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The Duel U is the pioneer Lacrosse head by STX. It is the first of the many Lacrosse heads that STX has manufactured. The company performed 8 years of extensive research to come up with the perfect design and playability that proved to be successful for other heads. The STX is perfect for advanced face-off specialists.

Unlike traditional overlapping plugs, the STX Duel U head features a throat plug which makes it 1 inch shorter. The Scalloped Scoops on the top increase the torsional stability for easier pick up of the ground balls. The strategic placement of Dual Sidewall Braces aids in scooping the ground ball. Stringing options improve stability and offer customization options.

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Drip Score: 8.7/10

STX Duel U

Key Features


Brand STX
Position Midfield, Faceoff Specialists
Cost $50 for Head
Level Intermediate-Advanced
Legality Conforming with NCAA and NFHS rules
Stringing Unstrung
Colors White
Year Released 2015


Head Shape

The head shape of the STX Duel U is specifically designed for face-off specialists. It is flexible and rugged in composition. STX Duel U head can effectively withstand extreme twisting and turning. It features a Scalloped Scoop design on the top that makes it lightweight and enhances ball control during face-offs.

The width and depth allow players to maneuver effectively and gain a competitive edge during face-offs, ground pick-ups, or power shots. Three screw holes on the head increase the torsional stability. It has a throat plug-in that makes it an inch shorter. The plug-in goes inside the shaft whereas most other Lacrosse heads have overlapping plug-ins. The throat plug-in has a target grip as well to further increase the controllability of the stick.

Head Material

The head of STX Duel U is made from a new proprietary material Reflex (robust polymer). STX claims that it can endure and withstand the rigors of face-offs and speed play. 


Weight for a Lacrosse stick is a critical consideration to achieve the right balance between agility and strength. The STX Duel U is a lightweight design, allowing players to swiftly maneuver the stick during face-offs. This lightweight enhances the player’s ability to react quickly and maintain control over the ball with easier clamping down.


An ideal flex should feel like a second skin. The STX Duel U features a good balanced flex that strikes the right amount of give and responsiveness. Duel U’s flex allows players to execute their shots and techniques properly. A good balanced flex ensures that the Lacrosse stick adapts to the player’s movements. It allows more control of the ball.

Shaft Material

For shafts, the STX Dual U is traditionally paired with the signature STX Duel SC which is made of scandium alloy. The STX Duel SC features a sandblast finish for a comfortable grip. The scandium alloy is a blend of premium metals that provides an outstanding strength-to-weight ratio.

End Cap:

Often disregarded as a minor detail, the end caps play an important role in the overall comfort of handling Lacrosse sticks. The STX Duel SC features a soft rubber end cap that complements its lightweight structure and shock absorption. Unlike plastic end caps, the rubber end cap is more useful in protecting the open end of the shaft. Rubber end-caps also prevent any possible injuries.

Stringing of STX Duel U:

The stringing holes on the STX Duel U are placed perfectly to offer width and depth along with tried and tested durability. The STX Duel U is unstrung, thus offering multiple customizable stringing options for players. This feature helps Lacrosse players tailor the pocket with multiple string setups.  Different pocket shapes can improve ball retention and release. A perfect option for face-off specialists to dominate the game in crucial situations.



Which Shape Face-Off Specialists Should Buy:

For face-off specialists who look for a competitive edge in crucial moments, the STX Duel U is a highly recommended choice. Its specialized head shape and stringing options make it particularly effective in face-offs and clamping down on the balls.

However, exploring Lacrosse sticks with different head shapes might be beneficial. Attacker-oriented heads often have a wider and more pinched shape, whereas the defenders prefer a wider head for enhanced defensive capabilities. Selecting the appropriate lacrosse stick shape depends on the player’s position, playing style, and personal preferences.


The STX Duel U Lacrosse Stick stands out as a top choice for face-off specialists, offering a combination of specialized design, durable construction, and customizable features. Its unique head shape, lightweight design, and versatile stringing options make it a valuable tool for players seeking dominance in face-offs.

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