ECD DNA 2.0 Head Review

Drip Level

The “swiss-army knife” of the ECD head line. Designed to be effective for any position on the field (other than faceoff and goalie).

Key Details
  • Position: Midfield
  • Level: Intermediate/Advanced
  • Legality: All levels of play
  • Colors: White, Black, ECD Blue
  • Cost: $99.99
  • Year Released: 2023
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Key Details of the ecd dna 2.0 head review






Year Released


Best Position


ECD DNA 2.0 Drip Score

ECD Dna 2.0 drip score


Stiffness: 1.0

Durability: 1.0

Material: 1.0


Scoop: 0.9

Stringing: 0.9

20 Sidewall, 6 Top, 4 Bottom

Weight: 0.6


Pinch: 0.9

Name / Brand Name: 1


Colors: 0.9

White, Black, ECD Blue

Overall Look: 1

Shape, Material, & Scoop

The face shape is not super tight because of the versatile nature of the head, but ECD made some adjustments to make the face shape a little tighter than the previous DNA. This, along with the decrease in weight from the first DNA, makes this head slightly more offensive minded. The head is still on the heavier side of elite heads weighing in at 5.5 oz. As a two-way middie myself, I personally like my heads to be a little heavier as I get more durability when checking and have little to no flex when shooting. It’s probably a little heavy for an attackman but can still be used if you like a heavier head. 

The scoop is good. Seemed like you could scoop it well at many different attack angles.

The new FlexForm plastic passed the ECD “torture test” with flying colors. This video is on ECD’s YouTube channel.


The DNA 2.0 has a good amount of stringing holes. With the head being versatile, pocket customization is really important as different positions like different pocket shapes. There are 6 top string holes, 20 sidewall holes per side, and 4 bottom string holes. The top sidewall holes are rectangular-shaped and pretty large so you can fit multiple wraps to tighten the mesh to the top. The other sidewall holes are oval-shaped and a good size to easily fit a sidewall string through.The head’s shape is more tailored to a mid pocket as the max offset is in the middle of the head, but with so many stringing holes, any pocket can be used well.


The look of the head is great. It’s sleek and glossy which looks really good with all 3 colors. The ECD Blue is a new color that they are releasing and many people are very excited about it. The throat is very eye-catching – the design is modern with the nice crab medallion on the front really draws attention to it.

Pros & Cons of the ECD DNA 2.0



Who is the ECD DNA 2.0 for?

This head is made for pretty much every field position. It is tailored for the more all-around player, so two-way middies, defensive middies, and LSMs would thrive with this head. Attackmen and defensemen could definitely use this head, but there are plenty of better options for those specific positions.


This is a great head with a great look. Definitely an all-around head with a good mix of offensive and defensive qualities. This can make the head relatively niche, as it is good at many things, but master of none. It is a very durable head, shown by the torture test in the ECD video so it should last you a while. Overall, I’m a fan of the head and would definitely use it in a game myself.

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