of the popular STX Super Power head, complete with a pre-strung pocket. Weighing in at under 1 pound, this stick is perfect for a younger player looking for some exposure to the mechanics of the sport before moving onto a full-sized stick.

The stick is very affordable, too, so you may want to purchase 2 so you can enjoy an easier, safer game of catch in the backyard or on the beach during the summer months.

4) STX Mini Eclipse Goalie Stick

Key Details

  • 1 complete goalie stick with a soft mesh pocket and chrome metal handle
  • 48 inches in length
  • Pocket comes pre-strung though it may need adjustments to perform like traditional goalie heads
  • Typically available in 5 colors

If your little guy or girl dreams of being a lacrosse goalie, this STX Mini Eclipse is the perfect option for your future netminder. Its proportions are similar to a full-sized Eclipse—one of the most popular goalie heads in the game today—making the feel and handling transferable to a full-sized stick down the line.

The Mini Eclipse is one of the highest-rated fiddlestick products on the market and the perfect companion to STX’s other mini sticks. The world could always use more goalies so you’d be doing future pickup games a favor by getting this mini stick into your kid’s hands.

5) Warrior Lacrosse Dynasty Warp Mini Stick

Drip Level: 4.8/5

Brine Dynasty Warp mini

Key Details

  • Scaled-down version of the popular Warrior Dynasty Warp girls stick
  • 43 inches in length
  • Pre-strung Warp pocket comes broken in and doesn’t need to be adjusted over time
  • Includes a Warrior tennis ball

The Warrior Lacrosse Dynasty Warp Mini Stick is the perfect fiddlestick for the young female lacrosse player. The stick mirrors its full-sized counterpart in design and handling, with an even lighter body to help develop those early stick skills necessary for success.

The Warp pocket comes pre-strung on the head and doesn't need to be adjusted over time due to its durability and weather-resistant nature.

Stick skills are especially important in the women’s game so early exposure through a fiddlestick like the Dynasty Warp will pay dividends in the future.

6) STX FiddleSTX Game Set w/ Two Sticks

Drip Level: 4.6/5

STX FiddleSTX 2-Pack

Key Details

  • 2 mini sticks that are 30 inches plus 1 soft mini ball
  • Soft mesh pocket and plastic handle
  • Great for all ages

What’s better than one complete fiddlestick? Two complete fiddlesticks!

This STX Game Set is perfect for those really young players to break-in the ol’ muscle memory to a relatively safe game of catch.

The light weight and construction make this a solid first stick for the backyard or playground—although we wouldn’t advise taking it out on the field for an official game.

This is an extremely highly rated product for the price and usage, perfect for any pair of wannabe players seeking out an initial feel for the game.

7) STX FiddleSTX 3 Player Game

Drip Level: 4.8/5

STX Fiddle 3

Key Details

  • 2 normal mini sticks and 1 goalie fiddlestick
  • Miniature goal included (3’ x 3’)
  • Simple soft mesh pockets on all 3 sticks with pre-strung shooting strings
  • Complete set comes with two soft mini balls

Fiddlesticks no longer need to only be for passing and catch.

This complete game set from STX shrinks the competition to the perfect size for a safe, fun backyard game between siblings or friends. The 3’ x 3’ goal makes this easy to transition indoors during the winter months for year-round action.

This is the complete package for your young lacrosse players on both sides of the ball. The durability and size make it perfect for a younger child (even as young as three).

8) STX FiddleSTX 7 Player Game

Drip Level: 5/5

STX FiddleSTX 7 Player Game

Key Details

  • 6 normal fiddlesticks and 1 goalie fiddlestick stick
  • Miniature goal included (3’ x 3’)
  • Complete set comes with 6 soft mini balls
  • Simple soft mesh pockets on all 6 sticks with pre-strung shooting strings

What could be better than the FiddleSTX 3-Player Game? How about the FiddleSTX 7-Player Game!

This set comes with 6 field sticks, 1 goalie stick, 1 mini goal, and 6 soft mini balls. This is perfect for a 3 on 3 matchup in any backyard or playground.

Unlike its smaller-scale predecessor, the FiddleSTX 7-Player Game prioritizes passing and gives new and young players alike an initial exposure to ball movement and cutting. This is perfect for aspiring players to give them a taste of real game action.

Fiddlesticks vs. Youth Lacrosse Sticks

It’s important to consider whether your child needs a fiddlestick/mini stick or a youth lacrosse stick. Before diving into which makes sense based on your situation, here’s a high-level overview of each.

Fiddlesticks are typically made of lighter materials, such as plastic, and are designed for young children. They often won’t work with normal lacrosse balls because they are too weak or not fit.

Youth sticks, on the other hand, are often made of similar materials to full-sized sticks but are slightly smaller and lighter to help children control them better.

When Fiddlesticks Make Sense

The best litmus test for a fiddlestick being appropriate is this being a child or person’s first exposure to the game. Moving straight into a youth or full-sized stick from the get-go can be intimidating and off-putting—we’re trying to grow the game, right?

A fiddlestick is much easier and more forgiving to handle, making it the perfect medium to grow a new player’s confidence.

Another good question is whether or not your young player needs this stick for an actual game or just at-home practice. If only the latter, a fiddlestick is the way to go. It is made to be picked up without much fanfare and…fiddled with. Anywhere from 3 to 7 years old is the perfect age for a fiddlestick over a youth stick.

The last major advantage to a fiddlestick is it can be used both indoors and outdoors. The soft design of the accompanying balls to each set and the miniaturized nature of the sticks make them perfect for a smaller living space, especially during the winter months.

When Youth Sticks Make Sense

Around 8 years old is when a lot of kids begin to join the competitive ranks of lacrosse. Now you’re in the territory of wanting a bigger youth stick over the smaller, less durable fiddlestick.

By this time, a player should have the strength to handle a heavier and longer setup and, hopefully, can bring the muscle memory from their time with a fiddlestick onto the field. Youth sticks are still lighter and easier to handle than full-size adult sticks, so your child will not be jumping into the deep end right away.

If you think a youth stick is better for your player, check out our guide to the best youth & beginner lacrosse sticks to see the best available options.

Even in consideration of the above, a fiddlestick is not a bad fallback for when you get home or have some off-time during the day but you cannot make it onto the field.

Products to Consider Alongside Your Mini Stick

Do you want to get the most out of your fiddlestick? Here are some products to complement it that are easy to use and can help with your practice plan:

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