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About True Temper

True Temper Sports. It's a legacy built by artisans and craftsmen passing down time honored traditions, years in the workshop, and expertise that you can't learn in a book. Our hammers and sweat and effort represent pure love for the game.

Look for the hammers and you'll know.

In This Guide

Best True Temper Women's Heads

True Temper offers a selection of lacrosse heads for everyone from beginners to pros. True Temper's top-tier heads are consistently used by colleges across the nation thanks to their consistent performance.

LYNX Women's Head


Good for all around performance

FLYTE Women's Head


Advanced performance head for elite players

Best True Temper Shafts

True Temper consistently produces well respected shafts. They have both tough and powerful shafts for attackmen & middies, defensemen.

HZRDUS Men's Heavy Shaft


Built with tough composite for stick control and checks

Project X Women's Shaft


Made to give your free position shots more power

Best True Temper Mesh

True Temper offers the best mesh you can find out in the market

Women's Ignition Runner Mesh


Soft feel, resistant to water and stretch, Ignite is at the pinnacle of the mesh movement.

Hex 9 Diamond Men's Mesh


The NEXT generation of mesh that is perfect for any player 

Men's HyperNINE Diamond Mesh


perfect channel in the head for optimal accuracy on shots and passes.

Best True Temper Pads

True Temper offers some of the most advanced lacrosse pads in the game as well as options for youth and beginner players.

ZEROLYTE Shoulder Pads


Advanced ZRB Technology offers elite level protection

ZEROLYTE Shoulder Pad Liner


The Zerolyte Series is a lightweight, elite / pro level protection series

Cadet Youth Shoulder Pad


For youth players looking for protection, maximum mobility and superior fit.

Best True Temper Equipment

If you are looking for the perfect off field accessories True Temper offers convenient gear for you to use. Helping every player stay ready for their next game.

Team Duffle Bag


TTLX Equipment Bag will fit all your gear in one bag. 

Laxyard 3x Backyard Set 


The perfect recreational backyard lacrosse set.