Nike Prime Elite Goalie Head


Nike Prime Elite is the first ever men’s elite-level goalie head launched by Nike in 2020. The attention to detail in addressing the unique demands of the goalie position is nicely done by Nike for this goalie’s head. 

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Drip Score: 8.1/10

Nike Prime Elite Goalie Head

Key Features


Brand Nike
Position Goalie
Cost $99.99 (unstrung) | $144.99 (strung)
Level Universal
Legality Conforming with NCAA and NFHS Rules
Colors White | Black
Year Released 2020


Product Specs

Weight11.04 oz
Pocket LocationLow
String HolesSidewall: 17 on each sideTop Holes: 7
Release Year2020
Face ShapeWide
Ground PickupGood
Ball ReleaseEarly
Ease of UseIntermediate and Advanced Elite Play
Spread on ShotNearly a sharpshooter
Level of PlayAll

Nike Prime Elite Goalie Head Ranking

Drip Meter Each Row Ranked Between 0-10.

Accuracy of Shot and Pass8.5Passing accuracy is impressive for this stiff goalie head. The well-defined channel and shallow pocket depth provide good shot accuracy.
Checking9.0The wide face of the Nike Prime provides a larger surface area for making contact with opposing players during checks.
Cradling Performance/Ball Security8.5It has a fairly big bag pocket to execute a good cradling performance.
Catching8.5Nike Prime Elite has a wide pocket that makes catching high-speed shots easy.
Ground Pickup Performance8.5The Nike Prime Elite has a curved scoop and ample width for smoother ground ball pickups..
Faceoff Performance7.0Being a wide goalie head, it is not ideal for faceoffs.
Stringability7.0It has 17 sidewall stringing holes that are lower than what most modern goalie heads have. This compromises the stringability to some extent. 
Durability (Material andThickness)8.0It is made with durable plastic. However, the simple strut sidewall pattern enhances its durability despite a lower number of sidewall holes. 
Drippiness/Aesthetics/BrandIntegrity8.5Nike Prime Elite goalie head has a minimalist design with the right amount of branding. Some players might not like the engrossed design.
Cost 7.5It is a fairly entry level goalie head for intermediate and advanced players. It is somewhat expensive for a prestrung head, whereas for an unstrung head, it is priced adequately. 



Who’s This Head Made For?

The Nike Prime Elite is made for elite-level intermediate and advanced goalies. This men’s goalie head was released in 2020. It is offered in only two solid color options i.e., white and black.

The Prime Elite head is durable and flexible with the right amount of rigidity. It can easily endure the wear and tear of goalie play. 

If you are a goalie who likes to grab the stick by the throat then you will definitely like this. The divots around the ergonomic throat lead to a comfortable and tactile feel for elite handling.

You should go for it if you prefer a lightweight head that supports one-handed cradling, a well-defined channel, a simple strut pattern, and a pretty rigid and stiff scoop. 

Accuracy of Shot and Pass

The Nike Prime Elite goalie head has a moderate throat width and a wide enough face profile. This creates a good balance between control and power. It allows the elite-level goalies to make clears and pass accurately without sacrificing defensive stability.

It has a low pocket location with a shallower depth. This leads to quicker releases, aiding in faster outlet passes or quick transitions to offensive plays. This ensures that goalies can defend their net effectively.

We think that in comparison to other heads, the Nike Prime Elite goalie head delivers competitive shot speed.  

However, if shot speed is a primary concern, goalies may consider alternative heads such as the STX Eclipse II or Nemesis III.

Catching and Cradling

For goalies, the ability to secure the ball effectively is of gigantic importance. It directly impacts their ability to control possession and dictate the flow of the game. 

The moderate throat width and wide face of the Nike Prime Elite goalie head contribute to its catching and cradling performance. The head offers ample saving area for goalies to defend shots. 

The low pocket location is strategically positioned to optimize catching and cradling. It has a bigger bag pocket towards the top of the head that can easily catch high-speed shots with minimal rebound.

It has a fairly simple strut sidewall wall pattern. The durable side rail provides good feedback on cradling with an efficient weight distribution over the head. However, we believe that the lower number of sidewall holes against other competitive heads is a huge drawback in reliability.

In comparison to other models like STX Eclipse II or Nemesis III, the Prime Elite offers an ordinarily optimal performance.


The Nike Prime Elite goalie head has a conventional slightly curved scoop shape. Unlike the aggressive angle of its competitors, the Nike Prime has a flatter angle. The flat angle is ideal for goalies who prefer consistency and reliability in their checks.

The wide face of the Nike Prime provides a larger surface area for making contact with opposing players during checks. This increased contact area increases the effectiveness of checks. The wide face makes it easier to disrupt the opponent’s offensive play and dislodge the ball.

It has evenly spaced struts that run vertically along the sides of the head. This basic pattern provides stability and reinforcement to the sidewall. It maintains the shape and structural integrity of the head during intense gameplay. However,  we feel it is a bit underperforming with a lower number of sidewall holes. 

In terms of weight and durability, the Nike Prime Elite Goalie Head strikes a balance. It weighs 11.04 oz. Although a lightweight head, it has sufficient rigidity to withstand the wear and tear of goalie play while maintaining flexibility for dynamic movements.

Players seeking a bit heavier head may explore STX Eclipse II, which prioritizes durability.

Ground Pick-Up and Faceoff

The curved scoop and ample width of the Nike Prime Elite allow for smoother ground ball pickups. Its flat surface angle provides more contact with the ground. It is flexible with the right amount of rigidity. You will find it to be stiffer than most goalie heads. 

It has a teardrop head shape. Its low pocket with shallow depth is the best for competitive ground ball pick-ups. 

While not specifically designed for faceoffs, the Nike Prime Elite goalie head’s versatility and durability make it a reliable option for goalies who may find themselves in faceoff situations during gameplay.

Final Remarks

The Nike Prime Elite is a versatile head option for goalies looking for elite-level performance and durability on the field. With its sturdy build, minimalist design, and competitive performance attributes, it stands as a worthy investment for players looking for a flat-angle goalie head.

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