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As an attacker, I have always preferred the best protective gear because lacrosse is a game where one must endure high-intensity impacts. Lacrosse players must avoid concussions at all costs. Thus, the Cascade XRS Pro review was a no-brainer for me.

There is hardly anything better than the Cascade lacrosse helmet series. I started wearing the Cascade R when it came out and made subsequent upgrades with the S, XRS, and now the XRS Pro. 

Cascade-XRS-Pro-Lacrosse-Helmet (

Released in 2023, the Cascade XRS Pro lacrosse helmet is an upgraded version of the original XRS. There are a few upgrades, however, the impact of these changes has made this lacrosse helmet a 10/10.

There is no barring on the positions or gender for the Cascade XRS Pro helmet. It works exceptionally well with all player positions. Offered in a universal size of  21½ – 24 inches (head circumference), it is a good fit for players from high school to the professional level.

Having said that, is it worth the high price tag?

Well, I will share my on-field experience from every feature and performance aspect and let you decide.  

Key Features and Product Specs

Position All Positions
Gender Male | Female
Size Universal | 21½ inch - 24 inch
Release Year 2023
Material Hard-Plastic | Metal Cage
Ventilation XFlow (2x Improved)
Technologies Quick Clip | Pro Vision | Pro Fit | Pro Liner | Tri Liner | XFlow | 360 Fit | SPR Fit | Seven Tech+ | EAFX | Gen 5 EPP | X Shell | Vixion
Shell Colors Platinum | Metallic Gold | Metallic Red | Metallic Orange | Gunmetal
Rear Panel Yes (color options available)
Visor Decal Colors Athletic Gold | Black | Carolina Blue | Cobalt Blue | Forest Green | Hopkins Blue | Maroon | Navy Blue | Old Gold | Orange | Purple | Royal Blue | Scarlet Red | Silver | White | Yellow | None
Chin Guard Colors Athletic Gold | Black | Carolina Blue | Cobalt Blue | Forest Green | Hopkins Blue | Maroon | Navy Blue | Old Gold | Orange | Purple | Royal Blue | Scarlet Red | Silver | White | Yellow
Jaw Bone Colors Black | White | Grey
Chin Strap Colors Black | White
Mask Colors Black | Chrome | White Pearl | Athletic Gold Pearl | Caroline Blue Pearl | Golden Pearl | Grey Pearl | Orange Pearl | Purple Pearl | Green Chrome | Red Chrome | Royal Blue Chrome
Goalie Throat Guard Yes | Clear Screw on TP-S | Smoke Screw on TP-S
Customization Yes (over 23 colors and 5 finishes with hundreds of set-ups)
Legality NOCSAE Standard Approved

Drip Score


There is nothing that I do not love about this helmet. It fits perfectly, keeps me protected, and offers a premium experience. Unless a better lacrosse helmet is released, the Cascade XRS Pro will remain the best lacrosse helmet for me.


  • Magnetic Clip Chin Straps
  • Pro Vision for Peripheral Vision
  • Pro-Fit for Snug Fitting
  • Pro Liner for Comfort
  • Excellent Ventilation
  • Customization Options
  • Good Protection Coverage
  • 1 Year Warranty


  • Expensive

Protection and Safety

Almost all PLL players wear the Cascade XRS Pro. This itself is a testament to its protection and safety since PLL is a place where one surely wants to be fully protected.

Having used the original XRS for a couple of seasons, the construction material is the same. Despite being a lightweight frame, the application of the proprietary Supermono™ X Shell withstands impact from all directions. 

The X Shell technology refers to the same-piece construction of the shell and the visor. 

On the contrary, many helmets have separate visors.

Cascade XRS Protection
Cascade XRS Protection (

I liked how Cascade has extended the neck panel by ½ inch. On the field, the neck panel not only protected me from the slashes and harsh body challenges but also kept the helmet pretty snug and neck supported.

For me, the anatomical fit and the sturdy cage bars worked like a charm for shock absorption and facial protection. 

The Tri-Liner merges three distinct liner technologies to tackle variable force impacts on the field. Each component of the Tri-Liner system advocates for a protection-first performance.

Whereas the Gen 5 EPP and Seven Tech+ pads are strategically positioned throughout the critical impact zones in the helmet. Upon impact, this system compresses to effectively disperse impact force laterally and resets within seconds.

The EAFX technology is a high-performance impact foam engineered to safeguard the crown of the head. This molded foam connects the shell and liner. Despite the harsh challenges that were thrown at me on the field,  the EAFX maintained form and comfort.

For protection and safety. I would rate the Cascade XRS Pro 9.5/10.

Comfort and Fit

Comfort and fit are key upgraded features of the XRS Pro helmet. The application of the 360 Pro-Fit and SPR-Fit has nothing but improved the overall comfort of the helmet. 

With perfect equilibrium and alignment, the Cascade XRS Pro helmet offered me a good center of gravity at the crown of the head. The weight is evenly distributed across the helmet which adds to the comfort experience. I did not have to reposition it after strides and impacts.

Cascade XRS Comfort
Cascade XRS Comfort (

For adjustability, the Quick Clip is a winner for me. These are two-point strong magnetic chin straps that can be adjusted on the go. With a quick snap, I could easily adjust magnetic chin straps. 

Since it is offered in a universal size, the sizing might become an issue if the circumference of your head is either less than 21½ inches or over 24 inches.

The Tri-Liner and Seven Tech+ pads along with a finely molded EAFX make it more comfortable than its predecessors.  The rear panel offered me good comfort, security, and extended protection for the occipital region. 

I would rate the comfort and fit of the Cascade XRS Pro a 9.5/10. 

Ventilation and Breathability

The ventilation and breathability of the Cascade XRS Pro are amazing. I play in the warm climate of  Austin. The head sweat has always been a problem for me because the sweat drops would either drip down on my eyes or accumulate on the forehead (which is irritating).

The XFlow ventilation has sorted this issue. Although the original XRS helmet was also good with the ventilation, still there was room for improvement. 

Cascade XRS Ventilation
Cascade XRS Ventilation (

So, with the XRS Pro, Cascade has expanded the ventilation ports to provide breathability. This has resulted in cool air flowing through the helmet and hot air being expelled out of the rear XFLOW exhaust system.

The XFlow and Pro-Liner (moist-wicking) work exceptionally well together. 

If you play in a warmer region, I would suggest the XRS Pro helmet every day of the week as I rate it a 10/10.

Materials and Construction

Maybe the team at Maverik believes ‘If it ain't broke, don't fix it’. 

Cascade XRS Construction
Cascade XRS Construction (

The construction material remains unchanged for the XRS Pro. Although there is no compromise on the build quality and durability of the helmet, I feel there should have been some kind of upgrades here as well because this would take the Cascade XRS Pro to a whole new level. 

I would rate the material and construction a 9/10 

Vision Depth

The vision field is one of the most important decision factors for any sports helmet. With the application of the VIXION technology, Cascade XRS Pro offered me the ultimate peripheral vision on the sides of the mask.

Cascade XRS Vision
Cascade XRS Vision (

The XRS Pro has introduced a second vision bar and converted all of the bars to a flat shape from a roundish shape.

They claim that the vision field has increased by 22%. I can vouch for this. The difference between the vision of XRS and XRS Pro is easily noticeable. I was able to look wide and clear, helping me to anticipate quick movements and reduce eye strain. 

The vision depth is a 10/10 for me.

Customization Options

If anything, the Cascade XRS Pro is a haven of infinite customization options. With 5 baseline finish options, the helmet offers 9.6 million combinations to pick from. You can customize it from the visor decal to the goalie throat guard.

To see how it looks, you can apply your customization and watch them on the VR customizer in real-time.

I would rate it a 10/10 for the innumerable customization options.

Cascade XRS vs XRS Pro

The Cascade XRS Pro has cosmetic and feature upgrades. There is not a huge difference between the two.

Cascade XRS vs XRS Pro
Cascade XRS vs XRS Pro (

However, a ton of customization options, improved comfort and protection, a shape change of cage bars, and a 22% increase in peripheral vision make the Cascade XRS Pro a clear winner.

For a detailed comparison, visit our guide on the Cascade series.

People Also Ask

What is the Best Cascade Lacrosse Helmet?

The Cascade XRS Pro is the latest helmet of the Cascade series after R, S, and XRS. It stands out as a top choice for lacrosse players due to its superior protection, comfort, and customization options.

What Size is the Cascade XRS Pro?

The Cascade XRS Pro comes in a universal size, fitting head circumferences from 21½ to 24 inches, suitable for players at high school through professional levels.

What is the Difference Between the Cascade XRS and XRS Pro?

While both helmets offer excellent protection, the XRS Pro features upgrades such as improved comfort, enhanced peripheral vision, and increased customization options, making it a preferred choice.

Although the price is higher than it should be, one should not compromise on the protection and vision depth. For me, the price tag is worth the investment.

It is worth noting that each customization comes at an added cost. So if you want a basic finish version, you can get it for a lower price. 

As for the utility, there is a reason why PLL, High School, and College lacrosse teams prefer the Cascade XRS Pro helmet over other available options.

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