PLL Events: Fan Experiences and Community Engagement

pll events, Premier Lacrosse League tickets have been selling at record numbers this year – growing 93% over the first 2 weeks from 2019’s ticket high and a few weekends even selling out. (PLL League Growth) It’s clear that the PLL is attracting many new customers including a variety of famous athletes and influencers. This makes the PLL gameday experience all the more important for the growth of the sport and league.

Premier Zone

The Premier Zone is where everything happens before the games! This is the place to hang out and do fun stuff before games. The PLL has some tents for the pll events Academy and the Fan Experience. There’s tons more to do in the Premier Zone like cornhole, fiddle stick lax, and even meet a PLL player in the LAX World Zone!

LAX World

The LAX World Zone is a brand new edition to the Premier Zone. LAX world ( is a rejuvenation of the old LAX World “with a new brand and a new vision” as RJ Kaminski puts it. They are now an online retailer specializing in premium lacrosse based apparel and equipment. They have gifted us with an incredible area to relax and have a little competition.

In the LAX World zone, there is a lounge and an awesome virtual lacrosse game. The lounge has PLL players taking pictures and signing autographs every game day and some couches to relax in between games. The virtual lacrosse game is an accuracy challenge on an interactive wall much like a golf simulator. You will be facing up against Sean Sconone of Chrome LC trying to score on him with targets popping up along the screen that you need to hit to score points. There is a leaderboard for each week with top players for each week (with potential giveaways to the winners). PLL players and some of your favorite YouTubers will also be testing out the wall so you get to compete against them as well!

Bar Down Club (21+)

The Bar Down Club is a fan experience for fans 21 and up. This field-side lounge is a great place for people to hang out and have a specialized drink! The field-side action is awesome to witness as you really get to see how amazing the athletes actually are. There’s also cornhole and jenga to get your own competitive spirit going.

PLL Events App

The PLL app offers fans an immersive experience outside of the weekend games. You can make a profile and start earning XP right away! They have pickems every week with who will win and a variety of other questions to answer. Fantasy is one of my favorites as I get to compete against friends to see who has the best team (see the post I made about it here). In addition to all of those fun weekly games, there are articles about a variety of PLL topics and live stats for games every weekend.

Each game day weekend, there is a QR code at the site for PLL app users to scan and earn a boat load of XP and a badge for that weekend. Each level you get to offers different rewards so check out the app to see what those are!


The PLL has a deal with ABC and ESPN where every game is streamed on ESPN+ with many of the games also on ABC or one of the ESPN networks. That means every game will be available to you to watch on ESPN+ and many new fans will be made when they are shown on the bigger networks.

Themed Weekends

The PLL has a few themed weekends. They have a kids weekend, indigenous heritage weekend, and more. These weekends exist to engage different communities and promote inclusivity in lacrosse. The kids weekend had the PLL junior championships while the indigenous heritage weekend featured special jerseys. Be on the lookout for these weekends because they have limited time PLL gear during them.


The PLL does a great job promoting the game of lacrosse. Their socials and events draw new fans every weekend. With so much access to players, the PLL is unique in giving fans an immersive experience. Be sure to try and get to a weekend before the end of this summer, but if you can’t, the PLL is here to stay and there will be plenty of opportunities to get to a game!

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