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The STX Duel has long been the king of the face-off, and that tradition has been passed on to the STX 3. This innovative head is built for one thing: Winning draws and mastering the midfield. 

The STX Duel 3 is a lacrosse head for face-off specialists and stay midfielders. It is an ideal club for players on the field and combines flexibility with control in a very durable way. Revolutionary reflex technology makes it more durable than Duel and Duel 2.

Compared to its predecessor, the Duel 3 is slightly stiffer for better shot accuracy and power while retaining appropriate flexibility in face-offs. It has great wrap resistance and offensive performance. When taking a face-off or in tight spaces, the short throat will bring your hand closer to the ball and help control and feel. 

Let's take a detailed look at its specifications, pros, and cons:

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Drip Score:4.8/5

STX Dual 3 Lacrosse Head

Key Features

Brand STX
Position Face-Off
Cost $99.99
Skill Level Elite
Legality NCAA and NFHS
Warp Resistance Great
Head Type Unstrung
Scoop Shape Rounded
Throat Type Short throat with plug
Sidewall Holes 16
Colors Black, White
Year Released 2021

Lightweight: Tip the Scales In Your Favor 

Coming in at just 5.2 ounces (unstrung), the Duel 3 is firmly planted in the middle ground when it comes to face-off heads in competition today. This balance of flexibility and agility provides benefits for lightning-quick grabs, warps, or ground ball scoops without weighing a player down in the heat of the draw. 

Revolutionary Reflex Technology

Remember the original STX Duel? Yes, that classic scoop-and-faceoff skill is back again in the STX Duel 3. It's more than just a throwback; it's redesigned from the head up using revolutionary Reflex material. For those crazy caps, this amazing material can bend in any direction for aggressive moves like tackles and immediately return to its original shape.

Flex Zone

Make your Face-off battles your playground with the improved STX duel version for face-off supremacy. The Duel 3 features the legendary high Flex Zone, tailored for those trademark pinch-and-pop plays. Staying one step ahead of them keeps you in the lead at all times.

New Speed scoop: Faster Ground ball

The speed scoop turns free balls into fish on scraps, giving you the edge in a midfield mix-up. The Speed Scoop also has added stiffening to the top of its ground-ball devouring head for strategic purposes. Good at picking ground balls in cramped spaces or during face-offs, helping you quickly win possession

String Ability

The STX Duel 3 is offering the freest stringing ever seen to unlock your face-off maestro. Say goodbye to the limited stringing choices on previous duel heads. With its vast 16 sidewall holes, the STX Duel 3 opens up a whole universe of customization. That's 4 more than the previous generation Duel 2 and 8 more than, first of all, the original dual system.

Besides numbers, the holes are evenly separated and not bunched up, with plenty of spaces between them for making patterns and designs.




For face-off specialists and stay-on midfielders, the STX Duel 3 is a game-changer. With its combination of flexibility, control strength, and endurance, it is a definite asset anywhere on the court. It might take a bit of learning and an extra investment, but the Duel 3 repays excellence with matchless performance and individual style. 

The ultimate problem is, of course, whether or not the Duel 3 suits your own playing style and tastes. With its durable dominance, the Duel 3 is made to last, ready for your most heated face-off battles. For the face-off specialist or midfielder who enjoys ground balls and offensive breaks, it's worth taking a look. Perhaps it's the key to unlocking that inner lacrosse beast.

Therefore, if you're a face-out warrior or an attacker who craves possession–the STX Duel 3 calls to you. Pick from classic black or head-turning white, and let your dominance do the talking.

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