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East Coast Dyes (ECD) has been one of the best Lacrosse stick manufacturers since 2012. The Rebel Defense CF5 Elite complete stick is built for beginner male defenders or as ECD calls them ‘Rebels’. Unlike standard machine stringing, this elite stick is hand-strung by professionals. It has Advanced Pocket technology that is perfect for punishing checks, ground balls, and fiery shots.

The Rebel Defense CF5 has a proprietary Carbon fiber octagonal shaft profile with a sandpaper grip. It has a tight face shape and a stiff profile for the head. HeroMesh 2.0 is used for the stringing. The Rebel Defense CF5 is an upgraded version of ECD’s Mirage.

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Drip Score: 9.4/10

Product Review ECD Rebel Defense Lacrosse Head

Key Features


Brand East Coast Dyes (ECD)
Position Defenders
Cost $249.99
Level Intermediate to advanced
Legality All Levels, Conforming with NCAA and NFHS Rules
Colors All Black, All White
Year Released 2018

Product Specs

Weight 6.2 ounces
Pocket Location Mid (Customizable)
Stiffness Stiff
String Holes Sidewall: 18 on each sideTop Holes: 6
Release Year 2018
Face Shape Wide
Ground Pickup Wide
Ball Release On Time
Ease of Use Beginner and Advanced Beginner
Position Defender
Gender Male
Spread on Shot It's a sharpshooter
Level of Play All

Lax Drip Official Drip Meter Lacrosse Head Ranking

Drip Meter Each Row Ranked Between 0-10

Ground Pick-Up Performance 10
Shooting Performance/Sharp shot orwidespread 7
Cradling Performance/Ball Security 7
Catching 10
Stringablility /Strength of pocket/Customizability 10
Durability (Material and Thickness) CheckingPerformance 10
Faceoff Performance  6
Cost 10
Passing 10
Drippiness/Aesthetics/Brand Integrity 10
Total 9.0/10


It is an entry-level Lacrosse Elite complete stick. Beginners or advanced beginner male defenders should use it. The Rebel Defense CF5 is one of the only three complete sticks produced by ECD. Launched in late 2018, It is perfectly strung by professionals in the USA to bring the most accuracy and consistency to your game. 


It has a Mirage head that has a rounded scoop and a tight face shape. Since it is for defensive players, it has a wide scoop. The stiffness of the head is ideal for entry-level players. Defensive players look for stiff heads that can endure checks and fiery ground ball pickups, and the Rebel Defense CF5 is unbendable.

Shooting, Face Shape, and Pocket Location

The Rebel Defense CF5 has an aggressive pinch and a tight face to offer players extra snap and feel control during intense gameplay. Not only is it a sharpshooter, the Rebel Defense has customizable stringing options. The maximum offset is towards the middle of the head which allows defensive players to have a mid pocket of uniform kick point. 

Cradling, Passing, and Catching

It has a roundish scoop shape with a more refined rail construction than the Mirage. The Rebel Defense CF5 has a mid pocket that allows for a combination of ball security, a quick release for passing, and enough depth for effective ball control during defensive maneuvers. Defenders can have versatility in their play, being able to catch, cradle, and pass efficiently. 

Flexibility, Ground Ball Pick Up, and Faceoff

The stick has a stiff construction. It has uniform flex and does not bend, even if you put your body weight to it. Although the Rebel CF5 is built for defenders, the customizable string options allow players to create an elite mid-high pocket setup. This can help in the easier ground ball pick-up, midfield, and occasional offensive play. 

Defensive Capability, Checking, Knocking the Ball Out

The ECD Rebel Defense CF5 is a high-performing defender’s stick even after 6 years of its production. The mid pocket, wide scoop, and stiff construction are a perfect combination for top-notch defensive capabilities. It can easily endure punishing checks and knocks. With this Elite stick in your hand, you can fully commit to winning the ball in defensive scenarios. 

Stringing Holes

The Rebel Defense CF5 has 18 sidewall string holes on each side and 6 top side holes. In total, it has 42 stringing holes. You can get it strung to create a mid-pocket or a mid-high pocket. But if you are looking for more stringing holes or a low offset, the Rebel Defense might not be the right choice for you. 

Material, Durability, Flexibility, and Weight

The material used in the Rebel Defense CF5 can withstand rigors and remain durable. The head is built with stiff plastic and the shaft is made with Carbon fiber. 

Customization, Appearance, and Aesthetics

Rebel Defense has an aggressive pinch on the pocket that starts flaring out towards the scoop. Unlike most entry-level sticks that have colorful designs and branding all over, this stick offers a minimalist design. If you want sleek equipment, this will be the best choice. 

The shaft and the unstrung head can be bought separately.

Pros/Cons of Head



Defense Lacrosse Head


The Rebel Defense has a CF5 shaft. It is a flex rating that indicates how much the shaft bends or flexes during play. A 5-flex rating generally indicates a stiffer shaft, providing more power for shots and checks.

Shaft Shape and End Cap

It has a standard octagonal shaft profile with an integrated end cap that protects the shaft from wear and tear. 

Shaft Length

The shaft length of the ECD Rebel Defense CF5 is 52 inches.

Colors and Finish Grip

The shaft is available in all-black or all-white with a minimalist logo of ECD. The finished grip is sandpaper. 

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