Product Review: STX Fuse Composite Complete Stick


The STX Fuse Composite is a one-piece lacrosse stick manufactured for elite players. Built for attacking and offensive players, the STX Fuse has a dual-material construction that makes it lightweight, durable, efficient, and easy to handle. It offers a maximum feel for carry and cradle with no head rattling. The Speed Scoop technology reduces drag, and Lock Pocket brings the Lacross ball to the sweet spot like a charm.

Drip Score: 7.8/10

Product Review STX Fuse Composite Complete Stick

Key Features

Brand STX
Position Offensive
Cost $349.99
Level Intermediate and Advanced
Legality All Levels, Conforming with NCAA and NFHS Rules
Stringing Pre-Strung
Colors 2023
Year Released 2023

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Stick Shape

The STX Fuse composite has a ⅞’’ octagonal stick profile. This makes it easy for players to handle and perform maneuvers. The design is optimized for offensive and attacking techniques. Whereas, the U-shaped head of the Fuse contributes to improved ball control and accuracy during gameplay.


The STX Fuse Composite Lacrosse stick is made up of dual materials. The stick is a composite material and the head is made up of flexible plastic. The composite construction enhances the stick’s durability, ensuring it can withstand intense gameplay moments. 


Like most Lacrosse sticks, the focus of STX Fuse is on the lightweight profile. The composite and plastic material choice contributes to the overall lightweight nature of the STX Fuse stick. The optimal weight distribution improves the responsive feel allowing players to react quickly to changing situations on the field. 


STX has used its tailored and signature flex STX Fuse flex. It features a calibrated flex, providing players with the right balance of stiffness and responsiveness. Offensive players have just the right flex for powerful shots and accurate passes with ample control over the ball. 

End Cap

The STX Fuse comes with an integrated silicon end cap. This integrated end cap is designed with functionality and player comfort in mind. The softer end cap of the Fuse serves as the finishing touch to the stick. Although it is considered a minor aspect, the integrated end caps offer benefits such as balanced weight distribution, enhanced control, player comfort, improved durability, and reduced wear.


The STX Fuse comes with a pre-formed Lock Pocket stringing. STX has included the Lock Pocket in the Fuse because of its utility and high performance. The Lock Pocket serves to bring to ball to the sweet spot of the stringing and enhances ball retention and quick release. This provides lacrosse players with a reliable feel during dodges, passes, and goal shots.

Lock Pocket The STX Fuse makes offensive and attacking players feel more confident by increasing shot power and putting more energy behind the ball. The implementation of the Speed Scoop technology on the upper end of the head protects the top strings from wear and reduces the drag for ground balls.



More Buying Option: 

Which Shape Should You Buy

The STX Fuse has a U-shaped head and an octagonal stick profile. If you are an offensive player, an octagonal shape would be ideal for you. It provides enhanced grip, reduced rotation, comfortable handling, and targetted ball control.

However, one size does not fit all. Some Lacrosse players may prefer a more pinched head for increased ball retention, while others may favor a wider head for improved catching ability. 


The newly introduced high-tech STX Fuse is a top-notch addition to the catalog of STX. The built quality and lightweight design solidify its position as a reliable option for all levels of play. It is an elite stick for offensive players who look for a good response and feel from their Lacross sticks.

While the STX Fuse Composite boasts numerous advantages with high-tech manufacturing and the best Lacrosse players endorsing it, buyers should also consider factors such as budget constraints and individual playing preferences.

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