Hey there, I'm Dave. Welcome to Lax Drip.

In my 15+ years of playing lacrosse, I've always had trouble figuring out which gear to buy. I read forums, went to my local store to feel the heads for myself, and messed around with my friends' sticks to figure out what might work for me.

I always wish I had a reliable source of information and reviews of lacrosse gear that I could turn to when it was time to buy a new stick. 

While there are some lacrosse review sites out there, many of them are clearly not written by lacrosse players. Instead, marketers create these sites to make money off readers without really providing any value. 

My goal is to change that.

I want Lax Drip to be the go-to source of lacrosse gear reviews and information.

Need a new head for faceoffs? Turn to Lax Drip.

Need to figure out which arm pads to buy? Turn to Lax Drip. 

Whatever questions you have, I hope to answer with in-depth guides based on personal experience and testing, customer reviews, and extensive research.

If you ever have any questions or a request for a guide, please don't hesitate to contact me. You can also follow Lax Drip on social media via the icons below:

My Lacrosse Career

Pre-High School

I started playing lacrosse after my friend introduced me to the sport when I was 9 years old, and I immediately fell in love with it.

Though I started off as a defenseman due to my size, I switched to middie when I was 11 because I had the itch to score some goals. I also started facing off while playing youth ball and carried that on for the rest of my career.

High School

A few years later, I enrolled at a high school in Delaware and really started focusing on lacrosse. Even though I played football as well, I practiced lacrosse almost every day because it was my true passion.

I played wall ball, did countless practice faceoffs, and shot as much as I could.

My hard work paid off as I made the Varsity team as a freshman. Though I didn't start my first year (besides one game where we had a few guys get injured), I gained valuable experience by practicing and playing with the older guys.

After my freshmen year, I made it my goal to start as a sophomore. For the following summer, fall, and winter, I practiced nearly every day on top of playing summer league, fall ball, and indoor during the winter. I also attended Alex Smith's faceoff camp the February before the season started to get in hundred of live reps. (I highly recommend this for any faceoff guys by the way.)

Within the first week of preseason, I had won a starting midfield job and was our primary faceoff guy. You can see my (poorly filmed & put together) highlights from that year below.

Over the next three seasons, I had continued to work hard, joined club teams in an effort to get recruited, and tried advancing my skilled as much as possible.

I was named a captain my Junior and Senior year and started working on getting my teammates to work as hard as I did. I made first-team all-conference three times and second-team all-state twice. More importantly, I was able to lead our team to a 40-0 conference record over my 4 years, though we were never able to win a state championship. 


Despite getting offers from some D1 schools and many D2 and D3 colleges, I ultimately decided to focus on my studies instead of playing lacrosse. I knew I wanted to study Biomedical Engineering in college and was worried about the time-intensiveness of both of those activities.

I did, however, join the club team which was a lot of fun… while I played.

On the last day of tryouts, my sophomore year, I tore my ACL after landing from a jump shot.

I was really disappointed that I wouldn't be able to play the season, but I worked hard to rehab my knee so I could get back out on the field for the next season.

My junior year, I played all of fall ball and was really excited to be back out there. Unfortunately, in the first game of spring, I tore my other ACL while dodging—ultimately marking the end of my college lacrosse career.

If you've read this far, I have one piece of advice for you: appreciate the time you have on the field because you never know when it'll end. I had virtually no injuries during high school, then suffered two major injuries in college. I never expected to play only a few games over my college career, but that's what happened.

And On…

I've continued to play the game outside of high school and college. I've played in a few men's leagues over the years and still shoot with my friends almost weekly. I've even taken a few trips up to Lake Placid to play in the annual tournament there (also highly recommended, by the way).

Although I don't play as much as I used to, I still have a deep passion for the game and stay on top of new gear releases and follow college lacrosse closely.

Aside from creating a site to help out other players—like so many have helped me over the years—I also use Lax Drip as a way to stay close to the game and channel my passion into something productive.

I think lacrosse is the most amazing game ever created and I truly mean it when I say creating this site is a privilege. If I can even help you a little bit with this site, then my goal will be accomplished.