Product: Maverik Tactik 3.0 Lacrosse Head

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Drip Score: 8.7/10

Maverik Tactik 3.0 Lacrosse Head

Key Features


Brand Maverik
Position Midfield
Cost $99.99 (unstrung)
Level All
Legality Conforming with NCAA and NFHS Rules
Colors Black | Grey | Hyperlite Blue | white
Year Released 2022

Product Specs

Weight5.1 oz
Pocket LocationMid
String HolesTop Holes: 6Sidewall: 20
Release Year2022
Face ShapeNarrow
Ground PickupGood
Ball ReleaseOn-time
Ease of UseIntermediate | Advanced
Spread on ShotIt is a sharpshooter
Level of PlayAll

Maverik Tactik 3.0 Head Ranking

Drip Meter Each Row Ranked Between 0-10.

Accuracy of Shot and Pass9The passing accuracy and shot precision are impressive for the Maverik Tactik 3.0
Checking8.5The head responds well in aggressive and punishing checks
Cradling Performance/Ball Security9The mid-pocket and Control Core make the cradling secure.
Catching9The Maverik Tactik’s Control Core technology makes it easy to catch the balls.
Ground Pickup Performance9Tactik 3.0 is great at picking up ground balls because of the Ground Scoop technology. 
Faceoff Performance7.5The flatter offset angle will require youto get lower to the ground.
Stringability8.5This head has 20 stringing holes to offer multiple pocket customizations.
Durability (Material andThickness)9DuraTough material can endure a good amount of pressure and harsh weather. The strategic placements of the 3 struts further increase its durability.
Drippiness/Aesthetics/BrandIntegrity9Maverik is well known for its superior brand reputation in the Lacrosse world.
Cost 8.5Great value for the quality of the Maverik Tactik 3.0

Pros/Cons of Head



Who’s This Head Made For?

Ever since the Maverik Tactik 3.0 hit the shelves in 2022, I always wanted to try it out. My interest was piqued when I watched a video of Logan Wisnaukas using the Maverik Tactik 3.0.

As someone who had used the Maverik Tactik 2.0 before, I immediately noticed the significant updates and improvements.

The Maverik Tactik series is created for All-Purpose or Do-it-All male midfielders who like to create spaces and play the opportunities with quick decision-making skills. Similar to its predecessor, the Tactik 2.0, the Tactik 3.0 is ideal for short-range shooters and accurate passers.

However, I feel that the new additions and upgrades in the technology make it the best offense midfield head of the Tactik series for transition between offensive and defensive roles. 

Accuracy of Shot and Pass

The Maverik Tactik 3.0 comes with a slightly tight throat and face profile. Thanks to the Level 3 rail with a mid pocket, I could sense the head’s power building up for precise shots and passes.

I did notice that the speed of my shots was a bit lower than what I prefer as an attacker. However, since this head is designed for mid-range shooters, it was not a problem for me.

Compared to its predecessor, the Maverik Tactik 3.0 is a bit lighter, weighing 5.1 oz. Although the weight difference was minimal for me, I liked that Maverik did not compromise on stiffness and durability. It is built with their proprietary DuraTough plastic material, capable of enduring pressure and harsh weather conditions (summer and winter).

I liked the stiffness because it gave me the confidence in the offensive zone to play shots accurately during intense gameplay. I tried to bend the head with one hand, and it showed good resistance to warping.

The head has an optimal release point, enabling super-quick actions. With the right skills, you can definitely pose a threat to score or feed.

While the Maverik Tactik 3.0 offered excellent ball control, I felt it lacked a bit of shooting power.

If you are in search of a midfield head focused on high-speed shooting, you might want to consider the STX Surgeon 700. However, if control and feeling are your priorities, then the Tactik 3.0 is definitely worth considering.

Catching and Cradling

I would not be wrong to say that when it comes to catching and cradling, the Maverik Tactik 3.0 offered me superior ball control. The Control Core technology performs here. It gave me a tactile feel and responsiveness.

For those who are unfamiliar with Control Core technology, it involves using specific materials and design elements to reduce vibrations and unnecessary ball movement in the head, resulting in a more controlled experience.

I consistently found a reliable catching point in the mid-pocket and experienced stability while cradling. The Level 3 Rail, with its medium level of stiffness and support, had a good balance of rigidity for consistent ball control and flexibility for handling.

The strategic placement of 3 struts in the sidewall added strength, durability, and stability during my game. For me, hands down, it performed beyond expectations in the catch and cradle department.


The Maverik Tactik 3.0 proved to be a strong performer in checking situations. Its stiff construction allowed me to throw punishing and aggressive checks effectively. The combination of a stiff build and a curved scoop worked exceptionally well, resulting in me winning 8 out of 10 checks, which was quite impressive.

As a midfielder, opting for a stiffer head is crucial, unlike the StringKing Mark 2, which lacks in the checking department due to its flexible nature.

The stiffness of the Tactik 3.0, coupled with the Level 3 Rail known for its stiffness and durability, allowed me to execute aggressive plays and gain possession effectively. I liked the scoop funnel design, as it helped me with smooth ball retention in the tight channel. This made it challenging for my opponents to regain possession.

Because of the lightweight and somewhat flatter offset, I was able to throw quick stick checks and win the ball with minimum wind-up time. Being an offense midfield head and performing well with checking is indeed a good bonus. 

Ground Pick-Up and Faceoff

The Maverik Tactik 3.0 has a curved scoop shape with Ground Scoop technology. I immediately noticed the upgrade. The scoop’s design funneled the ball toward the mid-pocket, and the head’s width ensured that I could scoop even the most challenging bounces on the field.

The scoop angle of the Tactik 3.0 required me to crouch slightly lower to cleanly scoop up the ball, but I never worried about the ball bouncing off the head.

What impressed me the most was the head’s balance between rigidity and flexibility. It remained rigid enough to maintain its shape and offer stability during gameplay, yet it flexed adequately to absorb impact and avoid warping.

However, it is worth noting that the Tactik 3.0 is not designed for faceoffs, so I would not recommend using it for taking draws.

Final Remarks

I found the Maverik Tactik 3.0 to be incredibly easy to catch and scoop the ball with. Based on my experience, I can say that mid-range shooters will like this head due to its outstanding performance. From catching, cradling, passing, shooting, and scooping, this head would not let you down on the field.  

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