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Lacrosse goalies are a different breed of players who do not fear 80, 90, or even 100-mph balls coming at them. Goalies must consistently read the shooter's mind to stop goals. The right lacrosse head makes all the difference, which is why we are here to break down why the ECD Impact Goalie Head with Elite Pocket might be the head for you.

Designed and revised for over two years, the Impact Goalie was released in 2022. ECD collaborated with GoalieSmith to finetune the Impact Goalie's head and stringing. It is a prestrung elite pocket Goalie head built with a proprietary light and stiff plastic SL-105. This head features an optimized face shape, a responsive head, and a comfortable ergonomic throat for players of all levels.

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Drip Score: 9.4/10

ECD Impact Goalie Head w. Elite Pocket

Key Features


Brand East Coast Dyes (ECD)
Position Goalie
Cost $174.99
Legality All Levels, Conforming with NCAA and NFHS Rules
Colors White ( White Impact, Black Striker)
Year Released 2022


Product Specs

Weight 11.5 ounces
Pocket Location Mid
Stiffness Stiff
String Holes Sidewall: 20 on each sideTop Holes: 7
Release Year 2022
Face Shape Wide and Open
Ground Pickup Wide
Ball Release On-Time
Ease of Use All
Position Goalie
Gender Male and Female
Spread on Shot Wide
Level of Play All

Lax Drip Official Drip Meter Lacrosse Head Ranking

Drip Meter Each Row Ranked Between 0-10

Ground Pick-Up Performance 6 The wide head allows for pick-ups over large areas; however, the size can also be cumbersome.
Shooting Performance 4 The wide head makes pinpointing shots difficult and lacks aerodynamics, causing slow releases.
Cradling Performance/Ball Security 5 Balls are easily knocked out, and the large head is nowhere near as agile as a typical non-goalie head.
Catching 10 Optimized for catching, this head excels at catching fast shots on goals and passes from teammates.
Stringablility/Strength of pocket/Customizability 9 The pre-strung head is sturdy and can withstand the fastest shots.
Durability (Material and Thickness) CheckingPerformance 9 This head is built to withstand high-velocity shots, making it one of the most durable.
Faceoff Performance  2 Players won’t even attempt faceoffs with this head clunky and rigid nature.
Cost 5 More expensive than most heads, but the high-quality materials justify the price.
Passing 7 The size makes passing harder and slower
Drippiness/Aesthetics/Brand Integrity 9 ECD is well known for its high-quality heads and durability, and this head is no different
Total 66 Great overall score, which may seem lower compared to other positions due to the specialized nature of the goalie's head.



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Goalies hold one of the toughest positions on the field and need just as strong gear. Goalies look for a responsive head that is easy to handle, has ample saving space, good whip, and accurate, smooth releases. The prestrung ECD Impact Goalie (Made in the USA) offers all these attributes. It is a utility-rich stiff head for men and women goalies of all levels. 


The shape of Impact Goalies is not just for show. It is engineered to save the unsavables. The optimized wide face shape offers more saving area and stability. The prestrung elite pocket is deep enough to have rebound control. Whereas the reinforced scoop offers consistent and accurate release with no break in time. The low-density durable plastic SL-105 results in an above-average stiffness. 

Face Shape, Shooting, and Pocket Location

The Impact Goalie has a wide face shape and deep pockets. The Impact Goalie head gives you the perfect balance with its mid-pocket location and depth to control rebounds and accurate releases. The elite pocket is prestrung with HeroMesh by professional stringers of ECD.

Cradling, Passing, and Catching

The primary purpose of a goalie stick is to catch high-speed incoming shots and pass the ball with accuracy, Impact Goalie performs effectively on this front. There is good stiffness in the scoop thanks to the proprietary light and durable SL-105 plastic. Passing and catching feels natural and controlled because of the strategic pocket placement. However, the cradling feels average because of the depth of the pocket.

Flexibility and Ground Ball Pick-Up

The ECD Impact Goalie Head just the right amount of flexibility in the scoop to pick up ground balls efficiently but maintains its rigidity when blocking hard shots on goal.. The head responds with the agility that goalies need. 

Defensive Capability

The pocket depth and semi-soft mesh make the Impact Goalie a force to reckon with. The lightweight but stiff head does not compromise its defensive capabilities at all. The defensive abilities of this goalie stick allow goalies to control the game and make crucial stops. With the right skill set, ECD Impact Goalie can help turn defensive plays into offensive opportunities.

Stringing and Number of Holes

The in-house exclusive HeroStrings are used to string the elite pocket of the Impact Goalie. It is a semi-soft mesh that controls shots and rebounds well. It is strung on the advised pattern of GoalieSmith.

The ECD Impact Goalie has 7 holes on the top and 20 sidewall holes on each side. These 47 holes ensure a fine-tuned tension and responsiveness of the pocket, giving you a goalie stick that feels like an extension of your body. The introduction of an adjustable bottom string allows for players to tune their heads to their liking.

Material, Durability, Flexibility, and Weight

The team at ECD engineered a durable and lightweight plastic SL-105 exclusively for the Impact Goalie. This low-density material can endure high-velocity shots on the frame of the head. The Impact Goalie weighs 11.5 ounces, slightly heavier due to its more sturdy construction. 

Customization, Appearance, and Aesthetics

Beyond performance, the ECD Impact Goalie Head catches the eye with its minimalistic design. The ergonomic throat enhances the control and comfort of handling the stick. Although it is a prestrung elite pocket head, unstrung versions are also available. The unstrung head allows you to tailor the look and feel of your stick to match your style and preferences. You have the option to either string it all white or black striker pattern.

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