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After the success of the DNA Elite Pocket stick, ECD was compelled to upgrade and produce a refined stick. 

In 2023, they released the DNA 2 Elite Pocket. It is perfect for all positions excluding faceoff scenarios.

The fundamental changes in the ECD DNA 2 from its counterpart are reduced weight, optimized face shape, increased stringing holes, enhanced semi-soft HeroStrings 3.0, and improved durability for colder regions. 

This stick is ideal for intermediate to advanced males playing in defensive, midfield, or offensive positions.

We don’t recommend this to beginners because it could be more difficult to use for the less experienced player.

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Drip Score: 9.2/10

ECD DNA 2 Elite Pocket

Key Features


Brand East Coast Dyes (ECD)
Position All Positions
Cost $144.99
Legality All Levels, Conforming with NCAA and NFHS Rules
Colors White ( White Impact, Black Storm Striker)
Year Released 2023


Product Specs

Weight5.5 ounces
Pocket LocationMid
StiffnessFlexible Stiff
String HolesSidewall: 20 on each sideTop Holes: 6
Release Year2023
Face ShapeSlightly Wide
Ground PickupGood
Ball ReleaseOn-time
Ease of UseIntermediate to Advanced
PositionAll Positions
Spread on ShotIt's a sharpshooter
Level of PlayAll

Lax Drip Official Drip Meter Lacrosse Head Ranking

Drip Meter Each Row Ranked Between 0-10

Ground Pick-Up Performance10
Shooting Performance/Sharp shot orwidespread10
Cradling Performance/Ball Security8
Stringablility /Strength of pocket/Customizability10
Durability (Material and Thickness) CheckingPerformance8
Faceoff Performance 7
Drippiness/Aesthetics/Brand Integrity10


The ECD DNA 2 with Elite Pocket is an amazing prestrung head for men playing at almost any position. It is a lightweight design that offers maximum shape retention. For durability in colder regions, ECD has put overflow tabs on the throat. Ryan Drenner, the 2016 Co-Player of the Year, plays as an attackman with the DNA 2 mid-low pocket.


It is one of the best-selling Lacrosse heads of ECD. Built with FlexForm plastic, it is lighter in weight than its predecessor but slightly heavier than most modern Lacrosse heads. The DNA 2 head profile is designed to prevent warping issues. It has neither a narrow nor a wide face shape; instead it has a slightly wide and dialed-in face shape.

Shooting, Face Shape, and Pocket Location

The DNA 2 has a somewhat aggressive pinch that offers ample control for consistent and accurate releases with no break-in time. It is a truly universal head, seen on all positions, except for goalies and FOGOs.


As the max offset is in the middle, it has a mid pocket. It has an optimized face shape that appeals to midfielders who look for ball retention and dodging, but don’t want an attack focused head. If you are an aggressive attacker, like Ryan Drenner who prefers a low pocket for the quickest releases, the team at ECD has more specific offensive options (PUT LINK HERE)

Cradling, Passing, and Catching

The ECD DNA 2 has a flatter scoop profile. The head's design facilitates fluid cradling, allowing seamless transitions and superior ball control. The aggressive pinch aids with consistent, accurate, and smooth passing. Whereas for catching, it has enough depth in the pocket to catch and control fiery rebounds. 

Flexibility, Ground Ball Pick-Up, and Faceoff

It is manufactured with FlexForm plastic that is stiff yet anti-warping and flexible enough to absorb and distribute impact forces. 

ECD subjected the DNA 2 to a ‘Torture Test’ to endure 500 hits. It came out of the test with only minor scuffs.

The strategic rail construction and placement of sidewall stringing holes make it a great head for easier ground ball pick-ups at all angles. It has a slight lip on the top to ensure strings don’t interfere while scooping. It offers responsive feedback to attackers and midfielders. 

Due to the stiffness, DNA 2 is not intended for faceoffs, if you are looking for a faceoff head check out ______. (LINK TO FACEOFF HEAD)

Defensive Capability, Checking, and Knocking the Ball Out

Defensively, the ECD DNA 2 Elite Pocket is impressive. The overflow tabs on the throat are an added layer of durability. 

During checking, the head's design and endurance provide the right amount of give. This allows for effective ball-knocking without sacrificing control.

The adaptability of DNA 2 in defensive situations makes it a reliable stick for players who value both offensive and defensive play.

Stringing and Number of Holes

ECD has used its proprietary HeroString 3.0 and HeroMesh 3.0 for a semi-soft stringing and pocket experience. It is strong enough to release the ball on time and soft enough to control sharpshooters and rebounds. 

Unlike its predecessor which had 18 sidewall holes, the DNA 2 Elite Pocket has 20 sidewall holes on each side. Both models have 6 top holes. It has 3 larger holes towards the top side and 17 smaller holes throughout the rest of the head until they open back up at the throat.

Material, Durability, and Weight

Flex Form plastic is used in the head which is a durable construction material. As described earlier, it passed the ECD’s signature ‘Torture Test’. Flex Form reduces the risk of cracking or breaking. DNA 2 can easily get you through multiple seasons.

The DNA 2 weighs 5.5 ounces whereas the DNA weighs 6.0 ounces. This is a significant decrease while improving the integrity of the construction material. Although it is lighter, most heads weigh 5 ounces. If you are getting a universal stick, then 0.5 ounces does not impede performance.

Customization, Appearance, and Aesthetics

It has an aggressive pinch and a slightly wide face halfway up the head that starts flaring out towards the scoop. The DNA 2 Elite Pocket is pre strung by ECD-stringing professionals in the USA. The Pre strung all-white head is offered in two string colors (White Impact and Black Storm Striker). However, unstrung heads are also available in white, ECD signature blue, and black.



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