Gait D2 T Lacrosse Head Review


The gait d2 t lacrosse head review Transition is a bold new addition to gait’s latest defensive heads line. 

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Key Features


Key Features
Brand Gait
Position Defense
Cost $119.99 Unstrung
Level All Levels
Legality Conforming with NCAA and NFHS Rules
Colors White
Year Released 2024


Product Specs
Weight Average
Pocket Location High
Stiffness Stiff
String Holes Above Average – High Customization
Release Year 2024
Face Shape Slightly Narrow Average Slightly Wide
Ground Pick Up Wide
Ball Release Late
Ease of Use Intermediate to Advanced
Position Defense – LSM –  D Middies
Gender Men’s
Spread on shot Normal/Average Spread
Level of play ALL levels

Defense Head Ranking

Drip Meter Each Row Ranked Between 0-10  
Accuracy of shot and pass 8 Passing accuracy is impressive for a stiff, defensive head. The narrowest face provides the best shot accuracy of the D2 series
Checking 10 The Gait D2 T has a huge checking advantage over traditional heads with its new can openers and impact ridges. This head grips onto players during, pulls, pushes, and slashes.
Cradling Performance/Ball Security 9 The rigid and sharp angles along all sidewalls help deflect checks on the head and allow for increased ball security
Catching 7 The Gait D2 T has a narrow face requiring a higher skill level to make consistent catches
Ground Pick-Up Performance 8 The D2 GB is great at picking up ground balls with a super wide scoop that funnels ground balls into its secure narrow pocket
Faceoff Performance 6 The head is far too rigid to recommend for faceoffs. The flat offset angle will require you to get lower to the ground
Stringablity 10 This head has an above-average amount of stringing holes allowing for a very versatile pocket setup
Durability (Material and Thickness) 9 Extremely durable design – Thick walls all around with engineers who determined the exact locations to remove material to balance the weight and strength. Impacts can be distributed throughout the head.
Drippiness/Aesthetics/Brand Integrity 9 Gait is a respected brand known for its innovative heads but the ban of the Gait D can opener has disappointed many players.
Cost 9 Great value for the quality, Innovation usually comes at a price, but this head manages to release never-before-seen features at a reasonable price. 



Who’s This Head Made For?

The latest Gait D2 Head Series was released in January 2024, and the Gait D2 Transition is one of our favorite releases to date for defensive and violent players. These heads are designed for men’s high school, college, and professional leagues. Defensemen, long stick middies, and defensive-based middies should consider this head because of its side wall impact ridges and legal “mini can openers.”

Accuracy of Shot and Pass

The Gait D2 T has a throat and face width slightly narrower than average, allowing for more accurate shots, passes, increased consistency, and a tighter spread. This head has the fastest shot speed of the Gait D2 Series, but is not intended for use as an attack head; if you are looking for the best attack heads, click here (link to article).

With its low-mid pocket, you’re unable to wind back super far and instead need to be more aware and deliberate with your strokes and passes. When compared, the Gait D2 T is narrower and more accurate than the Gait D2 C. The offensive leaning However, if you prefer an easier-to-use head that still features the can openers, the Gait D2 C.

Catching and Cradling

The mid-low pocket of the Gait D2 T keeps the ball more secure as its center of gravity is closer to the player. The rigid sidewalls resist impact, keeping the ball stable when receiving checks from other players.Any defensive player who finds themselves making runs down the field will love this head, hence the name “transition.”

The narrow face and throat shape require more force to dislodge the ball. The trade-off, players must be more skillful to consistently catch the ball. The Gait D2 T has the smallest area for catching since it is narrower than the Gait D2 C and Gait D2 GB.


Checking is where the Gait D2 T shines. Don’t be fooled, this head features “rounded”  impact ridges on the front face that can really leave a mark if you land a hit. These ridges concentrate the force and make the face of the head more “grippy.” The Gait D2 is a really great set of heads for checking and yard sales.

This head gets a very rare 10/10 for checking ability because of the new upper and lower mini can openers. Whether you are pulling or pushing, there is a set of can openers that can latch onto a player’s stick. The head is very rigid to inflict maximum damage on your opponents. If the mini can openers are not for you, the Gait D2 ground ball features impact ridges with no can openers for a more traditional head.

This head is made from some of the strongest materials on the market and is built to last. Warping and bending are not likely due to the rigidity of the materials and the structural supporting built into the sidewalls. This head is truly  built to be a weapon.

Ground Pick-Up and Faceoff

Gait D2 T has a flat scoop, which performs much more consistently on various terrains. However, players need to get lower to the ground to pick up balls. The rigidity of the head allows players to “stab” at ground balls and  A new cutout on the scoop keeps it functional but reduces weight and drag. The scoop has been refined to funnel balls quickly 

The low-mid pocket will require just a little more time for ground balls to settle compared to s higher pocket like the STX Hammer 1K. As a result, the lower pocket does give you more security, a major reason you pick the Gait D2 T over the other Gait D2 series heads. The Gait D2 T is designed for defense, so players looking for a faceoff head should check out our best faceoff heads article.

Final Remarks

We love the Gait D2 Series and the Gait D2 T the most of the three. We predict this head will set a new standard for defensive players and balance the offensive-dominated game. The impact ridges and mini-can openers might take some getting used to but will make any player a force to be reckoned with. 

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