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About Brine

 Brine, is a sporting goods manufacturer in the United States. It manufactures lacrosse, soccer, volleyball, and field hockey equipment. It markets its products under its own brand as well as In The Crease for goals and goal accessories

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Best Brine Heads

Brine offers a wide selection of lacrosse heads for everyone from beginners to pros & attackmen to goalies. Brine's top-tier heads are consistently used by colleges across the nation thanks to their consistent performance.

Edge Pro Strung Head


The Edge Pro redefines Truoffset! 

Dynasty Warp Pro


Brine's heritage Dynasty family re-invented

Dynasty II – Strung


REINFORCED CORE-TECH provides a lightweight feel

Dynasty Warp Pro MID


For the advanced player with a textured knit for enhanced feel 

Best Brine Shafts

Like most other lacrosse equipment, Brine has long been one of the most respected shaft manufacturers in the game. They have both metal and carbon fiber shafts for attackmen & middies, defensemen, and goalies.

Edge Carbon


Edge Carbon handle and soft coat finish

WARP Pro Minimus


 ultra-thin lightweight carbon making this the lightest handle

Edge Pro Carbon


Highstrength, lightweight carbon composite weave

Dynasty Carbon Handle


One of Brine's most durable handles

Best Brine Complete Sticks

Complete lacrosse sticks are great for beginners and intermediate players because you can get a whole stick that is already put together with one purchase. Note that the most advanced heads & shafts usually aren't included in complete sticks.

Edge Pro on Edge Carbon


desirable speed and accuracy on shots and passes

Dynasty Warp KO


Smooth release with Speed and Control

Dynasty II Complete


Improved pocket at the sweet spot and quick release.

Dynasty Warp Pro


For maximum power and ultimate ball control

Best Brine Gloves

Brine offers some of the most advanced lacrosse gloves in the game as well as options for youth and beginner players including the Surgeon, Cell, and Stallion lines.

Dynasty Glove


Dual density foam covers key areas of the knuckles and backhand

Mantra Ice Glove


Compression molded foam for protection in high impact areas

Nemesis Pro Glove 2019


Goalie specific glove for maximum feel and best-in-class protection

Nemesis Glove 2019


Goalie specific glove for enhanced impact performance

Best Brine Protectors

If you are looking for shoulder pads, liners, or a chest protector (for goalies), Brine has got you covered. They offer a variety of options for varying ages and coverage preferences. Shoulder pads are a bit bulkier than liners but offer more protection.

Nemesis Pro Chest Protector


3-Piece chest pad construction for improved flexibility

Burn Helmet


 A holistic approach to head protection focused on safety first

Triumph Goalie Pants


Beaded foam technology helps disperse the impact of the ball and circulate air flow

Women's Goggles

When it comes to women's lacrosse goggles, Brine offers a variety of options for varying skill levels and ages.

Dynasty Rise


Low-profile cage clears obstructions for the ultimate field of view.

Dynasty II Goggle


Contoured mask sits snug against the face for enhanced fit

Dynasty II TI


Ultra lightweight Titanium cage, Silicone comfort pads for enhanced comfort