StringKing Mark 2 Offense Tech Trad Women’s Lacrosse Head

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Drip Score: 7.9/10

StringKing Mark 2 Offense Tech Trad Women's Lacrosse Head

Key Features


Brand StringKing
Position Offense Midfield
Cost $159.99
Level All
Legality Conforming with NCAA and NFHS Rules
Colors White and White | Black and Black | Yellow and White | Yellow and Black
Year Released 2021


Product Specs 

Weight 4.5 oz
Pocket Location High
Stiffness Flexible
String Holes Top Holes: 6 Sidewall: 32
Release Year 2018
Face Shape Narrow
Ground Pickup Good
Ball Release Early
Ease of Use Intermediate | Advanced
Position Midfield
Gender Female
Spread on Shot Sharpshooter
Level of Play All

StringKing Mark 2 Offense Tech Trad Head Ranking

Drip Meter Each Row Ranked Between 0-10.

Accuracy of Shot and Pass 9 Passing accuracy is impressive for a flexible head. The narrowest face provides good shot accuracy.
Checking 7 The flexible stiffness of the Mark 2 Offense is not good for throwing punishing and aggressive checks.
Cradling Performance/Ball Security 8.5 The aggressive sidewall and offset angles help deflect checks on the head and allow for increased ball security.
Catching 8.5 The StringKing Mark 2 Offense has a narrow face requiring a higher skill level to make consistent catches.
Ground Pickup Performance 7 It features a flatter scoop shape. The ground ball performance is average. There is room for funnel improvement.
Faceoff Performance 5.5 The head is far too flexible to recommend for faceoffs.
Stringability 8.5 This head has an above-average amount of stringing holes allowing for a very versatile pocket setup.
Durability (Material and Thickness) 8 It has a durable design with five struts on the side rails of the head.
Drippiness/Aesthetics/Brand 9 StringKing is known for its minimalist and aesthetic designs with a good brand reputation.
Cost 8 Good value for a Tech Trad pocket head
Total 7.9  

Pros/Cons of Head



Who’s This Head Made For?

I have always been intrigued by the StringKing Mark 2 series and the hype surrounding it. I decided to give it a go and see for myself how it performs on the field based on the product features mentioned by StringKing.

The StringKing Mark 2 Offense was originally released in 2018, but it caught my attention again when it was relaunched in 2021 with pocket upgrades. This head is specifically designed for offense-minded women midfielders. One of the key improvements in the re-launched StringKing Mark 2 Offense was the inclusion of the Tech Trad pocket, aimed at delivering elite performance.

Now, let me tell you what makes the Tech Trad pocket stand out. The Tech Trad pocket appears like a traditional pocket, however, it has modern synthetic mesh and strings for better consistency and control.

On the StringKing Mark 2 Offense women's heads, the Tech Trad pattern showcases controlled diamond shapes in the center, along with two runners on the top.

Accuracy of Shot and Pass

My experience with the StringKing Mark 2 Offense Tech Trad for women left me with mixed feelings. The tight face shape and higher pocket location were notable features, making the head lightweight yet somewhat stiff.

My first impression was that it might not suit high-speed shooters like myself. I found it a bit underpowered for my skill level. However, for midfielders who excel at mid-range shooting, possess sharp stick skills, quick decision-making abilities, and a strong grasp of shooting angles from medium distances, this head will work like a charm for you.

The narrow head profile and predefined sweet spot proved beneficial for making accurate passes and seizing opportunities to shoot when gaps appeared in the opposing defense. The high pocket location loaded the balls in the sweet spot faster. I had good ball control and consistency due to the higher pocket location. 

I liked the aggressive sidewall and offset design that helped me in transferring power to the shots. It helped me to feed the ball pretty quickly.

While the accuracy of shots and passes is commendable, the head's speed range may not intimidate opponents. You will have to apply your tactical approach to get the job done. 

Catching and Cradling

The tighter face profile, predefined scoop, aggressive offset, Tech Trad pocket, and flexible stiffness worked well with my catching and cradling skills. 

I liked the feel of the ball snuggling in and then staying there. The high pocket maximized ball retention for me. It held the ball well enough during the high-speed catches.  The tight face shape helped me with the ball retention while cradling. This minimized the risk of losing possession. I felt confident as the ball remained stable in the scoop without rolling up and down in the head.

The aggressive sidewall and offset design helped me maintain a strong grip on the ball. On the sidewall, it has five struts. Two shorter struts are around the pocket location and three larger struts are placed along the down flare of the head to offer increased ball security for mid-range midfielders.

Although I typically prefer stiffer heads for midfielders, the flexible stiffness of the StringKing Mark 2 Offense surprisingly improved my ball feel and control. The flexibility contributed to improving my vertical and sidearm cradling. 


I was a bit disappointed with the checking performance of the StringKing Mark 2 Offense. Despite its flexibility, I had expected better results in this aspect. While the head is incredibly lightweight and easy to maneuver, the trade-off for this agility is a reduction in weight around the throat, sidewall, and scoop, contributing to its flexibility.

The scoop's shape is somewhat flatter due to a relatively straighter curve. It worked well for me in dry conditions, but I wished the scoop funnel was a bit deeper as I sometimes struggled to keep the ball stable during checks; it would occasionally bounce off the scoop.

For checking, one has to have more stiffness in the head to throw aggressive and punishing checks. During my review in March, I could easily bend the head with one hand, which makes me concerned about how much more flexible it might become in the summer.

For midfielders whose role involves throwing checks frequently, I would recommend considering the StringKing Mark 2 Defense head as it offers greater stiffness.

Ground Pick-Up and Faceoff

For ground balls, you will need to be good with your skills. Because of the flatter scoop, it became somewhat difficult for me to gather up loose balls in dry conditions. Whereas in wet or muddy field conditions, a flatter scoop will not perform as effectively as deeper scoop shapes.

Chances are that the head will dig into the ground. 

Having said that, the high pocket location compensated for the flatter scoop. Once the ball rolled in, it was easy for me to keep the possession. It is not that you cannot pick ground balls, you will need to have some good practice sessions to master it.

For faceoffs, simply put, do not use the StringKing Mark 2 Offense. You might end up breaking the head because of the lightweight construction and flexibility. Even if you take the draws, it is unlikely that you will win them because of the low warp resistance. 

Final Remarks

The StringKing Mark 2 Offense with Tech Trad pocket is an ideal head for mid-shooting midfields who like to play as feeders and manipulate the openings in their opponent’s defense lines. The tight face profile with a higher pocket location is good for catching, cradling, passing, and shooting. For scooping and ground balls, one will need to break in. 

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