Brine Krown Pro Complete Women’s Lacrosse Stick Review


The Brine Krown Pro Women’s Complete Lacrosse Stick is a game-changer. This stick’s substantial 14-degree offset boosts control and power. The Krown Pro Carbon’s minimus technology and Web-X pocket provide an excellent grasp, feel, and tremendous strength-to-weight ratio.

New sidewall struts enable rigidity for draw controls and defensive play and are durable with Therma-loc+. Interior sidewall notches help you release precisely, and the scoop’s diffuser technology makes ground ball pickups very swift.

Drip Score: 9.4/10

Women’s Lacrosse Stick Review

Key Features

Brine Crown Pro Stick
Brand Brine
Position Midfield
Cost $279.99
Level Intermediate to advanced
Legality All levels of play
Colors Platinum, Black, Gunmetal, Blue Steel, Copper
Year Released 2023

Stick Shape

The stick shape is octagonal with a mid-sized diameter and soft grip, which helps keep the player’s weight evenly distributed. Because of its octagonal shape, the ball is more manageable for players to hold and move around with, making it easier to make pinpoint passes and shots. The stick is great for players of all skill levels, whether cradling the ball or completing attacking plays.


With a minimalist carbon technology build, the Brine Krown Pro Women’s Complete Lacrosse Stick is contemporary. This material was chosen for its strength-to-weight ratio. The stick is lightweight without losing strength, providing players with a durable tool without weight. 

Alloy technology offers the stick the flex you need for dynamic play, so you can adapt swiftly and perform techniques even in lacrosse’s heated moments. This material choice emphasizes a commitment to high-performance products for intermediate to advanced players.


Consider the Brine Krown Pro Women’s Complete Lacrosse Stick’s weight to optimize performance. Revolutionary minimus carbon technology makes the stick lightweight. Players at the top level of the attack who value speed. Players can make rapid passes, cradles, and shoots because of their lighter weight. The stick’s weight is carefully divided to offer longevity and control, providing players with a reliable tool that improves their skill. 


How much the stick’s shaft bends or gives is called its flex. Players who want a mix of force and accuracy from their shots and passes will find this option indispensable. The Brine Krown Pro Stick’s flexibility is in the Goldilocks range. The stick’s flex was purposefully designed to give the player a responsive sensation while playing but maintain rigidity in contact. 

Players choose a moderate flex because it allows for just the correct amount of whip for explosive strokes without sacrificing control. Rapid releases are made possible by the flex of the Brine Krown Pro, which helps with quick motions and precise placement of the ball on the field.

End Cap

The end cap of the Brine Krown Pro Women’s Complete Lacrosse Stick secures the stick’s lower end, giving it a polished look. The end cover protects the stick’s structural integrity, ensuring it can sustain vigorous games without breaking. The simple end cap quietly enhances the stick’s longevity and the player’s comfort on the lacrosse field.

Player comfort is considered when designing the end cap. The smooth, rounded surface makes it easier to handle, which is essential for players who lean the stick against their body. This ergonomic design improves control and comfort, making playing more fun and effective.


Players can establish their preferred pocket arrangement by adjusting and fine-tuning the location of the strings in this specific spot on the head of the stick. Because of its clever placement, the stringing point gives players plenty of leeway to adjust the pocket to their liking. 

The stringing point is the key to achieving the perfect setup regardless of the player’s preference for a high or low pocket. If you want your ball control, release, and stick performance to be optimal for your play style, players must make these adjustments accordingly.  Players may try out different pocket configurations on the Brine Krown Pro until they discover one that works



Which Shape Should You Buy?

Individual playing techniques and preferences determine the Brine Krown Pro Women’s Complete Lacrosse Stick’s X or R form. The X scoop has a broader face for better ground ball scoops and a larger catching area. A more defined scoop makes the R shape great for shooting and passing precision. Players wanting better ball control and accuracy may select R. Choose a shape according to your playing priorities—ground ball proficiency with X or precision ball control with R.

Here is an Overview of Each of the 5 Shapes of Shafts

1. X: Extreme concave shape

2. X+: Extreme concave grip with extra thickness

3. O: Concave octagonal (traditional feel)

4. R: Ridge profile for extra feel and grip

5. S: Asymmetrical design that is octagonal on one side and concave on the other


The Brine Krown Pro Women’s Complete Lacrosse Stick offers flexibility and durability, enhancing gameplay. Brine covers whether you prefer the versatile octagonal form or the unique benefits of the X or R shape. Elevate your performance on the field by choosing the Brine Krown Pro. With its user-friendly design and quality construction, this lacrosse stick is a winning choice for players of all styles. 

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