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Warrior has cemented itself as one of the most popular lacrosse equipment manufacturers in the United States today. It was started by former lacrosse player David Morrow in 1992 in Birmingham, Michigan. In 2004, New Balance purchased control of Warrior which then acquired other popular lacrosse company, Brine, in 2007. Warrior manufactures a wide variety of men’s lacrosse equipment including heads, shafts, and protective gear.

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Warrior Lacrosse Equipment

Warrior Lacrosse Heads

Warrior offers a wide selection of lacrosse heads for everyone from beginners to pros & attackmen to goalies. Warrior’s competitive heads are consistently used by colleges and pros across the nation.

Evo QX-O

Warrior Evo QX-O

Warrior’s newest offensive head with light weight & strength

Evo QX-D

Evo QX-D

The newest top-tier D head in Warrior’s lineup

Burn FO


One of the most popular faceoff heads available

Regulator Max


A strong & durable head for defenders

Burn Warp Pro 2


A Burn head with Warrior’s unique built-in Warp pocket

Regulator Max Warp Pro


The Regulator Max head with a Warp pocket

Nemesis 3 GLE

Nemesis 3 GLE

Warrior’s elite head for goaltenders

Nemesis 3 GLE

Nemesis 3 GLE

Warrior’s elite head for goaltenders.

Warrior Lacrosse Shafts

Since they started out as a titanium lacrosse shaft company in 1992, Warrior has consistently produced top-tier shafts that are durable yet lightweight. They have both metal and carbon fiber shafts for attackmen & middies, defensemen, and goalies.

Evo QX Carbon Attack

Evo QX Carbon Attack

Warrior’s newest carbon fiber attack shaft

Burn Pro Carbon Attack


Another premier carbon fiber lacrosse shaft

Krypto Pro Attack

Krypto Pro Attack Shafts

A strong, lightweight metal shaft in offensive length

Evo Pro Carbon Attack


Another great carbon fiber shaft in attack length

Evo QX Carbon Defense

Warrior Evo QX Carbon DefenseWarrior Evo QX Carbon Defense

Warrior’s newest defense shaft is lightweight & strong

Krypto Pro Defense

Krypto Pro Attack Shafts

The popular Krypto Pro in long pole form

Burn Defense

Warrior Burn Defense

A lightweight carbon fiber defensive shaft

Fatboy Pro Carbon


One of the most popular goalie shafts of all time

Warrior Complete Sticks

Complete lacrosse sticks are great for beginners and intermediate players because you can get a whole stick that is already put together with one purchase. Note that the most advanced heads & shafts usually aren’t included in complete sticks.

Evo Warp Pro

Evo Warp Pro

Evo head with a Warp pocket.

Evo Warp Defense


A defense head for Warp pocket fans.

Burn Next Defense


Another D head with a mesh pocket.

Warrior Nemesis Goalie

Warrior Nemesis Goalie

Nemesis head on an alloy shaft

Warrior Lacrosse Gloves

Warrior offers some of the most advanced lacrosse gloves in the game as well as options for youth and beginner players including the popular Evo and Burn lines.

Evo QX

Warrior Evo QX

Warrior’s newest elite glove for 2021.

Burn Pro


One of Warrior’s most popular gloves.

Nemesis Pro Goalie


A goalie glove with great mobility.

Burn Next Glove Jr.


A durable glove designed for beginners.

Warrior Arm Pads

Like other protective equipment, Warrior offers great arm pads including options for attackmen (typically arm guards), middies (typically arm pads), and defensemen (typically elbow pads). 

Evo Arm Guard


A full length arm guard for max protection mainly used by attackmen

Evo Pro Arm Pad


The medium length arm pad often used by middies

Evo Pro Elbow Pad


The smallest pad most often used by defensemen and LSMs

Burn Pro Arm Pad


A lightweight & flexible arm pad mostly used by middies

Burn Pro Elbow Pad

Burn Pro Elbow Pad

A minimalistic elbow pad offering max mobility for defenders

Burn Next Arm Pad


A beginner arm pad for youth players with quality protection

Warrior Shoulder Pads & Chest Protectors

If you are looking for shoulder pads, liners, or a chest protector (for goalies), Warrior is a great brand to consider. They offer a variety of options for varying ages and coverage preferences. Shoulder pads are a bit bulkier than liners but offer more protection.

Evo Shoulder Pad

Evo Shoulder Pad

Warrior’s elite shoulder pad that meets the new NOCSAE ND200 standard

Burn Next Shoulder Pad

Burn Next Shoulder Pad

An option for younger players that still meets the ND200 standard.

Nemesis Pro Goalie Chest Protector


Warrior’s elite goalie chest protector that meets all safety standards