Best Under Armour Lacrosse Heads

Under Armour is one of the leading sports gear suppliers, started by a former football player, Kevin Plank, in 1996. However, it entered the lacrosse head market in 2014 with the Under Armour lacrosse head, the Charge. And since then, they have created lacrosse heads to cater to different positions with their special nylon. 

The company has been famous for its high-quality and budget-friendly heads among all levels of lacrosse players. However, quality and cost are not all for lacrosse players because a lacrosse head’s design significantly impacts the playing style. It either makes or breaks your performance. 

Thus, I am here with a review of the best UA lacrosse heads after testing them on the field for performance. 

In this review, I have talked about their design, build, performance, feedback, and response. 

Best Under Armour Lacrosse Heads
Best Under Armour Lacrosse Heads (

Overview of the Best Under Armour Lacrosse Heads 

Here is the specification brief of the best Under Armour lacrosse heads

Head Position Weight (oz) Stringing Holes Pocket Location Stiffness Release Year
Under Armour Command U Midfield | Attack 5.3 Above Average Mid Stiff 2016
Under Armour Command Low 2.0 Midfield | Attack 5.4 Above Average Low Stiff 2020
Under Armour Command D Defense 5.5 Above Average High Stiff 2019
Under Armour Headline Goalie  Goalie 11.8 Average High Average 2014
Under Armour Command Goalie Goalie 11.8 Average High Stiff 2019

Let’s talk about these UA heads in detail now.

Under Armour Command U Lacrosse Head

Under Command U Lacrosse Head
Under Command U Lacrosse Head (

Gender Male
Position Attack | Midfielder
Weight (ounces) 5.3
Level All
Pocket Location Mid
Colors Black | White | Gray
Stiffness Stiff
Legality Conforming with NCAA and NFHS Rules
Release Year 2016
Drip Score 4/5

The Under Armour Command U lacrosse head is the first in the list of best UA lacrosse heads released in 2016. It offers a lightweight feel without compromising stiffness, weighing 5.3 ounces. 

UA team was quite thoughtful in building it with all-weather nylon that increases its durability in extreme weather up to the elite level. The pinched face and narrow throat provide excellent feedback on every shot. I played as a center-forward middie and my shots were high-speed without any off-center hit. 

The Under Armour Command U lacrosse head provides extraordinary control and long-shot accuracy due to its maximum offset design. It lets you cradle the ball tight, even when dodging defenders. 

The side rails are stiffer and angled to create a mid pocket, ideal for attackers and offensive midies. However, there are 18 side holes, six wide holes on the front and four on the rear for customization. 

Although it’s not flexible, the glide scoop technology with ribs on each side provided great scooping freedom. Whatever angle I used, the ground balls slid right into the pocket. 

Despite its strengths, the Command U’s rigidity might not appeal to those who prefer a more flexible head. Nevertheless, it’s famous among high-school attackers and advanced mid-fielders due to its ability to scoop ground balls from any angle and its durability in extreme weather.

  • Good value for money
  • Stiff and durable
  • Versatile for aggressive mid-fielders and attackers
  • High-speed shooting with accuracy
  • Less flexible 
  • No whip on checks

Under Armour Command Low 2.0 Lacrosse Head

UA Command Low 2.0 Lacrosse Head
UA Command Low 2.0 Lacrosse Head (

Gender Male
Position Attack, Midfielder
Weight (ounces) 5.4
Level All
Pocket Location Low (customizable to mid-low)
Colors Black and White
Stiffness Stiff
Legality Conforming with NCAA and NFHS Rules
Release Year 2020
Drip Score 4.25/5

2020’s model, the Under Armour Command Low 2.0 Lacrosse head, has all the positives of its predecessors with an improved throat and scoop design. So, you are getting a similar durable nylon construction like the Command U and OG 2, but with water resistance. 

Besides, it’s also a bit heavier at 5.4 ounces. The weight didn’t bother me because the head took the beating, and there was no sign of wear and tear. The throat stayed locked on the shaft with minimal impact. 

The Command Low 2 has a shorter throat for a firm grip, especially in box lacrosse. Also, the pinched face shape makes it ideal for those tight crease dodges and laser-sharp feeds.

It also has a glide scoop design with a flat top curve but more ridges that smoothly direct ground balls to the pocket. The full offset, strong side rails with plenty of sting holes create a low to mid-low pocket with traditional stringing. However, I experienced that it tends to bounce the ball out sometimes. 

Despite the frequent bounce, its low pocket placement facilitates rapid ball release, ideal for attackers and midfielders for outpacing defenders. It’s one of the best Under Armour lacrosse heads because of its versatile design and durability.  

  • Weather-resistant nylon construction
  • Better ball release 
  • High-speed shooting with accuracy
  • Improved glid-scoop technology
  • Low pocket might not be ideal for some players
  • Stiff pocket bounces the ball out

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Under Armour Command D Lacrosse Head

U A Command D Lacrosse Head
U A Command D Lacrosse Head (

Gender Male
Position Defense
Weight (ounces) 5.5
Level All
Pocket Location High 
Colors Black and white
Stiffness High
Legality Conforming with NCAA and NFHS Rules
Release Year 2019
Drip Score 4.5/5

UA released the Command D in 2019. And it’s one of the lightest Under Armour lacrosse heads for defense. It has consistent command strengths but features some modifications for defenders. 

UA has designed it with a wide face profile and a vertical throat without any flair, especially for defenders. I was able to catch high-speed passes without any wobble. However, if you prefer a pinched design, go for another defense head.

The scoop is consistent with the glide scoop technology. However, the flattened design lets defenders snag ground balls from any angle to dominate the loose ball battle.

The weather-resistant nylon construction with an added strut near the scoop increases the durability. It flawlessly provides the strength to deliver powerful checks without bending or warping in just 5.5 ounces. 

The Under Armour Command D has a stiff yet lightweight design that throws checks without warping. The sidewall features a mix of small and large 17 stringing holes for various pocket styles. 

Although the irregular hole pattern was inconvenient for me initially, it offers flexibility in creating a pocket that suits your playing style. But, if you buy it strung, you will get a deeper pocket compared to Command U and Command Low 2.  

  • High-quality nylon construction
  • Wider face for more surface area
  • Better catching and cradling 
  • Most lightweight defense head
  • Irregular hole patterns limit pocket customization.
  • Some players might prefer a pinched throat

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Under Armour Headline Goalie Lacrosse Head

UA Headline Goalie Lacrosse Head
UA Headline Goalie Lacrosse Head (

Gender Male
Position Goal
Weight (ounces) 11.8
Level All
Pocket Location High 
Colors Black and white
Stiffness High
Legality Conforming with NCAA and NFHS Rules
Release Year 2014
Drip Score 4.25/5

Under Armour launched its first goalie lacrosse head, the Headline Goalie, in 2014 and became popular among NLL goalies for its durable design. 

It’s built with high-quality nylon and tapered sidewalls to improve control and handling with reliable passing accuracy. Moreover, the UA design team has vented these sidewalls to reduce weight while maintaining strength. 

Although the face shape is similar to the STX Eclipse, it’s thicker and flatter than the STX Shield. So it doesn’t bend backward due to an effective hit while preventing goals. However, it tends to get flexible in extremely hot weather. Otherwise, it provides an extraordinary grip for deflecting or redirecting incoming shots.

Furthermore, it has plenty of side holes to create a deep pocket with a narrow channel. Suitable for high school and college players, this head weighs 11.8 ounces, a little on the heavier side. However, I think that’s perfect for goalies to handle quick reflex saves without feeling bogged down.

  • Rigid and long-lasting
  • Vented sidewall design for weight reduction
  • Budget-friendly
  • Heavier than other goalie heads
  • Warp in hot weather

Under Armour Command Goalie Lacrosse Head

UA Command Goalie Lacrosse Head
UA Command Goalie Lacrosse Head (

Gender Male
Position Goal
Weight (ounces) 11.8
Level All
Pocket Location High
Colors Black and White
Stiffness High
Legality Conforming with NCAA and NFHS Rules
Release Year 2019
Drip Score 4.7/5

After five years of successful sales of the Headline Goalie head, Under Armour released the Command Goalie lacrosse head in 2019 with an improved ergonomic design. Although it weighs 11.8 ounces, similar to the UA headline goalie, I noticed additional ledges on the sidewalls. 

It’s also stiffer and less flexible, even in extreme weather conditions. The throat has additional support with the sidewalls for longevity and less impact. There was no rebound and shaft vibration like its predecessor while encountering speedy shots. 

The additional weight allows you to deflect or pass ground balls with better speed and passing accuracy. The ridged sidewalls are thicker but flattened on the sides and feature 14 holes to create a deep pocket. 

However, the pocket was a bit stiff initially. It took some beating to break in. So, you must string it again after the break-in period for better playing comfort.  

Command Goalie is one of the best Under Armour lacrosse heads for goal position due to its glide+ scoop technology. The scoop is wider with a slight curve and many ridges on the surface. It helped a lot in blocking close-range shots. 

The UA Command Goalie lacrosse head has a promising design balanced for high durability and smooth performance. 

  • Glide+ scoop technology 
  • Stiff and robust construction
  • More ledges between sidewalls for increased support. 
  • Heavyweight
  • Stiff pocket with a long break-in period

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People Also Ask

What Is The Best Under Armour Lacrosse Head For Attackers?

The Under Armour Command Low 2.0 is ideal for attackers. It offers a low pocket for quick ball release, weather-resistant nylon construction, and improved glide-scoop technology for accurate high-speed shots.

Which Under Armour Lacrosse Head Is Best For Defenders?

The Under Armour Command D is the best for defenders. It features a wide face profile, vertical throat, and flattened scoop design. At 5.5 ounces, it’s lightweight yet durable for powerful checks.

How Do Under Armour Goalie Lacrosse Heads Compare?

Under Armour offers two goalie heads: Headline Goalie and Command Goalie. The Command Goalie is an improved version with additional ledges, stiffer construction, and glide+ scoop technology for better shot-blocking.

What Materials Are Used In Under Armour Lacrosse Heads?

Under Armour lacrosse heads are made with high-quality, weather-resistant nylon. This material provides durability in extreme weather conditions and maintains stiffness for consistent performance across all player positions.

Under Armour has successfully been providing high-performance heads for lacrosse players. They offer a head suitable for each position but with some design limitations. They are taking a similar design and construction and launching the successors following customer feedback with minimal upgrades. 

If you are an attacker or midfielder looking for a stiff head with a narrow profile, go for the Command heads. The best choice would be between Command 2.0 Low and Command U according to your pocket preference. 

Besides, the UA Command D is a perfect choice if you want a lightweight defense head with durability. For goalies, I would suggest choosing UA Command Goalie as it’s an improved version of the headline goalie.

To date, Under Armour lacrosse heads are praised by all levels of players for their performance, feedback, and response. Unfortunately, they stepped away from manufacturing equipment.

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