ECD Carbon MTX Shaft Review

Drip Level

ECD’s strongest carbon shaft. Designed for the aggressive offensive middie, two-way middie, or defensive middie.

Key Details
  • Position: Midfield
  • Level: Intermediate/Advanced
  • Legality: All levels of play
  • Colors: Black
  • Cost: $154.99
  • Year Released: 2021
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Key Details of the ECD Carbon MTX Shaft

ECD Carbon MTX





Year Released


Best Position




ECD Carbon MTX Drip Score

ECD Carbon MTX drip score


Stiffness: 1.0

Durability: 1.0

Material: 1.0

Carbon TeXreme

Weight: 0.9


Shape: 0.9


End Cap: 0.8

Standard Rubber

Flex: 1.0

ECD Flex 1

Name / Brand Name: 0.9

ECD Carbon MTX

Colors: 0.7


Overall Look: 1

Shape, Material, & Weight

The ECD Carbon MTX has an octagonal shape. This is a very traditional shape and it works very well. The TeXreme carbon fiber is a new technology from ECD allowing for more strength while reducing the weight of the shaft. I won’t have to worry too much about it breaking as a two-way middie. It has a nice texture to it. You can use it without tape if desired until the texture wears off. Its weight to strength ratio is best in class. Typically, shafts with this strength are closer to 175g but this shaft is 160g which makes it light enough to have a powerful shot, but still be able to give out tough checks without the fear of breaking the shaft.

Flex & End Cap

The Flex 1 makes it a very stiff shaft. As a two-way middie shaft, a low flex allows it to be as strong as possible. Flex points higher on the shaft tend to break more frequently at those spots. Many customer reviews state how durable the shaft is, many using it for a couple of years without it breaking. ECD makes a Flex 3 shaft in the Carbon Pro 3.0 – Power, and a Flex 8 shaft in the Carbon Pro 3.0 – Speed.

The end cap is a standard rubber end cap. This can be replaced with something else to be lighter. It is a tad thick which does add a little weight, but it’s probably only around 5g.


The look of the shaft is pretty cool. I like the bronze MTX and ECD logos on the black shaft with the carbon gray so it doesn’t stand out as much as the MTX. Unfortunately, the shaft only comes in black, but I think the black looks good. Because they wanted to keep the weight as low as possible, they didn’t cover the carbon. I paired the shaft with a black ECD DNA 2.0 and black mesh which looks really clean. Would a white option be nice? Yes. Does it really matter? No, not really.

Pros & Cons of the ECD Carbon MTX Shaft



Who Should Buy this Shaft?

This shaft is best for two-way middies like Bryan Costabile of the Atlas LC in the PLL. It gives enough strength to play defense, while being light enough to play offense with. This shaft is also good for defensive middies who like to run the field, or offensive players who ride hard or like to bully their defender. This is not a good beginner’s shaft as it is quite expensive and a little heavy for a beginner.


Overall, this is a great shaft that has a great weight to strength ratio. It is one of the most expensive 32” shafts on the market, but with the new technology, I think it would last quite a long time.

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