Maverik Ascent Pro Women’s Complete Head and Shaft Review


Maverik ascent pro makes the Ascent Pro Women's Complete Head and Shaft for middies and attack positions. Lacrosse players seeking accuracy, comfort, and performance should choose the Ascent Pro due to its HEX POCKET for intense ball retention, and reduced throat for enhanced control. 

The head is engineered with X-Rail technology which reduces weight by distributing stress onto the opposing rail of the head. Elite players like USA midfielders Belle Smith and Kasey Choma endorse the ASCENT PRO, making it a trustworthy choice for lacrosse players seeking a competitive edge.

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Key Features

Maverik Ascent Pro Women's Complete Head and Shaft
Brand Maverik
Position Midfield
Cost $274.99
Level Intermediate to advanced
Legality All levels of play
Colors Yellow, Black, and White
Year Released 2023

Head Shape and Scoop

A HEX POCKET is included on the sleek ASCENT PRO Lacrosse Shaft, allowing immediate ball control and a sweet spot. With XRAIL Technology, the stick is both lightweight and sturdy, allowing it to perform well on the field. This groundbreaking design gives players a superior ball grip across the channel, improving control and precision. 

Reduced warping and bending result from increased lateral stiffness, achieved by the shorter throat and sidewall strut, however, faceoff players may prefer a more flexible head. The rigidity of the head and sharp scoop angle of 22° make ground pick-ups easy and consistent. 

Material, Size, and Weight

Carbon fiber, recognized for its strength-to-weight ratio, is used to build the ASCENT PRO lacrosse stick. Carbon fiber makes the stick lightweight and durable, giving players quick field movements.

Belle Smith and Kasey Choma, notable US midfielders, have praised the ASCENT PRO's easy passing, avoiding, and on-the-go shooting. The soft, textured grip finish enhances comfort and security during vigorous games. 


A lacrosse stick that strikes a mix between stiffness and bendability, the ASCENT PRO provides players with a versatile instrument. This well-tuned flexibility allows for executing dynamic plays from face-offs to long-range shots with outstanding precision. 

The ability of the stick to respond to the player's movements contributes to creating a fluid playing experience, enabling quick transitions and nimble plays. The stick's uniform weight distribution gives players precision control for passes, dodges, and shots and is ideal for reactive players.

Ball Grip

The lacrosse stick's grip on the ball is critical to a player's performance on the field since it prevents slippage and boosts confidence. The unique HEX POCKET technology ensures a solid grip on the ball as it travels down the head channel, providing players control at all times.


The ASCENT PRO lacrosse stick stands out for its flexible and adaptable stringing. Thanks partly to the HEX POCKET technology's legendary ball hold, you can count on steady stringing every time. 

Optimizing the stringing process is made possible by the stick's textured grip zones, shorter throat, and extra sidewall strut. The player may adjust the pocket to get the feel and release of the ball they want. The versatility of the ASCENT PRO is emphasized by the positive reviews from lacrosse players, who have praised its ease of stringing. 



Final Verdict

If you're looking for a high-performance lacrosse stick tailored to your tastes, the ASCENT PRO is a great pick. Whether you want a fast release for quick passes or a firm hold for precision shots, the stringing options are versatile enough to meet your needs.

Every lacrosse Middie should consider the Maverik Ascent Pro Women's Complete Stick. The ASCENT PRO will help you dominate the field with its speed and precision. Improve your game, seize every opportunity, and gear up with some serious drip.

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