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Trusted by Zed Williams, I was waiting to get my hands on the Maverik Kinetik Carbon complete stick in the field. Finally, I went ahead and tried it, and there is plenty to like about this complete stick. Versatility is key for me as a right-handed attacker, and this stick checks many boxes. 

From Maverik’s ultralight carbon shaft to Kinetik 2.0 head, from Control Core technology to Ground Control technology, it performed well in many offensive aspects. 

Although, some points did not make sense to me.

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Drip Score: 8.5/10

Maverik Kinetik Carbon Complete Stick

Key Features


Brine Crown Pro Stick
Brand Maverik
Position Attack | Midfield
Cost $149.99
Level High School and College+
Legality Conforming with NCAA and NFHS Rules
Colors White | Black
Year Released 2023


Product Specs

Weight5.2 oz (head only)
Pocket LocationMid-High
String HolesSidewall: 20 on each sideTop Holes: 6
Release Year2023
Face ShapeNarrow and Tight
Ground PickupGood
Ball ReleaseOn Time
Ease of UseAdvanced Beginners| Intermediate
PositionMidfield | Offense
Spread on ShotIntermediate Sharpshooter
Level of PlayHigh School and College+

Maverik Kinetik Carbon Complete Stick Ranking

Drip Meter Each Row Ranked Between 0-10.

Accuracy of Shot and Pass8Passing accuracy can be tricky at the start but with a little practice, it can be one of the most high-power accurate sticks.
Checking8.5The aggressive scoop shape and offset design make it easy to deliver punishing blows to opposing players on the field.
Cradling Performance/Ball Security9The implementation of the patented Control Core technology on the Maverik Kinetik Carbon favors efficient cradling.
Catching8The Kinetik Carbon has a narrow face requiring a higher skill level to make consistentcatches.
Ground Pickup Performance9The Kinetik Carbon is great at picking up ground balls with an aggressive scoop that funnelsground balls into its secure narrow pocket.
Faceoff Performance7.5It delivers mixed results during faceoffs. The head is more so on the rigid side
Stringability9It has an ample amount of sidewall stringing holes and prestrung impressively by the pros. 
Durability (Material andThickness)9It has a durable design. DuraTough plastic is used in the head whereas carbon composite shafts can withstand a good amount of rigors.
Drippiness/Aesthetics/BrandIntegrity8.5The Kinetik Carbon has a professional and minimalist design. It looks good.
Cost 8.5Great value for the quality. The patented technologies introduced by Maverik in this stick are worth the investment. 
Total8.5/10Overall the head can hold its own in all areas with the right pocket



Who’s This Head Made For?

The Maverik Kinetik Carbon complete stick is designed for attackers and attacking midfielders. This makes it perfect for players like me who play in pressure offensive scenarios. Released in 2023, this stick is made for men. It has the conventional properties of the Maverik’s Carbon shaft and Kinetik 2.0 head.

One of the standout features of Kinetik Carbon is its energy transfer on the balls. The narrow throat and face shape allow for proper power transfer. This gives the players the confidence for accuracy and high-speed shots. 

Maverik claims that Kinetik Carbon will always deliver. If you are someone who likes to adjust the end cap to your preferred length, Maverik’s has got you covered with their Carbon composite shaft.  

However, it did not make sense to me why Maverik went ahead with the Kinetik 2.0 head (launched in 2020) instead of Kinetik 3.0 (launched in 2023). Maybe they will upgrade this in the future.

Accuracy of Shot and Pass

Primarily, this is an offense head. So the throat and face width are narrow. Generally, the narrow throat and face shape certainly lend themselves to precise shots and passes, but initially, I found them to be delivering mixed results. The power on the shots was brilliant, whereas, I struggled with the accuracy at times. Most of the time, the ball tilted slightly right off my target. 

Ideally, attackers prefer low pockets for accuracy. However, the Kinetik 2.0 has somewhat of a mid-high pocket. I was skeptical of this but interestingly, the feedback I received with mid-high pockets was good. I must commend the better ball control. It allowed me to pick my targets without having to worry about the ball rolling up in the pocket.

With a little practice, I was able to pass and shoot overhead, behind the back, sidearm, and underarm with accuracy.  In terms of shot speed, hands down, it gets the job done for shooters like me who prefer a strong and good energy transfer.

In comparison with the Kinetik head, the Kinetik 2.0 is more refined and advanced in technology. A good tradeoff would be StringKing Complete 2 or STX Stallion 1k.

Catching and Cradling

The Maverik Kinetik Carbon excels in catching and cradling. The narrow throat and face width make it easy to snag passes and keep the ball snug during checks. Plus, the mid-high pocket location provides a perfect blend of control and release. The depth of the pocket allows for efficient catching and cradling.

One thing I appreciate about the Kinetik Carbon is its consistency. Unlike some other sticks I have used, this one held its shape on the field, ensuring every catch feels as crisp as the first. And thanks to the strategic placement of the sidewalls, the ball stayed secure in the pocket, even during aggressive checks.

Being an attacker, you have to be efficient and have full control over your stick on the field. The Control Core technology offers an optimal stress distribution across the head. While playing, I found it to be fully supportive of vertical and sidearm cradling. At no point did I feel the need to exert extra hold.

I was able to perform basic, face dodge, split dodge, and roll dodge cradling with ease. It felt like a second skin. 


When it comes to checking, the Maverik Kinetik Carbon was again on point with its performance. The narrow key shape face and tighter throat ensured maximum contact with the ball. Whereas, its aggressive scoop shape and offset design made it easier for me to deliver punishing blows to opposing players on the field.

Additionally, the patented X-Rail shape of the sidewalls provides added strength and rigidity. I can affirm that it has the right amount of stress-to-weight ratio.

I went on to throw precise and punishing poke, lift, slap, and wrap checks without sacrificing durability and stiffness. In this price range, I think Kinetik Carbon is the best option to throw checks. 

Ground Pick-Up and Faceoff

The Maverik Kinetik Carbon has a good angle of attack on the ground balls. It has a roundish scoop shape and a head width of 6 ½ inches. The angled scoop makes it easy to scoop up ground balls on the fly. The head width provides added stability during faceoffs. Had it been a low pocket head, winning ground balls could be more efficient.

The rigidity of the Kinetik Carbon ensures that it maintains its shape even under heavy use. I went on to win 8/10 ground balls with scoop, bucket, trap and pick, and cradle and pick. The round and curvy shape made it easier for me to get under the ball without having to worry about the digging of the head in the field. 

However, I would not rate it highly for faceoffs. I tried different shots. It works well with clamp and rake, however, It performs average with jam and plunger.

Final Remarks

All in all, the Maverik Kinetik Carbon is a standout elite-level stick that offers a winning combination of performance, versatility, and durability. From its precision-engineered design to its innovative features, this stick is sure to improve your game.

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