ECD Ion Head Review

Drip Level

The elite attacker option from ECD. The ECD Ion is for the quick attackman who loves to look good, play good.

Key Details
  • Position: Attack
  • Level: Intermediate/Advanced
  • Legality: All levels of play
  • Colors: White, Clear, Midnight, Ruby, Frost
  • Cost: $119.99
  • Year Released: 2022
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Key Details of the ecd ion head review






Year Released


Best Position


ECD Ion Drip Score

ECD Ion drip score


Stiffness: 0.8

Durability: 0.7

Material: 0.8

Diamond Plastic

Scoop: 0.9

Stringing: 0.9

20 Sidewall, 6 Top, 4 Bottom

Weight: 0.9


Pinch: 0.9

Name / Brand Name: 1


Colors: 1

White, Clear, Midnight, Ruby, Frost

Overall Look: 1

Shape, Material, & Scoop

It’s a fairly pinched head which makes sense for an attackman. The pinch gets narrower towards the middle of the head then flares out somewhat aggressively. The head is incredibly light at 4.7 oz. They designed the head to be very aerodynamic so it cuts through wind much better than other heads do. Quick attackmen would love this head.

The scoop is solid and very much like the DNA 2.0. You don’t have to get down very low to pick up a ball which is something that I like.

The diamond plastic doesn’t really add many practical features that I’m aware of. It looks great, but the head breaks fairly often which could be due to the amount of plastic or the plastic itself, so there's no telling which one it is unless ECD makes a heavier version.


The Ion’s stringing holes are the same as all of ECD’s new heads, with 6 top string holes, 20 sidewall holes per side, and 4 bottom string holes. It is tailored pretty much exclusively to a low pocket because of the offset. Attackmen typically prefer lower pockets for one handed cradling which is who the head was designed for. It would be tough to have even a mid pocket in this but it is doable.


The diamond plastic looks really good and really stands out on the field. There is nothing else like it on the market so it is very unique. The black and silver medallion on the throat looks good, another color might have popped a little more, but the head pops enough already.

Pros & Cons of the ECD Ion



Who is the ECD Ion for?

This head is made almost exclusively for attackmen. Offensive middies can use this head but it’s more likely to break if they get stuck on offense and it doesn’t work great with a mid pocket. If you play defense in any capacity I would not recommend this head at all. The lack of plastic in the head makes the head more fragile than a midfield or defensive head so it breaks more easily.


If I was an attackman I would definitely consider using this head. The light weight allows for quicker movement and shooting and the head is designed for a low pocket which attackmen love. I would be worried about the durability of the head especially at the $119.99 price point, but many other attack heads have the same issue. I would like to see the head become a little stronger especially because of the price point. The diamond plastic looks amazing and is definitely going to stand out on the field. It is a very specialized head, so defensive personnel should not be buying this head. Overall, it’s a great attack head but wouldn’t be great for other positions.

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