Comfortable Newest Men’s Lacrosse Elbow Pads

I have curated a list of the newest men's lacrosse elbow pads that are designed to provide optimal protection, support, and agility on the field.

Newest Men’s Lacrosse Elbow Pads

The following is the comparable list of the newest men’s lacrosse cleats:

newest men's lacrosse elbow pads
Newest Men's Lacrosse Elbow Pads (

Comparison of the Newest Men’s Lacrosse Elbow Pads

The following is the comparable list of the newest men’s lacrosse cleats:

Product Brand Size Material Adjustability Price
3-Piece Lacrosse Arm Guards EvoShield Small | Adult Gel to Shell+Comfort Mesh Straps $199.99
Zerolyte Arm Guards TRUE Adult XS-L Polyester+Microban Straps $99.99
Cell VI Lacrosse Arm Guards STX Adult XS-XL Polyester+Lycra Straps $109.99
Vapor Select Lacrosse Arm Guards Nike Adult S-L Polyester+Plastic Straps $99.99
Shift Arm Pad Maverik Adult S-XL Polyester+Anaform Padding+ Slide in $109.99
Vapor Elite Lacrosse Arm Pads Nike Adult S-L Synthetic Leather+Padding+Lycra Straps $99.99
Evo Pro Lacrosse Elbow Pads Warrior Adult S-L Synthetic Leather+Padding+Lycra Straps $79.99

Newest Men’s Lacrosse Elbow Pads

The following is the list of the latest lacrosse elbow pads.

EvoShield 3-Piece Lacrosse Arm Guards

EvoShield 3-Piece Lacrosse Arm Guards
EvoShield 3-Piece Lacrosse Arm Guards (

Lacrosse is a high-impact contact sport. As an attacker, I know the importance of having the right gear, especially when it comes to protecting your arms during gameplay. 

This brings me to the EvoShield 3-piece Lacrosse arm guards. Released in 2023, these arm guards are designed for premier midfielders and attackers like me.

What I liked the most about these pads is EvoShield's innovative Gel-to-Shell technology. The first time I slipped them on, I noticed how soft and comfortable they felt against my skin. But as soon as the Gel-to-Shell technology kicked in, the material transformed into a custom-fit hard shell that molded perfectly to my arm within 30 minutes. It was like they were custom-made for me.

The EvoShield 3-piece Lacrosse arm guards protected my triceps, elbow, and forearm. Even when the shell hardened, I could still move freely and confidently on the field. I could feel my arms were shielded from potential impacts and collisions.

On the field, attacking lacrosse players are bound to have collisions with other players and sticks. This is where the Dispersion Technology helped me a great deal. The force of the collisions spread across the guard which minimized the impact and shock feeling.

The adjustable straps and breathable Comfort Mesh lining add to the overall comfort and functionality of these arm guards. While playing in warmer months, the moisture-wicking mesh kept my arms dry.

Unlike some of the arm pads that slide off again and again, these were stable and had a good hold on my arm because of the soft silicone grips.

I liked the durability, impact resilience, and reliable performance of the EvoShield 3-piece arm guards.

If you are an attacker or midfielder who brings the game from the sideline to the crease and needs dependable protection against collisions, these arm guards are definitely worth considering.

  • Sturdy Build
  • Custom Molding Gel to Shell
  • Dispersion Technology
  • Silicone Grips
  • Limited Color Options
  • Expensive

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TRUE Zerolyte Arm Guards

TRUE Zerolyte Arm Guards
TRUE Zerolyte Arm Guards (

For beginner to intermediate lacrosse players looking for mobility and protection, the TRUE Zerolyte arm guards will do it for you. Released in 2022, these arm pads are an upgrade to the Frequency 2 line. These are specifically designed for midfielders and attackers who need good coverage without compromising on movement.

One aspect that immediately caught my attention was the sleek design and performance of the TRUE Zerolyte Lacrosse arm guards. Unlike basic arm pads, these guards are visually appealing and have a durable construction that exudes strength.

When I first wore them, I was impressed by how effectively they covered my triceps, elbows, and forearms while still allowing me to move freely and maintain a wide range of motion. The durable hard-plastic elbow cap added an extra layer of protection without restricting my movements.

TRUE has incorporated its HEXASHIELD technology into these pads to protect against slashes in high-risk zones. I experienced firsthand how well they absorbed impact during gameplay, preventing any serious injuries or painful bruises. The good padding zones on the guards get the job done.

What I liked the most was the Microban technology integrated into the TRUE Liner sleeve. Not only is the sleeve moisture-wicking, but it also prevents the buildup of microbes, bacteria, and odors that can cause irritation and unpleasant smells. Even after multiple games in warm weather, the TRUE Zerolyte arm guards remained odor-free and comfortable.

The arm pads have dual silicone grip straps to ensure a secure fit throughout the game. I did not have to worry about slippage or readjustment.

If you are in search of arm pads that offer reliable protection against slashes while maintaining comfort and coverage, the TRUE Zerolyte arm guards might be a good option.

  • Sturdy Build
  • HEXASHIELD Technology
  • TRUE Liner Full-Length Sleeve
  • TRUE Microban Material
  • Hard Plastic Elbow Cap
  • Silicone Straps
  • Limited Color Options
  • Sizing Might be an Issue

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STX Cell VI Lacrosse Arm Guards

STX Cell VI Lacrosse Arm Guards
STX Cell VI Lacrosse Arm Guards (

Building on the success of Cell V, STX made significant improvements with the release of the STX Cell VI Lacrosse arm guards in 2023. It targets the midfielders and attackers. However, due to their flexibility, I believe even defenders could benefit from wearing them.

In my opinion, ideal arm pads should have excellent protection and allow for a wide range of motion. he STX Cell VI does that exactly with the application of the GeoFlex II for slash zone protection.

The STX Cell VI provided me with good coverage for the triceps, elbows, and forearms. These arm pads allowed for seamless movements on the field.

One common issue with arm pads featuring hard plastic elbow caps is that they can irritate the skin and restrict elbow movements. However, STX has managed to avoid this problem with the Cell VI arm pads. I was able to move my arm comfortably up to 130 degrees without feeling any restrictions or discomfort due to the elbow cap.

The arm pads also come with a breathable full-length lycra sleeve and a 360+ Strap system, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit.

Initially, I was concerned that the straps might be too tight for my Adult-Large size arm (measuring 11 inches), but they fit perfectly without feeling overly constricted. The grip was secure, and I did not experience any slipping during gameplay.

Visually, the STX Cell VI arm pads are appealing. The durability sums up adequate arm coverage. I feel they rank among the best arm pads currently available in the market. 

  • Strong Build
  • Aesthetic Design
  • GeoFlex II Flexibility
  • Durable
  • Good Protection Coverage
  • Hard Plastic Elbow Cap
  • Breathable Sleeve
  • Limited Color Options
  • Sizing Might be an Issue

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Nike Vapor Select Lacrosse Arm Guards

Nike Vapor Select Lacrosse Arm Guards
Nike Vapor Select Lacrosse Arm Guards (

The Nike Vapor Select lacrosse arm guards are a top choice for intermediate players. Released in 2023 with their sleek and minimalist design, these arm guards are good for attack players.

I was immediately drawn to the understated yet highly functional design of the Nike Vapor Select arm guards. Unlike some bulkier options, these guards maintain a slim and streamlined appearance while offering premium-level protection. The fit and comfort were on par with what I'd expect from high-quality guards.

What I liked the most was the flexibility these arm guards provided. As an attacker or offensive midfielder, having freedom of movement is crucial for executing shots and quick passes. The Stretch Zones incorporated into the design allowed for a flexible fit around the triceps, elbows, and forearms without restricting mobility.

Despite the minimalist design, the strategic padding on the front and sides, along with the hard plastic elbow cover, offered ample protection against impacts and slashes. While I could feel the force of slashes, the impact was minimal.

The Nike Vapor Select arm guards feature a full-length sleeve and dual straps for adjustability. I found them to be comfortable right out of the box, requiring no breaking-in period. The secure fit ensured that the guards stayed in place without slipping down to my wrists while playing.

One area where I believe there is room for improvement is in the moisture-wicking capability of the guards. While the full-length sleeve helps with fitting, better moisture-wicking properties would improve the overall comfort, especially during warm weather.

If you value a minimalist and sleek design that is coupled with good impact protection coverage, the Nike Vapor Select lacrosse arm guards are a good option.

  • Sleek Design
  • Flexible and Comfortable Fit
  • Good Padding
  • Hard Plastic Elbow Cap
  • Dual Adjustable Straps
  • Moist Wicking Could be Improved
  • Sizing Might be an Issue

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Maverik Shift Arm Pads

Maverik Shift Arm Pad
Maverik Shift Arm Pad (

Maverik has always been one step ahead of the competition in lacrosse. Released in 2024, the Maverik Shift arm pads have revolutionized the paradigm of arm pads. These are ideal for attackers but because of their utility, they can be used by any field position except goalies.

I had previous experience using the Shift LAX sleeve, but it was the introduction of the Shift Pin System to encapsulate the Anaform Padding that impressed me. Maverik ditched the traditional strap closure system in favor of a slide-in system, which proved to be more efficient and comfortable.

At first, I had concerns about how the sleeve would maintain the Anaform Padding without slipping down. However, the compression sleeve performed exceptionally well, keeping the arm pad securely in place without any slippage. This demonstrated the perfect execution of the Pin System.

The comfort and protection provided by the arm pad surpassed any other premium arm pads I have used to date. The sturdy elbow cap and side padding effectively defended against slashes, ensuring a high level of protection on the field.

Another aspect that I liked was the design of the sleeve over the pad, contrary to conventional pads where the sleeve is underneath. I had thoughts about how it would handle moisture and sweat, but the QuickDry feature of the Shift Lax sleeves, coupled with maximized airflow ventilation through the pads, addressed these concerns.

The Maverik Shift arm pads felt like a custom-made padded shooting sleeve, offering unparalleled flexibility and protection.

However, it's worth noting that the pad size is universal, with only the sleeve size changing. This means that if the Anaform padding does not fit your arm properly, you may struggle to find the right fit.

Despite this limitation, I would confidently rate the Maverik Shift arm pads among the best in the market due to Maverik's bold decision to innovate and improve upon arm-pad technology.

  • Unique Build
  • Shift LAX Sleeve
  • Shift Pin System
  • QuickDry Technology
  • No Straps
  • Limited Color Options
  • Universal Sizing

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Nike Vapor Elite Lacrosse Arm Pads

Nike Vapor Elite Lacrosse Arm Pads
Nike Vapor Elite Lacrosse Arm Pads (

Nike has always been good with their sturdy design while having the utmost utility. Originally introduced in 2018 and upgraded in 2022, these arm pads are widely regarded as among the best options for male midfielders, LSMs, and defenders.

I liked the synthetic leather padding at the stretch zone. By looks and performance, it feels like a sturdy and durable armpad. Usually, the arm pads for middies and defenders are shorter in length with lesser coverage. However, the Nike Vapor Elite lacrosse arm pads offer good coverage and protection at the impact zones.

Unlike some arm pads designed for midfielders and defenders, which may offer limited coverage, these pads offer good coverage for protection.

I liked the lightweight and low-profile construction of the arm pads. Despite their strong build, they do not restrict mobility or compromise on protection.

Since it features a full-length sleeve, the compression of the sleeve for better breathability is impressive. My sweat did not accumulate in the sleeve. There was ample cross ventilation.

The dual adjustable strap points ensure a secure fit without causing discomfort or slippage during gameplay.

Throughout the entire game, I found the Nike Vapor Elite arm pads to be comfortable and reliable. The application of the dual straps keeps them from sliding down to the wrist.

The credibility of the arm pads is further increased by the fact that it is used by many high school and college lacrosse players.

 If you are in the market for durable, low-profile midfield and defense arm pads, the Nike Vapor Elite should be on your radar. 

  • Synthetic Leather Padding
  • Compression Full-Length Sleeve
  • Lightweight and Low Profile
  • Dual Straps
  • Limited Color Options
  • Large Arms May Feel Congested

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Warrior Evo Pro Lacrosse Elbow Pads

Warrior Evo Pro Lacrosse Elbow Pads
Warrior Evo Pro Lacrosse Elbow Pads (

The Warrior Evo Pro lacrosse elbow pads are one of the finest options for male defenders. Released in 2020, these budget-friendly defense elbow pads offer the right amount of protection without restricting defensive movements.

I like how Warrior has introduced a 9-piece CageFLX construction instead of the usual 3-piece construction. This increases the range of motion.

Although defenders typically require less coverage, the 9-piece construction still offers commendable protection.

The Warrior Evo Pro lacrosse elbow pads feature a synthetic leather Impax molded density foam. It really minimized the jerks and slashes for me. I liked the construction and durability of these elbow pads. The flexibility on these elbow pads was good.

However, I feel one area of improvement could be the elbow protection itself. While the foam offers decent padding, some players may prefer a harder plastic elbow cap for added protection against slashes. The foam-fitting pads, while comfortable, may not fully prevent the feeling of a jerk of strong impacts.

On the positive side, the full-length lycra WarTech sleeve adds to the comfort and breathability of the pads. Moisture management is effective and the No-Slip Gel feature ensures that the elbow pads staying place.

Despite the solid construction and incorporation of advanced technologies, some players may find the size of these elbow pads slightly shorter than desired.

While there are areas for improvement, these remain some of the best-performing defense elbow pads that offer ample coverage, support, and flexibility.

  • Sturdy Build
  • 9-Piece Construction
  • Cage FLX
  • Impax Foam Padding
  • WarTech A/C Lycra Sleeve
  • Limited Color Options
  • Elbow Cap Missing

People Also Ask

What Are the Key Features of the EvoShield 3-Piece Lacrosse Arm Guards?

The EvoShield 3-Piece Lacrosse Arm Guards feature Gel to Shell technology, Dispersion Technology, and custom molding gear. They also offer moisture-wicking properties and are designed for midfielders and attackers.

How Do the TRUE Zerolyte Arm Guards Stand Out Among Lacrosse Elbow Pads?

The TRUE Zerolyte Arm Guards feature HEXASHIELD technology, TRUE Grip Liner, and Microban Antimicrobial Technology. These pads provide sturdy protection, moisture-wicking capabilities, and a secure fit for midfielders and attackers.

What Improvements Did STX Make with the Cell VI Lacrosse Arm Guards?

STX improved upon their previous models with the Cell VI Lacrosse Arm Guards by introducing GeoFlex II technology, a 360+ Strap system, and a breathable Lycra sleeve. These pads offer flexibility, protection, and a comfortable fit for midfielders and attackers.

What Sets the Nike Vapor Select Lacrosse Arm Guards Apart from Other Options?

The Nike Vapor Select Lacrosse Arm Guards feature Stretch Zones, dual straps, and a sleek design tailored for attack players. These guards offer flexibility, impact protection, and a secure fit for intermediate players.

How Does the Maverik Shift Arm Pad Innovate the Design of Lacrosse Elbow Pads?

The Maverik Shift Arm Pad introduces the Shift Pin System and QuickDry technology for a secure and comfortable fit without traditional straps. These pads offer a unique design, flexibility, and protection for attackers and other field positions.

The newest men's lacrosse elbow pads are engineered to meet the demands of the modern game while ensuring protection and agility for players. By investing in the newest men's lacrosse elbow pads, lacrosse players equip themselves with the guards they need to endure slashes on the field.

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