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With its unrivaled control, accuracy, and precision, the Crux Pro women's lacrosse head is the apex of equipment for top attackers. It is the lightest Crux head with its reduced weight and improved performance. Made with a patented composition called EnduraForm the minimum design guarantees increased resilience across a more comprehensive temperature range. The combination of DropRail technology and the SpeedScoop allows for enhanced ground ball play with built-in top string protection, while the former increases ball retention and movement. 

The exclusive Offset Technology developed by STX automatically directs the ball to the sweet spot, enhancing grip. The head comes in both strung and unstrung varieties, allowing you to choose between more durable and controllable strung choices, such as the ProStrung with Lock Pocket, or the ultimate sweet spot and better ball control with the ProStrung with Crux Mesh 2.0. Opt for the best with the Crux Pro Head in the eye-catching yellow-and-white combination.

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Drip Score: 9.1/10

STX Crux Pro Head

Key Features


Crux Pro Head
Position Attackers
Skill Level Elite
Pocket Type Proform, Crux Mesh Pro or Unstrung
Colors Yellow, White
Legality USL
Cost $124.99 – $149.99
Year Released 2023


Shape And Design

The Crux Pro women's lacrosse head was designed with an emphasis on control and accuracy. Engineers ensured that the Crux Pro catered to the demands of top-tier attackers, who want the best possible ball control and agility during high-pressure games. The sleek design of the head improves its performance on the field and adds to its overall attractiveness. 

The Crux Pro Head is designed to attach to a shaft that has a 10-degree bend. The 10-degree refers to a sharp 10-degree bend in the angle of the shaft where it fits onto a women's lacrosse head. The Crux Pro's design prioritizes a player's ability to execute rapid and accurate movements, essential for out-maneuvering opponents and completing strategic moves.


The Crux Pro women's lacrosse head's EnduraForm material is an improvement over the last generation. This unique material is specifically engineered to last longer in extreme weather conditions. STX chose EnduraForm to highlight its commitment to delivering elite players' gear above what is necessary for competition. 

The innovative EnduraForm  material surpasses professional player performance requirements. The Crux Pro is a clear choice for lacrosse players who desire cutting-edge swiftness and durability. 

Comparison to Other Products

Designed to improve ground ball play, the Crux Pro women's lacrosse head stands out because it includes patented SpeedScoop technology. The STX Crux Pro scoop is a lacrosse head component meticulously designed to provide the best performance in the scoop, an essential part of the game.

One clear advantage players have while vying for ground balls is the SpeedScoop  technology, which optimizes ball retention and movement. Players will have a better chance to win the battle at critical moments because of its novel scoop design, allowing them to scoop up ground balls during fast-paced games quickly. 

Also, the Crux Pro head has a scoop that protects the top string. Not only does this feature make the scoop more sturdy, but it also improves its overall performance. 


Performance on the field depends on the Crux Pro women's lacrosse head's stringing. Players may choose between Pro Strung with Lock Pocket or Pro Strung with Crux Mesh 2.0. Players can pick the stringing style that suits them. Each configuration enhances the player's field experience.

Pro Strung with Lock Pocket is a hybrid pocket with heavier strings and a knotted pattern. This setup improves ball feel, control, and longevity. Even during vigorous games, the knotted design keeps the pocket secure.

However, the Pro Strung with Crux Mesh 2.0 has a tapered shape that gives players the best sweet spot. This setup improves ball control and gameplay experience. The meticulously constructed mesh improves head performance, allowing players to make precise motions confidently.



Who Is Crux Pro Head For?

The Crux Pro Head is designed to give premier lacrosse attackers unmatched control and precision. Its EnduraForm composition and decreased weight improve temperature resilience. Offset Technology guides the ball to the sweet spot for grip. It's available strung or unstrung with a Lock Pocket or Crux Mesh 2.0. EnduraForm material is durable, and SpeedScoop technology gives ground ball players an edge. The Crux Pro Head is for elite women's lacrosse players.


The Crux Pro Head is the best lacrosse head for precision, control, and durability. Innovative design and cutting-edge materials satisfy elite players. Improve your game and stay ahead of trends with the Crux Pro Head. 

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