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The STX Surgeon RZR2 lacrosse glove breaks new ground with its unique design, reducing components. With redesigned padding blocks, this unique goalie glove improves stick control for accurate passes and shots. Top players, including those in the Premier Lacrosse League (PLL), use the RZR2 glove for its lightweight profile and SuperFlex technology for a highly flexible back-of-hand system. Featuring STX TaperFit and GuardLock technology, the palm provides a secure and comfortable fit. The Surgeon RZR2 lacrosse glove combines innovation, performance, and comfort, including DFLKT shields, layered cuffs, and Ax Suede palm with designed mesh vents.

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Drip Score: 9.2/10

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Key Features

STX RZR 2 Lacrosse Goalie Glove
Level Advanced/Professional
Legality Compliant with lacrosse regulations
Colors Multiple color options are available
Cost $179.99

Brand Reputation

Many lacrosse players view STX as the gold standard, and for good reason, because they have been producing lacrosse products for over 50 years. STX is known for its dedication to innovation while also maintaining durability throughout all of its product lines.

Protection And Comfort

The STX Surgeon RZR2 lacrosse glove distinguishes it as an industry leader on the field. The innovative design demonstrates a commitment to simplified construction without sacrificing safety measures. With DFLKT shields on the thumb and the back of the hand and extra padding blocks on the back of the hand, players are well-protected against cuts and collisions. Play with assurance thanks to the layered cuff design, which improves protection while allowing for a more excellent range of motion.

Thanks to its innovative technology, the Surgeon RZR2 glove is designed to provide exceptional comfort, even after long periods of use. A more natural and pleasant feel is provided by the 2ND Skin Palm, which has fewer stitch lines and improves tactile responsiveness. Engineered mesh vents in the Ax Suede palm contribute to breathability, sustaining comfort over extended hours of usage, while the STX TaperFit profile maintains a tight fit around the fingers, maximizing stick feel. The unique GuardLock strap allows players to store their mouthguards on their gloves when coming off the field. The Surgeon RZR2 lacrosse glove is ideal for picky players who want nothing but the best out of their equipment 


The STX Surgeon RZR2 lacrosse glove is built to last with careful construction and materials. Engineered mesh vents reduce breakdown from trapped sweat, and the durable Ax Suede palm provides a long lifespan throughout vigorous action. Features like DFLKT shields and layered cuffs are designed for toughness, making the glove suitable for competitive lacrosse. The Surgeon RZR2 glove is consistent in performance and durability, making it a solid solution for scrappy players.


The STX Surgeon RZR2 lacrosse glove offers superior grip and ventilation for maximum performance. The SuperFlex technology and STX TaperFit profile ensure precise lacrosse stick control with a tight, articulated grip. This design lets players grip the stick firmly for accurate passes and shots. The mesh vents in the Ax Suede palm enhance ventilation and durability. These vents carefully guide airflow to cool hands during intense matches. Lacrosse players seeking comfort and control will appreciate the Surgeon RZR2 glove's grip-enhancing features and ventilation.


The STX Surgeon RZR2 is engineered to be one of the lightest high-level lacrosse gloves on the market. SuperFlex technology makes gloves more flexible and lighter. Cutting down on unnecessary parts of gloves helps create a light, high-performance product. The Surgeon RZR2 glove gives you an edge over other players by letting you move quickly and comfortably while protecting your hand.


The STX Surgeon RZR2 lacrosse glove is an improvement over the last generation. This glove is more flexible, letting the fingers move effortlessly in ways that can't be done with other gloves.

Padding blocks were strategically placed throughout the glove to protect the player without getting in the way of the player's natural movements. 

The SuperFlex technology and STX TaperFit shape make it easier to move by grabbing fingers for a good stick feel and gradually tapering out to let the hand move freely. The Surgeon RZR2 glove is designed to be as flexible as possible so players can move their sticks quickly and accurately.

Who Is STX RZR 2 Lacrosse Goalie Glove for?

The Surgeon RZR2 lacrosse gloves are designed for elite players who prioritize precision and top-notch performance. These gloves improve stick control and movement for advanced midfielders and strikers. These gloves are for lacrosse players who want to improve their skills due to their creative design and professional athlete endorsements. The Surgeon RZR2 gloves are designed for lacrosse aficionados who value excellence in all aspects of their game, whether you're a seasoned player or an aspiring athlete seeking enhanced performance.



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Comparison to Other Products

The STX Surgeon RZR2 lacrosse glove is designed with advanced features. Innovative technology improves lacrosse gloves' protection, comfort, and performance, making them more costly. In contrast to other STX gloves, the Surgeon RZR2 is more expensive owing to the following features:

  • Its original design
  • Featuring a single back-of-hand portion
  • SuperFlex technology
  • Features like DFLKT shields and GuardLock

These qualities make the Surgeon RZR2 a top choice for lacrosse players seeking outstanding performance. Players should mix the premium features of the Surgeon RZR2 with their budget and tastes. While STX offers budget-friendly alternatives, the Surgeon RZR2 is a top-tier model with innovative technology, making it an intelligent investment for lacrosse players who want both performance and cutting-edge technology.

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